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Don't Die Wondering. December 17, 2013 20 Favourite Tracks Of 2013 In alphabetical order: Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good: Weird in a good way. Like go An Album and a Song is a series where I pick a favorite album and song from a year (working up from 1960) for your listening pleasure. One rule: The year’s album and song can not both come from the same artist. Strangely enough, the Abbey Road got mixed reviews on it’s initial release, but retrospectively it’s rightfully considered The Beatles' last and perhaps greatest masterpiece. The album contains some of the finest songwriting of the band's careers whether it was Lennon's “Come Together”, Harrison’s “Something" (his greatest Beatles contribution), or McCartney’s masterful Side 2 medley, which sees the most legendary band of all time going out in the most grand fashion possible.

Hedia Le sexe est devenu tellement accessible, que l’amour est devenu un fantasme. The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die. Daft Punk x Coca-Cola Après la série « Club Coke » il y a quelques mois, on attendait donc la suite de la collaboration entre Daft Punk et Coca-Cola . Here it is. Le duo a habillé 2 bouteilles de métaux précieux, à l’image de leurs casques. L’or 18K 750/1000ème pour l’une et l’argent 925/1000ème pour l’autre, le tout certifié par des poinçons sur les capsules signées Daft Punk. Oxy Cottontail December 28th, 2012 NEW YEAR, SAME “CABOOSE“! COME SHAKE IT TONIGHT at Cocktail Bodega! RSVP@ROXYCOTTONTAIL.COM AND Monday… New Years Eve, 2013 THE PARTY is at The Westway!

DanceCrasher DanceCrasher – the monkey speaks his mind – Home About DanceCrasher Advertise On DanceCrasher Contact Kill Me Sarah With Music In My Mind Los Viajeros Ep 8 : La forêt amazonienne et le parc national Madidi Un petit tour par La Paz et on prend la direction d’une destination que l’on attendait depuis longtemps… la forêt amazonienne ! Arbres et lianes au bord du rio Beni L’Amazonie, on aurait pu y aller en Équateur ou au Pérou, mais on avait décidé d’attendre la Bolivie et sa vie moins chère. elite + taste. We manage Wale, Mike Posner, All Out, PRGz. Consult Y&R, Orisue clothing, Cloud9 watches. Last night I saw the Grammy nominations and was ecstatic as my friend and former client Wale was nominated for Best Rap Song. As I scrolled through the nominees I noticed an unfamiliar name garnering a nomination in the EDM category: Al Walser. I wouldn’t consider myself an EDM connoisseur but I am pretty familiar with the big names and up and comers. I assumed Al Walser was a super up and comer. Cut to: this morning I see multiple facebook and blog posts about this guy with everyone wondering how he snagged a nomination.

Vice Hyperdub Have Been "Doin' It In My Earhole" For 10 Years Now Laurent Fintoni breaks down his favourite releases, and memories, from the now-seminal UK dubstep label. Life Lessons from Da Mafia 6ix These hip-hop legends are troves of wisdom. Diary of a Sadman: The Rise and Fall of Ozzy Osbourne What happened, Ozzy? Pied Pipers Vol 3: Elijah Celebrates 10 Years of Logan Sama's KissGrime, and Slackk Breaks Down The Latest "There needs to be some real grassroots investment rather than this standoffish approach, waiting for a 'German Whip' to appear and swoop in." Japanese DJs Defy “No Dancing” Laws with a Killer Club Music Compilation Fight the man. Screw You All, I'm Still Rooting for Azealia Banks Azealia threatened to leak Broke With Expensive Taste today; here's why she should do it.

Scene and Heard with Will McGuirk Paul Reddick Band is booked to play the Music By The Bay club in Pickering. The blues player of the first order will be in Nov. 25. MuchMusic presents: K-Os Oct. 2 at the Masonic Temple in Toronto. The versatile rapper originally from Whitby will perform an one hour concert featuring collaborations with friends such as Emily Haines , Shad , Seb Grainger and others.

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