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Ballard Designs Inspired Art. Hi!

Ballard Designs Inspired Art

I'm here again with an inexpensive and fairly easy project. (Don't you just love inexpensive and easy?!) One of the websites I like to visit for inspiration is Knock Off Decor. I love how people take items that come from somewhat expensive stores and make their own versions for cheap. Easy, Inexpensive Sunburst Mirror and Gallery Wall. Hi, everyone!

Easy, Inexpensive Sunburst Mirror and Gallery Wall

I'm still working on that mystery room at my mom's house. ;) I wanted a rather large something to take up a lot of space on two different walls. I follow The Lettered Cottage on Facebook, and one day they posted an awesome sunburst mirror. They followed the tutorial found on Twenty-Six To Life. 1 Drop Cloth, 2 Designs, 3 Pillows. I haven't mentioned the room I'm designing at my mom's house for a while.

1 Drop Cloth, 2 Designs, 3 Pillows

It's still a work in progress, but it's ALMOST finished. I can't wait to show you the reveal! I have been doing lots of little projects for the room. The bed in the room needed pillows, so I decided to try something I've seen other people do: make pillows out of drop cloth. Cotter Pin Earrings} I love when I come across projects that are made out of something unexpected.

Cotter Pin Earrings}

They inspire me to see items in a different way--to see beyond what they are intended for to what they could become. While perusing the hardware section of Walmart for crafting possibilities, I came across a bag of cotter pins. The BIG Reveal!!!} {The BIG Reveal!!!}

The BIG Reveal!!!}

I'm so excited to finally share my finished craft room makeover with you! You've seen bits and pieces in the past few weeks, but now you get to see... Just to make sure this post can live up to all the "hype" above, let me remind you of what the room looked like before. Yeah, it's bad. I know. Remember that I gave the walls a fresh coat of paint with the perfect gray. This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE area of the room!!! I DIY-ed the different frames with spray paint and scrapbook paper.

The hutch in the corner of the room added much needed storage. Stenciled Drop Cloth Valances} {Stenciled Drop Cloth Valances} I am so thankful for all the lovely comments I've gotten about my BIG craft room reveal!

Stenciled Drop Cloth Valances}

I put a lot of work into the makeover, and it feels good to know that others see the beauty in it. I promised that I would share tutorials for the many different projects in the room, so today I'm going to share how I made the valances for the windows. When I first started the craft room makeover, I wanted long panels to frame my windows. Unfortunately, my desk top ended up a little wider than I planned, so I knew the panels were out of the question, and I would have to settle for valances. I knew how wide my windows were, and two of my Facebook fans told me that my valance should be 2 to 2 1/2 times the width of my window. Chevron Wooden Earrings} {Chevron Wooden Earrings} Lately, I've been posting mostly home decor and decorating tutorials, but if you've followed me for a while or looked at my project gallery, you know that's not all do.

Chevron Wooden Earrings}

I like to make anything really. I recently made a inexpensive, chic pair of earrings using a fun technique. Here's the supplies you'll need if you want to make a pair: Two wooden discs from a craft storeDrill and drill bitWood glueWood stainStencil(s)Mod Podge (regular and Dimensional Magic)Four jump ringsTwo earring hooks First, I drilled a small hole in each of the wooden discs. Wooden Disc Mod Podged Necklace} {Wooden Disc Mod Podged Necklace} I love making handmade gifts for people.

Wooden Disc Mod Podged Necklace}

I feel like they show a little bit of extra love to the recipient. Also, you can make a gift that looks expensive for only a few dollars. What's not to love about that?! Craft Room Corner Desk} {Craft Room Corner Desk} I realized the other day that I have not posted the how-to for my craft room desk.

Craft Room Corner Desk}

I find that a bit weird because it's a really important part of the room. So here's how it came to be. If you look at the photo above, you will see my craft room desk. You can't find it through all the clutter, huh? Silver & Suede Bracelet} Today, I'm going to share with y'all how to make a very simple bracelet.

Silver & Suede Bracelet}

(I originally shared this as a guest post for my blog angel Amie from Pinkapotamus.) First, you need a few supplies. (And when I say few, I mean it!) You need suede cord, a silver ring, and a cord clasp. As far as tools go, you need scissors, a measuring tape, and pliers. To decide what size to cut your cord, measure around your wrist with the measuring tape. Subtle Statement Necklace} Y'all have no idea how excited I am to be sharing a new post after almost two weeks of being MIA!

At the end of each grading period, my life gets ridiculously busy! Last week I was buried under a mountain of papers, and this week I had parent-teacher conferences for two afternoons. But, anyway, I'm here now sharing a new jewelry tutorial. Last month I participated in a handmade jewelry swap sponsored by Kara from Mine for the Making. I was paired with Lindsay from Artsy Fartsy Mama. Transform Plain Wooden Discs into Zebra Earrings}

{Transform Plain Wooden Discs into Zebra Earrings} Hello, lovely ladies! Initial Necklace} {Initial Necklace} Hey, y'all! I have one more jewelry tutorial to share for the last item that I sent Artsy-Fartsy Mama for the handmade jewelry swap. End Table Makeover} {End Table Makeover} Hey, y'all! Today I have a little table makeover to share with you. A coworker of mine bought a small table from a yard sale a while back, and she recently asked me to transform it. She picked out a spray paint color and brought the table to school for me to take home and makeover. Leather & Stone Bracelet} Hey, y'all! Today I have a little bracelet tutorial to share with you. Nothing fancy, but something you might like to wear with jeans and a t-shirt or maybe a boho-chic sundress. :) You only need two materials for this bracelet.

Yes, I know the picture has three things in it, but you only need two. Simple Silver Bracelet} Simple, DIY Silver Earrings} DIY Dragonfly Earrings} Neon Statement Necklace} 18 Fanciful & Fun Lampshades on Hometalk} Hey, y'all! If you're a regular follower of my blog, you know that I LOVE makeovers, and one of my favorite items to makeover is a lamp. With lamps, there are SO MANY possibilities when it comes to giving them a new look.

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