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Cuurent. 9/30/16, 2/20/17
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DIY Art/Photo Wall Collages & Endless Inspiration. Nothing says “home” and gives us “warm & fuzzy’s” more than a photo display of loved ones, happy memories, and cherished art collections.

DIY Art/Photo Wall Collages & Endless Inspiration

What’s better than displaying one family photo? Showcasing many of course! Home art and photo walls make an incredible visual impact and enhance your home’s character & personal flair. Whether you arrange just a small photo grouping, or dedicate an entire room to a favorite collection, this photo/art wall DIY will give you the tools & inspiration you need to make your vision a reality. 14 Fabulous Rustic Chic Dining Tables {Inspiration} Rustic chic style is a beautiful thing…it allows us to embrace the old and discarded by integrating them with new accents and modern designs.

14 Fabulous Rustic Chic Dining Tables {Inspiration}

Rustic furnishings are usually constructed of natural material like wood, stone, glass, clay and various types of metals in their simplest forms. There’s just something so soothing about bringing natural elements into a home and blending them with more modern designs. One of my favorite ways to bring rustic furnishings into a home is by adding an amazing rustic dining table. Rustic tables make such a beautiful statement in a dining room, and they can be acquired (or made) for very little cost. 12 Astonishing Natural Beauty Remedies {DIY Inspiration} Happy Friday fellow Pickleer’s!

12 Astonishing Natural Beauty Remedies {DIY Inspiration}

I am SO looking forward to a nice relaxing (warm weather!) Weekend. I think I shall begin my Friday night with a lovely Skinny Espresso Martini, and then squeeze in a few quick beauty treatments before heading out for the night. Now, I’m no beauty expert by any stretch but I do know one thing, if there’s a natural solution to remedy a beauty conundrum, I’m going to opt for it before heading out to the drug store. In the past, I’ve always found that natural home beauty remedies tend to be more effective than their man made counterparts, plus I feel better about using them (and they cost way less-bonus!)

10 Remarkable DIY Cleaning Solutions - Picklee. I don’t know about you, but I was feeling ready to start some serious spring cleaning.

10 Remarkable DIY Cleaning Solutions - Picklee

This year, I decided to try some new (more effective) cleaning solutions using materials I already had (in true Picklee fashion of course!). I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my cleaning experiments. From simple shower cleaners, to carpet stain removers, to wrinkle release spray, I found that not only were these DIY solutions much cheaper, but they worked SO MUCH BETTER too! The NEW Red, White & Blue [4th of July Inspiration] - Picklee. With America’s birthday right around the corner, we’ve all got red, white and blue on our minds…and there’s certainly no shortage of red, white and blue paraphernalia, between 4th of July décor, desserts, cocktails, apparel etc.

The NEW Red, White & Blue [4th of July Inspiration] - Picklee

I absolutely love this patriotic time of year, but this year I’m up for fresh & new July 4th ideas…I found some great inspiration for celebrating America’s birthday in style, from “blue” berry martinis, to “red” berry pizzas and even nails clad in America’s colors! Fourth of July DIY Polka Dot & Striped Pillows… “Blue” berry Martini Cordials recipe… 10 Surprising Household Uses for White Vinegar [inspiration] - Picklee. White vinegar is one of the most overlooked household marvels.

10 Surprising Household Uses for White Vinegar [inspiration] - Picklee

Most of us purchase boat-loads of specialty products for cleaning, stain removal, etc., when the REAL solution is sitting right in our kitchen cabinet! White vinegar is an all natural solution for accomplishing SO MANY things at home. 10 Thrifty Spring De-cluttering Tips [inspiration] - Picklee. Since Spring has finally arrived, I’ve been on an endless mission to get my house organized and decluttered.

10 Thrifty Spring De-cluttering Tips [inspiration] - Picklee

It seems like every winter more and more things accumulate, and half the time I don’t even know where they come from!? Each room in my house has a different set of issues…from a garage that looks like it should be on an episode of Horders, to kitchen cabinets that explode every time they’re opened! So I searched & searched, and found some GREAT organizing solutions for all of my clutter issues…I’m willing to bet that many of you have some of the same clutter issues, so I hope this helps you get your home back on track too! {DIY} Re-Purpose Your Old, Outdated Jewelry - Picklee. It seems like every few months I retire old, trendy jewelry {and things I’ve just grown tired of} to the back of my jewelry box.

{DIY} Re-Purpose Your Old, Outdated Jewelry - Picklee

Luckily it’s all just fun, costume jewelry, so nothing that will break the bank, but it still kills me to just let it all go to waste. Well, lately I’ve been drooling over the Color Rhapsody collection by Pree Brulée {specifically their earrings}. So rather than over indulge in more trendy jewelry, I’ve decided to up-cycle & repupose some old peices of mine to recreate that bold, bright look I’ve been craving. Okay ladies, I know you all have something that looks like this laying around…..

There’s no use in stashing this stuff in the back of your jewelry box, you know you’ll never wear it. For the first pair, I took apart an old orange bracelet and an outdated pair of chandelier earrings. The Up-cycled Beach Bubble Ring {DIY} - Picklee. It’s no surprise that I’m a total sucker for anything beach related.

The Up-cycled Beach Bubble Ring {DIY} - Picklee

Especially if it’s natural and turquoise (one of my all time favorite colors). I’ve never been into bold, flashy jewelry…in my opinion, the more natural and understated my jewelry is, the better. So I found this gorgeous turquoise & wire wrapped ring while browsing online recently and I knew I had to have (or make) it. Jewelry making isn’t usually my specialty, but I was feeling up for a challenge so I went for the make it option. Why you ask? The Beach Bubble Necklace {DIY} - Picklee. By now, you’re probably aware of my love of simple, natural jewelry, and of course anything turquoise.

The Beach Bubble Necklace {DIY} - Picklee

So naturally, I was in love when I discovered I could create the Beach Bubble Ring by up-cycling old jewelry I had laying around the house. Feeling inspired by the warm weather ahead, and armed with more broken old jewelry, I decided to create simple and fabulous Up-cycled Beach Bubble Necklace. The Up-Cycled Beach Bubble Necklace {DIY} For this necklace, you will need a thin necklace chain, a few inches of 20 gauge silver wire, a medium size bead of your choice (I used a tumbled turquoise bead), and a hammered silver circle (this piece is optional) Insert a silver finding into the bead, use jewelry pliers to secure it with a loop at the top.

Rating: 4.3/5 (31 votes cast) The Beach Bubble Necklace {DIY}, 4.3 out of 5 based on 31 ratings. String Wrapped Earrings {DIY} - Picklee. Up-cycling old jewelry is so much fun! I’m constantly finding fun pieces that inspire me, but rather than splurge on a trend that I’ll be sick of in a month, I’d much rather look through my old jewelry for something I can transform & up-cycle. You might remember some of my up-cycled creations from the past like the beach bubble ring and necklace; same idea this time, just a different piece of old jewelry! You all remember those outdated hoop earrings we wore a few years back? Yea. Those. String Wrapped Earrings {DIY} one old pair of hoop earrings two spools of thread (pick two of your favorite contrasting colors) clear drying glue (any light paste glue will work) Remember these? Select two colors of thread (one main color, and one accent color) and any type of paste-like glue, I used Mod Podge, but anything light will work. Apply a very light layer of glue to the earring, just to keep the string in place.

Ribbon Wrapped Chain Bracelet {diy} - Picklee. I love the understated glam vibe of the woven chain link bracelets that are so big right now. 15 Weekend Paint Transformations {inspiration} - Picklee. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…you DO NOT have to spend a lot of money to have a beautiful home! Living in a beautiful space isn’t always about having the best designer furnishings or that pricey dining room table you just HAD to have (in fact, I think these DIY dining tables are much better anyway ;)) …sometimes there’s a much simpler solution when it comes to creating a beautiful space. One of the least expensive, yet most effective ways to transform a space is with paint. There are so many unbelievable things you can do with paint to spruce up a space. Different paint colors and patterns can really change the entire vibe of a room, new colors in a room can even make existing furnishings look like new additions.

Hand Spun Wire Earrings {diy} - Picklee. Wire is a great material to use for jewelry. It’s extremely versatile (comes in endless colors and sizes), and it can look surprisingly chic! You might remember some fun wrapped wire pieces I’ve created in the past, like the Birds Nest Necklace and the Beach Bubble Ring, those wire made using a super simple wrapped wire technique. Today’s jewelry project follows a similar concept, except it uses a smaller gauge wire (26 gauge) and I’m going to refer to the method as “spinning” wire, rather than “wrapping” wire.

Creating this “hand spun” wire look could not be more simple, because there’s no exact science to it, so feel free to get as creative as you want with this one! Introducing, the Hand Spun Wire Earrings… Hand Spun Wire Earrings {diy} Start wire a roll of 26 gauge wire (I used silver and copper, you could use only one color if you prefer). Cut a piece of wire approx. 12″ long. Continue twisting and spinning the wire in and around the circle. 20 DIY Key & Coat Hooks [inspiration] - Picklee. Over the years, I’ve shared lots of inspirational posts on organizing (like Organizing with Upcycled Materials and 10 Thrify Decluttering Tips) mostly because I totally suck at it. Yes, I’m organizationally challenged. I’m constantly working on new solutions for a more organized life. One of the least organized areas in my home is my entryway. I’m always losing keys, coats and scarves; so after creating this fun key hook solution for Deco Art, I decided to put together an inspirational post with 20 Clever Key & Coat Hooks!

When it comes to jewelry (especially bracelets), my motto has always been “simple is better”. The Bright Painted Furniture Movement {Inspiration} - Picklee.