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Last Post. 11/17/16
Finished. 5/23/17

Mad mim The Beaded-Leaf Danglers. Hey hey!

mad mim The Beaded-Leaf Danglers

This is my 101 post! Speaking of that, I’ve been dabbling in jewelry making lately. Since I pierced my ears, I’ve had SO much fun finding fun earrings, and my very favorites are the dangly ones. Since more often than not my hair ends up in a bun or pony-tail, I always feel that some fun, colorful earrings make me feel a little special and maybe slightly less ghetto (they also motivate me to actually put some jeans on rather than those yoga pants that are always calling my name). I checked out The Earring Style Book by Stephanie A. Mad mim Knock it Off! Anthropologie’s Vaqunnon Earrings. Mad mim My sewing space. Long ago Allan and I decided that wherever we go, we’ll have to have my sewing set-up cozied up with his computer stuff.

mad mim My sewing space

If we plan on seeing each other, that is. Mad mim Tiny Art: Watercolor Silhouettes. I know it may be a little late to hop on the silhouette train, but too bad.

mad mim Tiny Art: Watercolor Silhouettes

Mad mim Polymer Clay and Confetti Foil Stud Earrings. I sure didn’t wake up yesterday and say I’m gonna make some earrings today!

mad mim Polymer Clay and Confetti Foil Stud Earrings

, but sure enough, 6 hours later, that’s just what I was doing. The inclination seized me when I found my kids playing in our shed with some mysterious colored foil that my girly said had just been in there (?!). She had recently been playing with her polymer clay as well, so the two mediums collided in my head and I had to stop everything and make some jewelry. You know how it is. These flashy little studs are so cool! All I did: Cut up tiny little snippets of foil (I used the mystery-shed-foil as well as my Jones foil–both worked famously), and then stuck them on a small ball of clay.

Sorry there are no model shots; I hadn’t washed my hair in like two days yesterday, and ain’t nobody want to see a close up of that. What craft is seizing you today? If you’re inclined to up and sew a Perfect Tee, there’s a couple slots left and today is the last day to sign up! Mad mim DIY Picture Ledge Coat Rack // Woodworking. As you know, this past year we bought our first home.

mad mim DIY Picture Ledge Coat Rack // Woodworking

I’m just gonna say, that being a homeowners has been EVERY BIT as amazing as I’ve been dreaming of over the past 8 years. I always looked forward to the day that we’d have our own home and could paint it, DIY it, and do WHATEVER we wanted to it, it became this ultimate fantasy for me, so good that it felt like a fairytale that would never actually happen. Until it did. Mad mim Paper Bead Tutorial. One time I was seriously considering buying a pair of sandals because they were offering a free bonus paper bead necklace.

mad mim Paper Bead Tutorial

I really liked the sandals, but I loved the paper bead necklace. Fast forward to my present phase of jewelry-making. I’ve been haunting Anthropologie’s jewelry page to get ideas for jewelry to make. I came across these dazzling beauties, and did a toe touch from excitement (wouldn’t that be awesome?!) I set my heart on them (stay tuned for a knock-off post/tutorial on those!) What you’ll need: -magazines, colored paper, tissue paper, toilet paper (ok, maybe not) but really. -Elmer’s glue, Modge podge, and some kind of varnish. -scissors, or a rotary blade, quilting ruler and cutting mat (way faster) -round toothpicks -something to stick your toothpicks in like a styrofoam tray or packing materials, or cardboard box. Mad mim Pretty Storage // Soft Knit Woven Plastic Storage Bins. Little by little I’ve been working on organizing and beautifying my craft and sewing space.

mad mim Pretty Storage // Soft Knit Woven Plastic Storage Bins

Sometimes the little-by-little nature of decorating in general really bums me out–I want it NOW, Daddy! , but sometimes here and there projects are just the ticket to scratch the itch to create, and satisfy the need to check something off the list, you know? In the first few months that we moved in I mounted some pegboard on my craft closet and have been picking up a few pieces of hardware every time I stop by Home Depot, and thinking of other ways to mount various notions and supplies. Mad mim home // my studio space.

I worked my fingees to the bone in this room, practically every where you look is a massive DIY project.

mad mim home // my studio space

The pride and joy of course, is the chaise lounge I made like a crazy lady. Funnest DIY I’ve ever done, but more on that later. Hanging out right above the lounger is another DIY, a wooden dowel wall grid thingy that I use to put some of my art and recent textile painting projects. Of all the projects I did, this is probably the least practical because of where it’s hanging. Mad Mim.