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Current. 10/24/16
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Best DIY and Craft Apps. I love apps that make my life a little easier and did you know there are some amazing ones for DIY-ers and crafters?!

Best DIY and Craft Apps

Now I didn’t include the super obvious ones like Pinterest, Instagram, etc – they’re a given right?! Some of these you might have heard of and others might be brand new to you! Do you have a favorite that we didn’t include? Please share it below!! This is one of my very favorite apps on this planet. Cost: $2.99 Keep track of all your DMC floss with this app! Cost: $0.99 Have access to DIY projects galore at your fingertips, video tutorials, and of course coupons.

Office Chair Makeover Tutorial. Hi All!

Office Chair Makeover Tutorial

I’m so excited to be here and have the opportunity to introduce myself and my blog! My name is Elizabeth; you can find me over at To Be Charmed. As a web/graphic designer and mom of two I needed an outlet, a place to share ideas and gain inspiration from one another. Today we will be reupholstering an unsightly office chair! How many of you have one of these floating around your house?! The beauty of this project is I only spent $26.42 on it. DIY Wall Pockets. I’m Nike.

DIY Wall Pockets

That’s Neekah and the lady behind Choose To Thrive and stay-at-home-mom of six kids age nine and younger. I wear flip flops rain or shine, put my makeup on in the car and survive on caffeine-free Diet Pepsi from the drive-thru at the corner gas station. DIY Mini Stacked Pots. I’ve been wondering what to give the moms for Mother’s Day and I’m loving all of the decorated clay pots everywhere!

DIY Mini Stacked Pots

A thought came to me the other day…create mini stacked planters as gifts! They’re less expensive, you can use them as a centerpiece or display on an end table, and they’re easy to carry. Favorite Craft Tips. That was great!

Favorite Craft Tips

Now for my tips:If you drink sodas from 2 liter bottles, cut the bottom off and use it for small amounts of paint. I have steel (exterior) doors in my house, and one of them is in the room where my crafts are. I use magnets to stick up large sheets of paper, pattern pieces, etc. Ribbon - Tabbed Curtain Tutorial.

Creating these curtains made the biggest difference in my bedroom makeover.

Ribbon - Tabbed Curtain Tutorial

Want to add instant warmth? Add curtains! So simple, too! If you can sew straight lines, you can sew curtains with this easy tutorial… 100 Reasons I Love to Create. We reached a huge goal last night thanks to our amazing followers.

100 Reasons I Love to Create

Your Ultimate Guide to Bedding Dimensions. I used to be a manager over a retail store in a bedding department years ago.

Your Ultimate Guide to Bedding Dimensions

I had no idea that there were so many different bedding sizes and dimensions. Today I hope to share a useful guide to any of you who want to create your own bedding. I created some info graphics that include the standard sizes in the industry. Note: sizes may vary but these seem to be the most common. Also, feel free to leave any expertise you may have in the comments or tips and tricks that you found helping while creating your own bedding. Genius Summertime Tips. Today I’m sharing little tips and tricks to make my summertime easier!

Genius Summertime Tips

All of these tips for summer are tried and true and we’ve been doing some of these for years! Did you know that toothpaste actually helps relieve mosquito bites? Fill ice cube trays with aloe vera and freeze. When sunburns arrive simply grab the cubes for instant relief! Stop those messy popsicle drips by simply poking a hole in the center of the cupcake liner and sticking the popsicle through to catch any drips!

Genius Craft Tips. 10 Ways to Organize Your Craft Space. At the beginning of each year I think about putting my life in order and organizing all the clutter.

10 Ways to Organize Your Craft Space

DIY Spring Floral Arrangements. 36 Beautiful Free Quilt Patterns. 100+ FREE Quilt Patterns at Riley Blake Designs. Favorite Craft Organizing Tips. Every January “organization” is on the brain. I don’t know why I’m not as motivated at other times of the year to organize my life but with the brand new year here it does something to me and gets me in that get-my-life-in-order kind of mood! This month our Michaels Maker challenge is DIY Organization. Envelope Lumbar Pillow Tutorial. Hello readers of U-Create! I’m Krista from The Happy Housie and I am so excited to be here today sharing a simple sewing project for making your own Envelope Style Lumbar Pillows.

These are the perfect shape for using as a featuring pillow on a bed, or even on your sofa. Hanging Storage Baskets Tutorial. Hi friends! I am Destri from The Mother Huddle, pleased to meet you. Modern Monogram Quilt Tutorial. Fabric Basket Tutorial. How to Create a Duvet Cover. European Pillow Sham Tutorial. I used to working in a bedding department at the mall in high school and I discovered what was called a “European pillow”.

I’ve never head of such a thing back then, but loved how they looked on the display beds we had to make. Cheat Sheets for the Quilter. Free Charm Pack Quilt Patterns. What is a charm pack you may ask? Charm packs are collections of precut squares (usually 5″ x 5″), you can find precut squares in many different sizes to fit your needs, too. DIY Fabric Bin Planters. 20 Fabric Scraps Sewing Tutorials. Are you a fabric hoarder?! Free Layer Cake Quilt Patterns. I’ve shared many different quilt patterns using jelly rolls, charm packs, etc….and today is all about the layer cake! Don’t know what a layer cake is? It’s known in the quilting/sewing world as a pre-cut square of fabric that measures 10″x10″ and they come in packages that are beautifully coordinated for you!

Amazing Brown Paper Bag Tutorials. Brown paper bags are awesome for crafting, decorating, party favors, gift bags, etc. Braided Ribbon and Chain Necklace Tutorial. Bracelet Sizing Guide & Bracelet Tutorials. TONS of Tassel Tutorials. U Create.