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I Should Be Mopping The Floor - F/T

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Current. 12/20/16
Finished. 3/25/17

Painting Stripes. As I've mentioned before, our new flooring resulted in a lot of other changes, too.

Painting Stripes

It just seems logical to paint before the new stuff is installed {and there's something quite liberating about painting sans drop cloths}. Although I'm smack-dab in the middle of a {year-long} kitchen makeover, why not randomly throw in a dining room redo, too? I seriously think I have ADD sometimes. Sigh. This was the before dining room. With that being said, I still think it felt like "Sunday dinner at your granny's house".

So the goal? Go from "Sunday Dinner at Granny's" to "Saturday Night Supper Club with Sinatra". Va-va-va-voom. The whole reason we hadn't repainted...those hutches are a pain in the hiney to move. Two coats of primer. We used Behr's colors with Glidden paint {it is significantly cheaper}. We painted the whole room with the base color {ceiling and all}. I marked the 19 1/2 inch line at several spaces along the wall...just to act as a guide to my laser: DIY Starburst Mirror. A starburst mirror made from posterboard?

DIY Starburst Mirror

WHA?!? It's true, my friends. Let me start out by saying that I can in no way take credit for being the creative genius behind this project. As most of you know, The Nester is the orignator of the posterboard Starburst mirror. Dining Room Makeover. My six-month dining room makeover was complete two days after Thanksgiving.

Dining Room Makeover

Oh the irony. It was still very usable and worked out great for Turkey Day...I just happened to stumble onto the six most delicious Craigslist chairs the Saturday following the "big" day {and by stumbled onto, I mean I've been stalking four separate Craigslist city lists for them for the entiresix months}.

Their purchase brought the never-ending dining room makeover to a close and within budget thanks to my good money management. Amen and hallelujah. And truthfully, the dining room wasn't even on my makeover list for this sort of just "happened". "If you give Kristi new floors, she'll want to paint the walls before they're installed. 12 No-Sew Window Treatments. All images and printables featured on this blog are mine {or I have sought permission from their owner to use them}.

12 No-Sew Window Treatments

Please do not reproduce and/or sell any image you see on this blog, without my permission. All printables are for personal use only. Please do not sell my printables for your own profit or feature them as your own design. Bordered Sign. This Bordered Sign Paint Tutorial is a super simple one to follow.

Bordered Sign

It's a bit of humor for my bathroom, too, y'all. ;) A couple of weeks ago, I shared our DIY Floating Shelves here. I loved that several of you caught my silly little sign above the toilet. Feel Free to Seat Yourself, y'all. Laundry Room Sign. Thank you to Folk Art for today's post and giveaway.

Laundry Room Sign

This Milk Paint Laundry Room Sign Tutorial is a great step-by-step for using this fun and versatile paint. I made two signs to complete a wall in our laundry area. AND, I'm teaming up with Folk Art to give away $150 worth of milk paint in this post. The laundry space in our "lauffice" is really coming together. I wanted a couple of vintage-looking signs under my shelves. Self-service launderette...I wish that were true.

I used Folk Art's line of Milk Paint to create these signs. Signs like this are somewhat created in reverse...I first used the color my letters would be for the "base". After my first layer of paint was dry, I laid down vinyl lettering for my sign (I cut mine from my machine, but you can grab pre-cut vinyl letters at the craft store). I used a puck of wax all over the piece once it was dry. I then went over the whole piece with the Milky White color. I love the fun, crackly, aged look this produced. I should be mopping the floor.