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Mindvalley – A Global School For Humanity
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Study suggests giving kids too many toys stifles their creativity (Medical Xpress)—A team of researchers at the University of Toledo in the U.S. has found that children are more creative when they have fewer toys to play with at one time. In their paper published in the journal Infant Behavior and Development, the group describes their observational study of toddlers at play, what they learned and offer some suggestions for parents. Parents have long been subject to the opinions of others, some of which include judgments regarding the number of toys they should provide for their children. Some suggest more toys show children they are more loved, while others argue more toys is overkill and a poor substitute for parental attention. In the experiment, parents were asked to bring toddlers to a play area where the little ones were given either four toys or 16 toys to play alone with for 30 minutes. The researchers found that the toddlers playing with four toys engaged in more creative activities than did the toddlers who had 16 toys to choose from.

Affiliate Program | Mindvalley FAKTSA: An Acronym for Remembering Key Resume Enhancers Printer-Friendly Version by Katharine Hansen, Ph.D. What are the most important things to remember about writing an effective resume? They can be encapsulated in a six-letter acronym, FAKTSA, in which the letters stand for: FocusAppearanceKeywordsTransferrable SkillsAccomplishments Focus A sharp focus is an extremely important resume element. SENIOR EXECUTIVE Specialize in raising the bar, creating strategy, managing risk, and improving the quality and caliber of operations. Specific verbiage at the top of your resume is always better than a vague or general wording. Appearance When your resume is seen by the human eye, it needs to catch attention and be simultaneously reader-friendly. Keywords More than 90 percent of resumes are searched for job-specific keywords. Transferable Skills One of the most important concepts you will ever encounter in the job-hunting process is that of transferable job skills. Accomplishments Many resumes are duties-driven when they should be accomplishments-driven.

Jessica Lahey’s ‘The Gift of Failure’: A Fear of Risk-Taking Has Destroyed Kids’ Love of Learning I’ve known the mother sitting in front of me at this parent-teacher conference for years, and we have been through a lot together. I have taught three of her children, and I like to think we’ve even become friends during our time together. She’s a conscientious mother who obviously loves her children with all of her heart. I’ve always been honest with her about their strengths and weaknesses, and I think she trusts me to tell her the truth. But when she hits me with the concern that’s been bothering her for a while, all I can do is nod, and stall for time. “Marianna’s grades are fine; I’m not worried about that, but she just doesn’t seem to love learning anymore.” She’s absolutely right. The truth—for this parent and so many others—is this: Her child has sacrificed her natural curiosity and love of learning at the altar of achievement, and it’s our fault. I look at this mother with concern on her face, her eager pencil poised to write down my words of wisdom.

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Authentic Leadership Self-Assessment Questionnaire Unauthentic leaders hide behind masks This questionnaire contains statements about authentic leadership. Next to each statement, circle the number that represents how strongly you feel about the statement by using the following scoring system: Almost Always True — 5 Mostly True — 4 Occasionally True — 3 Seldom True — 2 Almost Never True — 1 Be honest about your choices, as this will help you to reflect on your strengths and areas that need improvement. Authentic Leadership Survey Scoring 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Interpreting Your Score This self-assessment questionnaire is designed to measure your authentic attributes by assessing the five dimensions of authentic leadership (for more information see, Authentic Leadership and Social Influence): Purpose - Passion: Leaders understand their purpose, which is driven by their passion. By studying and reflecting upon your scores for each of these dimensions, you can determine your stronger and weaker attributes. Reliability and Validity Next Steps

What not to do when your kid tells a lie At the ripe old age of 3, my older daughter has begun flirting with falsehoods. So far, the few lies she has told have been comically bad and easy to spot. Her dad and I usually laugh at them with an amused, “Oh, yeah?” While reporting a story on adult lying, I had the pleasure of talking with developmental psychologist Victoria Talwar of McGill University, who studies lying in children. My accusatory question had created conditions ripe for this lie to be spawned. Lying, it turns out, is actually a sign of something good happening in the developing brain. That thought sounds simple, but it’s actually quite profound. For the rest of us parents who can’t maintain an elaborate charade like that, Talwar says the key is to create an environment that fosters truth-telling. Another strategy to minimize lies, as simple as it sounds, is to ask your kid to tell you the truth. And remember, if you want your kid to value honesty, you should check yourself.

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Prison Reform Trust creating a just, humane and effective penal system Study Finds Montessori Schools Level the Playing Field for Disadvantaged Kids Researchers and educators have identified early childhood as one of the most important developmental periods in a person’s life, setting in place patterns that can predict life outcomes. This is not surprising given the fact that the human brain goes through profound changes in the first six years, most of which appear to be permanent. In addition, economic analyses have shown that educational interventions aimed at preschool programs have the highest return on investment. Yet, there is little consensus on what kinds of programs should be widely implemented and have the most positive effects. A new longitudinal study from the University of Virginia has been published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology comparing the Montessori educational method to regular preschool education. The Montessori method was developed by Dr. The newly published study is one of few on the Montessori method that has overcome study limitations like good controls, sample sizes and program quality.