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ICF Accredited Life Coach Courses & Training - Animas. The Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching is delivered through five modules of in-person training along with experiential client practice, personal coach mentoring, a rich library of course materials and reflective learning.

ICF Accredited Life Coach Courses & Training - Animas

Each in-person module takes place over two days from 9.30 until 5.30 and takes place on weekends or weekdays as you choose. Module 1 : Foundations Foundations is where your journey to become a coach starts. The module introduces you to the key principles of coaching, gets you practising your new skills and prepares you to start coaching clients outside of the training room. Barefoot Coaching - Established leaders in coaching. Delegates on our courses come from a variety of different backgrounds and go on to use the qualification in many different ways.

Barefoot Coaching - Established leaders in coaching

Some delegates are sponsored by their organisations to undertake the course and go back into their organisation to contribute to the establishment or development of a coaching culture, train other employees in coaching skills, coach individuals within the organisation or simply incorporate coaching into their management style. <title>Leadership Coaching service. Changing Challenges: My favourite coaching tools: Free work personality assessment. Caveats: This free strength finders test is really insightful.

Changing Challenges: My favourite coaching tools: Free work personality assessment

Everyone I know has gained great benefit from understanding their strengths better! Some folks seek to find the answers of who they are, why they are, and what work are they supposed to be doing. They're seeking confirmation of their talents. Some believe we should be using our talents to achieve our destiny. Munich Leadership Group. The Munich Leadership Group team is comprised of very professional consultants and facilitators.

Munich Leadership Group

Our PROFI training series, which was developed in cooperation with Munich Leadership Group and implemented top-down throughout the ProSieben Media Group, receives excellent feedback from participants. Individual follow-up ensures that the training has lasting impact. An internal survey conducted among our managers confirms that our collaboration with Munich Leadership Group adds significant value to our company. Jürgen Holm, Executive Vice President HR, ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG The Munich Leadership Group team clearly ranks among our top international consultants and facilitators. Case studies Archive.

Helping make coaching part of the leadership culture at Vodafone Background Vodafone is a FTSE 100 multinational telecommunications company with more than 400 million customers.

Case studies Archive

Headquartered in the UK, it is one of the world’s largest mobile telecoms companies in terms of both subscribers and revenues. Untitled. Get accredited in The Science of Happiness at Work™ - iOpener Institute. Then sign up for one of our exclusive accreditation events.

Get accredited in The Science of Happiness at Work™ - iOpener Institute

Our company - lrb solutions. Our passion for people is what brought us together.

Our company - lrb solutions

Many years in international business leadership roles have taught us all that it is people who drive performance. Engaging people in the right way is the secret to achieving business and organizational success. Who we are - iOpener Institute. iOpener Institute for People & Performance is an Oxford-born international consultancy that helps organizations all over the globe enable their people to give their best at work.

Who we are - iOpener Institute

We have a deep pool of mastery-level facilitators and coaches backed by a brilliant team of project managers. And we draw on this wealth of experience to carefully select the right team for your project. Current & recent clients, worldwide, of Grovewell LLC. Nicola Potts. Listening Partnership. Jude’s coaching approach is highly relational, organisationally savvy and results-orientated.

Listening Partnership

Jude helps her clients to think clearly, strategically and practically. She supports her clients as they face big challenges and pressing, significant issues. She is often called in to work with individuals at the most difficult points of their lives. They work together to find new, innovative solutions, resolve conflicts and to make decisions with greater confidence. Nicola Potts. Background My background is in strategy and marketing and I have an MBA from the London Business School.

Nicola Potts

Before setting up my own coaching business, I was Strategy Director for the Belron Group, with responsibility for global strategy and executive talent. I draw on this commercial experience, together with my coaching expertise, to get really clear about the business requirements and also to understand what may be going on for the leader ‘under the surface’. My professional training has covered a range of techniques including gestalt, emotional intelligence and positive psychology. Our clients - Samsung. Francois Moscovici. Biography: François Moscovici is an international coach working typically with established and emerging leaders in many industries, from engineering to manufacturing, to financial or professional services. François has worked in over 40 countries as a line manager and as a management consultant, from the exotic (mercury mining in Kyrgyzstan) to the more traditional (music retailing in the UK).

Current clients are in London, Scotland and Paris and he can operate at a ‘deep language level’ in French as well as in English. Born and raised in Paris, François has also studied and worked in Canada and acquired a deep understanding of both French and English Canadian cultures. He has been living in London for over 20 years. His favourite intervention in coaching is around ‘the first 100 days’, when newly appointed senior managers have to face a complex set of business, personal and team issues.

Finally: loves using properly researched tools, not mere opinions. Languages spoken: Telos identity. ISRM Sinkhole. Moss perform. UCL Human Resources - Coaching Toolkit. This guide is for anyone wanting to use coaching skills to help colleagues succeed. In particular, it is intended for managers and those with responsibility for enabling staff. Coaching is a rapidly growing method for helping people to improve, develop, learn new skills, find personal success, achieve aims, manage change and overcome personal challenges.

It can be used both in our professional and in our personal lives. This guide will concentrate on the former, providing an overview of what coaching is, how it can be used, by whom, when and where, and how to access it. All links will open in a new window. PC3 Coaching Toolkit / Models, practices and tools. Coaching is traditionally done face-to-face as a one-to-one activity. However, we have experimented with coaching via telephone and via video conferencing tools such as Skype and Elluminate. We found students even used text-only modalities such as Facebook groups and Blackberry Messenger, in order to support each other. A review of our experiences of the use of different technologies can be found here. UCL Human Resources - Coaching Toolkit.

Solutions Focus Coach Practitioner Certification. Offered by The Solutions Focus in partnership with The Columbia Coaching Certification Program Web-based international Course: Dates tbc. The biggest challenges facing today’s organizations are about raising performance by engaging their people. Success depends on more constructive conversations. Whether those conversations are inspired by leaders, managers or coaches, the positive and pragmatic flavor of Solutions Focus (SF) will make a significant difference to the results.

Shine People & Places. Career coach / trainer / Facilitator Focus on all levels of managementCareer development and coachingTeam building and networkingTraining of HR staff and Line Managers in career coaching skillsCoaching and development of senior women Background and Qualifications Gilly Freedman is a highly experienced career consultant, coach, trainer and supervisor working with clients up to board level. Consultants. PROGRAM: Leader – knowing own Role / Mission - сайт Елены Бочаровой. Trudi Ryan - Getting in Touch. Co. — George Napier. George is a versatile high impact Board level executive with a 30 year track record of leading branded consumer businesses successfully through transition, and of building market share and profits in challenging competitive circumstances.

His experience spans the US, Europe and Asia and features buyouts, mergers, restructurings, turnarounds and start-ups, with iconic brands including Wilson, Boston Whaler, Prince, Fila and Titleist. Since 2011 George has provided Interim Management services and project leadership: to a $1.2 billion sport lifestyle brand (Fila) in Europe, and to a $1.4 billion golf company whose brands include Titleist and FootJoy, in Asia. He is also active as a Mentor for Merryck & Co. and serves on the Advisory Boards of Active Minds Technology, On Course Foundation, and Robert Talbott, bringing them his engaging style of relevant insight. Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching. Introduction. Implement Training and Coaching Globally.

Coaching for Everyday Leaders. © Copyright Release the Magic Coaching is possibly the most important skill that an Everyday Leader needs to develop.