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Time Management For Personal Trainers.


7 Powerful Public Speaking Tips From One of the Most-Watched TED Talks Speakers. ​Strengthening Family Bonds with Ecstasy. Annie Lalla.

​Strengthening Family Bonds with Ecstasy

Photo by the author New York City's latest Horizons Psychedelic Conference took place in a church. There were stained glass windows, columns, and marble angels. The setting matched the mood perfectly, as a series of distinguished psychedelics researchers from around the world described drug-induced mystical states of consciousness often associated with the divine. Most of the speakers were protected in their studies by government exemptions to harsh anti-drug laws.

Videos. What Do I Need to Become a Personal Trainer? The fitness industry was worth $21.4 billion in 2011 (1) and is expected to grow by 24 percent from 2010-2020 (2).

What Do I Need to Become a Personal Trainer?

Buying personal trainers’ services is an emotional decision and one that’s often done without adequate thought. It’s not surprising that some people are taking advantage of consumers. Personal training service is arbitrary. Trainers don’t have a prescribed scope. Personal Training Nutrition. By: Jonathan FitProBy Jonathan FitPro In this article I’m going to talk about how to coach nutrition.

Personal Training Nutrition

There is so much that can go into this topic because we as personal trainers are bound so tightly by scope of practice. This is something I’ve always found ridiculous because you can’t be a fitness professional without addressing nutrition. I’ll take a hard stance on this. Personal trainers should give nutrition advice. 5 Ways to Break the Ice With Clients. Spending 30 minutes or an hour 1-on-1 with a person is intense.

5 Ways to Break the Ice With Clients

Doing this multiple times a week and you must like the person. Doing this multiple times a week talking about your insecurities and doing stuff you’re bad at is a lot of peoples personal hell–but it’s what our clients do. How Darwin, Freud And 14 Other Brilliant Minds Scheduled Their Days. The one thing that every person in the world has in common is time.

How Darwin, Freud And 14 Other Brilliant Minds Scheduled Their Days

We all have a day which consists of 24 hours, in which we can do with as we please. Even so, person A can fail to achieve anything significant within an entire lifetime, while person B is able to crank out success story after success story. What is the difference between person A and person B? It is definitely not down to a lack of time, because if one person can schedule their time for success, so can another.

The truth is people succeed or don’t succeed, because of what they do with their time and the habits they form. This info graphic shows the daily routine of 16 high achieving people throughout history, what is really interesting about this, is the fact that all the routines are very different. Welcome to Personality Tests. PubMed and Bro-Science: How to Use Evidence in Fitness. How do you decide the best approach to a problem?

PubMed and Bro-Science: How to Use Evidence in Fitness

There’s an ongoing debate in the fitness and therapy fields about what defines true evidence-based practice.

Coaching Tools

The 3 Most Common Self-Help Questions. For the past decade I’ve been writing self-help books and preaching the Gospel of Gabby to lecture audiences throughout the world.

The 3 Most Common Self-Help Questions

No matter what country I’m in, I always seem hear the same 3 questions come up. Because these questions are so popular I decided to bring my answers to you! 10 Healthy Ways to Accept the Death of a Loved One. By Amateo Ra| Death is an immensely challenging and often confusing part of being alive.

10 Healthy Ways to Accept the Death of a Loved One

It can broadside us, claiming dear friends and loved ones seemingly before their time. Truthfully, there is no right way to handle death, as the loss of someone you care about can be one of the most emotionally charged experiences we ever have, comparable to that of only one other occasion, the birth of a child. Every 7 Years Your Body, Mind and Spirit Evolve in These Ways. Tony Crisp, Prevent Disease | Are you the same person now that you were fifteen years ago?

Every 7 Years Your Body, Mind and Spirit Evolve in These Ways

In fact, are you the same person you were just seven years ago? Most of us have heard the old saying that every cell in the body is changed over a period of seven years; but recent investigation has uncovered facts of far more significance to us as human beings. This concerns the emotional, physical and mental changes that seem to occur in approximate seven-year intervals. Use Motivational Interviewing Techniques to Create Positive Change. 15 Things You Shouldn't Say To Someone Struggling With Depression. The Fine Art of Gratitude. 20FreeTools. Effective coach talk: What to say to clients and why it matters. Coaching clients to lasting success depends on saying the right things in the right ways at the right times and really connecting.

Effective coach talk: What to say to clients and why it matters.

In this article, we’ll begin to show you how. Have you ever worked with a client with whom you never really connected? Perhaps you played the role of the “typical trainer”: You provided nuggets of information, random statistics and boot-camp-style encouragement. The client played the role of “obedient follower”, with stock responses and hyper-active nods. You both went through the “proper” motions, but had no chemistry and got no lasting results. Time for a change. Coaching clients to lasting success depends on saying the right things in the right ways at the right times — and really connecting. This isn’t a hocus-pocus way of “tricking” your clients into success. How to Get Motivated to Work Out Regularly. Mastermind Groups. Last year one of my dearest friends and I put together a mastermind group and I highly recommend it to anyone who has goals they want to accomplish.

How to Burn Extra Fat For Hours After Finishing Your Workout. Body mind exercises can teach you how to handle stress in any situation. Some skeptics may criticize them, but people who practice various types of mind exercises all experience a wide range of health benefits. Not only do these people learn how to be positive, how to handle stress and how to break bad habits while at the same time developing good habits, but they can also learn how to control biological functions that can naturally lower blood pressure, reverse heart disease and improve or even cure just about any other kind of disease. All of this truly does result in changes in life expectancy. Scientific research is increasingly beginning to focus on the effects meditation has on health and human longevity potential.

Top Weight-Loss Challenges – Survey Results Summary. First of all, let me express just how grateful I am to all of the people who generously donated their time to completing this survey. You’ve helped me better identify the key weight-loss challenges that smart, logical people struggle with so that I can focus my energy on creating solutions that will have the greatest impact on your health and happiness. For my purposes, I divided the responses into 2 sets: Powerful%20Coaching%20Questions. 7 Tips to Overcome the Fear of Rejection. What does all fear really amount to? Loss. We fear: losing our healthlosing our lifelosing our statuslosing moneylosing our peace of mindlosing our youth and looks. We also fear, perhaps more than anything else, losing approval from others.

Fear of rejection is widespread. Fear should keep us alert and safe - like the beam from a lighthouse warning ships of submerged dangers. And this may be especially true when it comes to fear of rejection. Time Targets: What's the Focus of Your Life? How to Be Ultra Productive — 10 Tips for Mastering Your Time. Follow me on Twitter! Five Keys to Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence. 15 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 15. * Written by Xian Horn. Make Your Life Easier With Productive Daily Routines - Silva Method Life. The 5 types of investments that are a must for personal and professional success - John Spencer Ellis. When you hear someone say the word “investing” you likely create an image of stocks, bonds, savings accounts or real estate.

Psychological sleuths. Telling a little white lie may on occasion soothe ruffled social feathers, but covering up a murder plot or withholding information on terrorist cells can devastate individuals and society at large. Yet detecting deception often stumps the most experienced police officers, judges, customs officials and other forensic professionals. Research has shown that even agents from the FBI, CIA and Drug Enforcement Agency don't do much better than chance in telling liars from truth-tellers.

For example, a recent, as yet unpublished meta-analysis of 253 studies of people distinguishing truths from lies revealed overall accuracy was just 53 percent--not much better than flipping a coin, note the authors, psychologists Charles Bond, PhD, of Texas Christian University, and Bella DePaulo, PhD, of the University of California, Santa Barbara.