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Plan a better decision meeting. Decisions are the lifeblood of organizations, and meetings are where important business decisions often happen.

Plan a better decision meeting

How Resilience Works. When I began my career in journalism—I was a reporter at a national magazine in those days—there was a man I’ll call Claus Schmidt.

How Resilience Works

He was in his mid-fifties, and to my impressionable eyes, he was the quintessential newsman: cynical at times, but unrelentingly curious and full of life, and often hilariously funny in a sandpaper-dry kind of way. He churned out hard-hitting cover stories and features with a speed and elegance I could only dream of. It always astounded me that he was never promoted to managing editor. COVID-19 and reskilling the workforce. Imagine a crisis that forces your company’s employees to change the way they work almost overnight.

COVID-19 and reskilling the workforce

Despite initial fears that the pressure would be too great, you discover that this new way of working could be a blueprint for the long term. That’s what leaders of many companies around the globe are finding as they respond to the COVID-19 crisis. Mental Space Psychology. The “International Laboratory For Mental Space Research” (ILMSR) proudly presents this documentary about a new perspective on central issues in cognitive and clinical psychology – the emerging concept of “Mental Space”.

Mental Space Psychology

Some of the main proponents of this emerging paradigm talk about their understanding of this concept. Practitioners demonstrate some therapeutic applications in their work. But what is the concept of “Mental Space” all about? Everything that exists in the physical universe is located somewhere in space. So the fundamentally 3- dimensional nature of everything can be expected to be reflected in the mind itself, too.

Implicitely, yet not fully recognized in its potential for therapeutic change work, the concept of “mental space” emerged already in the early 1980s. Individuele sessies. Are You Doing the Work You Were Meant to Do? Op zoek naar het optimale beheer van je Contingent Workforce - NextConomy. Ridin' high — Maaike. A runner's sound track for success - Dr. Phil Maffetone. Music levels the field for an autistic athlete Coaching a high-school athlete on the autism spectrum to run track and cross-country is not for the faint of heart, and sometimes it seems there should be a soundtrack playing in the background complete with foreboding drum rolls and exuberant crescendos.

A runner's sound track for success - Dr. Phil Maffetone

You never know what you’re going to get from meet to meet. Destructieve relaties op de schop, Jan Storms. The Tail End — Wait But Why. We made a fancy PDF of this post for printing and offline viewing. Buy it here. In a post last year, we laid out the human lifespan visually. By years: Heavy Metal Therapy: Reflections on Developing a Peer Support Community for Metalheads – the polyphony. Hoe lang blijven we burnout nog als symptoom bestrijden? - NLP - Provocatief - MindSonar IEP Nederland. Door Pieter Wijtenburg Heel Nederland is bezig met de burn-out.

Hoe lang blijven we burnout nog als symptoom bestrijden? - NLP - Provocatief - MindSonar IEP Nederland

PTSD Reenactment. PTSD Projection is mostly an unconscious process, and it can take considerable time to become fully aware of it, as it is often so woven into the structure of our character, that we perceive it as being normal.

PTSD Reenactment

Projection does lead to the reenactment of emotional patterns. What this means is that the emotional hardships (trauma) that you experienced earlier in life are repeated. The circumstances and the people involved might be different but the emotional content is the same, or it’s opposite, which is, by reflection, similar. The Unconscious Patterning Leading to Projection and Reenactment To make it more transparent as to how projection and reenactment flow together I will outline some examples and elaborate on them. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. When you suffer, you naturally want to get away from the suffering– be done with it, get rid of it, or overcome it.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

It is a natural response because you feel constantly overwhelmed. The “getting rid of” response, though, is a dissociative response and serves to keep in place the very pain that you want to avoid. When emotional residue stays unresolved in your body and mind, it is because there is the constant movement of one part of you towards its opposite part; that is, from the avoidance of pain towards wanting to compensate for that pain or escape from it through pleasure. This movement, in time, will become self-perpetuating, and you will get focused on the fulfillment of the projected desire as a way of canceling out the initial pain. These 20 Pictures Will Teach You More Than Reading 100 Books. The above image is my “Culture Wall,” created by GapingVoid, a company that helps people design their organizational culture.

These 20 Pictures Will Teach You More Than Reading 100 Books

The art is done by Hugh MacLeod, who has drawn pictures for books by Seth Godin and many other influential individuals and companies. How to Pick a Career (That Actually Fits You) Hey readers! Quick note before we jump in: Don’t Compete. Create! – Personal Growth. If you think that you have to compete for better jobs or more market share, you’re as wrong as I was.

Don’t Compete. Create! – Personal Growth

The idea of competition is engraved in our minds. We believe that we have to compete for the same jobs with others. If someone has a job, that means you can’t have the same job. And if a company has a certain market share, that means you have to compete with that company to “win” a piece of their share. At least, that’s what conventional advice says. Karen Thompson Walker: What fear can teach us. What is Imago Relationship Therapy? - Imago Professional Site. Developed by Dr. Harville Hendrix and Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt in 1980, Imago Relationship Therapy is a form of relationship and couples therapy that focuses on relational counseling to transform any conflict between couples into opportunities for healing and growth.

The Latin word “imago”—meaning “image”—refers to the “unconscious image of familiar love.” What we find is that there is frequently a connection between frustrations in adult relationships and early childhood experiences. As an example, individuals frequently criticized as a child will likely be highly sensitive to their partner’s criticism. What’s missing in leadership development? Only a few actions matter, and they require the CEO’s attention. Organizations have always needed leaders who are good at recognizing emerging challenges and inspiring organizational responses. That need is intensifying today as leaders confront, among other things, digitization, the surging power of data as a competitive weapon, and the ability of artificial intelligence to automate the workplace and enhance business performance.

These technology-driven shifts create an imperative for most organizations to change, which in turn demands more and better leaders up and down the line. Unfortunately, there is overwhelming evidence that the plethora of services, books, articles, seminars, conferences, and TED-like talks purporting to have the answers—a global industry estimated to be worth more than $50 billion—are delivering disappointing results. Focus on the shifts that matter. Miste je als kind een liefdevolle verbinding met je ouders? 100 Thoughtful Quotes That Will Inspire and Motivate You. Boosting Performance Through Organization Design. Effective Use of Shared Services Companies able to move transaction-heavy administrative functions from individual business units to centralized shared services are more than twice as likely as their competitors to become top performers. Seventy-four percent of our respondents outsource shared-service operations from divisions or business units to dedicated centers.

They use shared-service centers for IT (68% of respondents), finance and accounting (58%), human resources (52%), procurement (38%), legal services (32%), communication and marketing (29%), and real estate services (26%). Sixty percent of those that use shared services run them as individual entities, while 40% move multiple services to cross-functional shared-service centers. Clean Space: Modeling Human Perception through Emergence. First published in Anchor Point Vol. 17, No. 8, September 2003 Clean Space: Clean Space Revisited. Hoe werken de aandachtscirkels van Eberspächer. Google Employees Weighed in on What Makes a Highly Effective Manager. Technical Expertise Came in Dead Last. My Favorite Thought Exercise: Fear-Setting. How Elon Musk learns quicker and better than anyone else. How is it even possible that Elon Musk could build four multibillion companies by his mid-40s — in four separate fields (software, energy, transportation, and aerospace)? To explain Musk’s success, others have pointed to his heroic work ethic (he regularly works 85-hour weeks), his ability to set reality-distorting visions for the future, and his incredible resilience.

By 2020, These 10 Employee Skills Will Soon Be In Huge Demand! Shh! Don’t Tell Them There’s No Magic In Design Thinking. Distortions and deceptions in strategic decisions. The Holy Simplicity of Sitting with Our Pain. Exploring Forward-Thinking Workplaces™ Wisdom from Ancient Greeks: Learn the 8 Types of Love. Autotelic - Wikipedia. Don’t Take The Path of Least Resistance – Thomas Oppong – Medium. Ignaz Semmelweis. Out of the Box Escape Games: Teambuilding vol adrenaline in Antwerpen. Talentbewuste, zintuiglijke teambuildings. Crossdreamers: Crossdreaming : A Push Towards a Self Authoring Journey. About Durabilis - Durabilis. The hidden toll of workplace incivility. The Psychedelic Gospels - The Secret History of Hallucinogens in Christianity. Strategy Execution - The Definitive Guide - Jeroen De Flander.

The vagus nerve, emotions and the difficulty with mindfulness practices. How to Gamify Your Life to Quickly Accomplish Big Goals – Medium. Elliott Jaques Levels With You. Goal Setting Template: Easy-to use Worksheet! Human Systems Institute - Books & Videos. Quotes about Goals - 25 Great Quotes About Goals! The Best Jobs for Your Personality Type – Marketing and Entrepreneurship – Medium.

Quotes about Change - 25 Great Quotes about Change! How To Get Past Your Emotions Blocks And Fears So You Can Live The Life You Want — The Mission. Er is iets vreemds aan de gang in onze economie, en de meesten onder ons beseffen het niet eens: F5 – Verfris je team (Powered by MindSonar)NLP - Provocatief - MindSonar IEP Nederland. Watch these videos when you think you won’t last another day — The Mission. Shadow Integration: The Complete Shadow Work Process in Four Steps.