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How Elon Musk learns quicker and better than anyone else. How is it even possible that Elon Musk could build four multibillion companies by his mid-40s — in four separate fields (software, energy, transportation, and aerospace)?

How Elon Musk learns quicker and better than anyone else

To explain Musk’s success, others have pointed to his heroic work ethic (he regularly works 85-hour weeks), his ability to set reality-distorting visions for the future, and his incredible resilience. By 2020, These 10 Employee Skills Will Soon Be In Huge Demand! Shh! Don’t Tell Them There’s No Magic In Design Thinking. When the term Design Thinking first emerged on the scene, I found it completely puzzling.

Shh! Don’t Tell Them There’s No Magic In Design Thinking

People were treating it as if it was a revolutionary new methodology to produce better products and services. They were talking about how entire companies were adopting this new approach, and those companies were becoming more competitive in the marketplace and seeing huge increases in customer satisfaction. Distortions and deceptions in strategic decisions. Companies are vulnerable to misconceptions, biases, and plain old lies.

Distortions and deceptions in strategic decisions

But not hopelessly vulnerable. The chief executive of a large multinational was trying to decide whether to undertake an enormous merger—one that would not only change the direction of his company but also transform its whole industry. He had gathered his top team for a final discussion. The most vocal proponent of the deal—the executive in charge of the company's largest division—extolled its purported strategic advantages, perhaps not coincidentally because if it were to go through he would run an even larger division and thereby be able to position himself as the CEO's undisputed successor.

The CFO, by contrast, argued that the underlying forecasts were highly uncertain and that the merger's strategic rationale wasn't financially convincing. Does this composite of several real-life examples sound familiar? The Holy Simplicity of Sitting with Our Pain. Bethany Webster Sitting with our pain is such a simple act and yet it can be one of the hardest things to do.

The Holy Simplicity of Sitting with Our Pain

Feeling our pain and not rushing in to fix it, numb it, avoid it, or cover it up takes enormous courage. This is where surrender comes in. We reach a point in our healing where we've read all the books, consulted all the gurus or tried all the fancy techniques and all that is left is the last thing we want to do: Feel our painful feelings. Ironically, sitting with our pain is precisely what will eventually bring us all the things we were looking for through avoiding it. Exploring Forward-Thinking Workplaces™ Wisdom from Ancient Greeks: Learn the 8 Types of Love. Autotelic - Wikipedia. A thing which is autotelic[1] is described as "having a purpose in and not apart from itself".

Autotelic - Wikipedia

Origins[edit] The word comes from the Greek αὐτοτελής autotelēs from αὐτός autos, "self" and τέλος telos, "goal". Don’t Take The Path of Least Resistance – Thomas Oppong – Medium. Welcome to the human condition.

Don’t Take The Path of Least Resistance – Thomas Oppong – Medium

We tend to do that which is easiest, often to the neglect of that which is best. The brain’s natural impulse is to take the easy route almost all the time until you think and act otherwise. This isn’t unique to just humans. In fact, most things take the path of least resistance: water, electricity, light etc. Ignaz Semmelweis. Out of the Box Escape Games: Teambuilding vol adrenaline in Antwerpen. Talentbewuste, zintuiglijke teambuildings. Crossdreamers: Crossdreaming : A Push Towards a Self Authoring Journey. About Durabilis - Durabilis. The hidden toll of workplace incivility. Research shows that hurtful workplace behavior can depress performance, increase employee turnover, and even mar customer relationships.

The hidden toll of workplace incivility

As the workplace becomes faster-paced, more technologically complex, and culturally diverse, civility matters. Among other things, it helps dampen potential tensions and furthers information sharing and team building. The Psychedelic Gospels - The Secret History of Hallucinogens in Christianity. Strategy Execution - The Definitive Guide - Jeroen De Flander. The Definitive Guide To Boost your Strategy Execution Skills Strategy execution is something successful leaders focus on.

Strategy Execution - The Definitive Guide - Jeroen De Flander

According to research published in The Harvard Business Review, “Companies realize only 40-to-60 percent of their strategies’ potential value”. Successful leaders know these numbers and understand it takes much more than a great strategy to be number one. You need to turn that great strategy into great performance. The vagus nerve, emotions and the difficulty with mindfulness practices. “Now, many people who don’t know a lot about trauma think that trauma has something to do with something that happened to you a long time ago.

The vagus nerve, emotions and the difficulty with mindfulness practices

In fact, the past is the past and the only thing that matters is what happens right now. And what is trauma is the residue that a past event leaves in your own sensory experiences in your body and it’s not that event out there that becomes intolerable but the physical sensations with which you live that become intolerable and you will do anything to make them go away.” (Bessel van der Kolk) Last week, during a two-day deep cleaning/paint prep binge (see the kitchen ceiling to the right!) How to Gamify Your Life to Quickly Accomplish Big Goals – Medium. Is your life a video game, filled with challenging quests and new adventures?

How to Gamify Your Life to Quickly Accomplish Big Goals – Medium

Or has your life become somewhat stale? As most people get older, they lose their childhood sense of wonderment and openness. Most people stop growing and settle for “reality” as they see it. But life doesn’t have to suck. Growth doesn’t have to be slow. Your life can become like a game where you pursue greater obstacles, learn new skills, and have thrilling experiences. Elliott Jaques Levels With You. "Management is in the same state today that the natural sciences were in during the 17th century. " The speaker was Elliott Jaques, best known as the author of Requisite Organization, at a talk at MIT's Sloan School of Management several years ago. He reminded his audience of the medical realities of the early Renaissance: Alchemy was still considered credible; bloodletting was a well-accepted cure; and barbers performed most surgical operations. Goal Setting Template: Easy-to use Worksheet! Most companies will start the 2017 performance management cycle.

A simple goal setting template is a useful instrument to boost your goal setting efforts. With The Institute for Strategy Execution, I developed several practical strategy implementation templates. Human Systems Institute - Books & Videos. Books on Systems These are some of my favorite books for developing an understanding of systems. Thinking in Systems, Donella Meadows, (2008), Chelsea Green Publishing. Recommended. Quotes about Goals - 25 Great Quotes About Goals! Are you goal oriented? Successful people tend to have one thing in common: they are all extremely goal-oriented. Read any biography or article about a successful person and it will probably include a section about goal setting and how it helped them to succeed. The Best Jobs for Your Personality Type – Marketing and Entrepreneurship – Medium. Everyone has different strengths, weaknesses, and traits that lend to their success in different areas.

Quotes about Change - 25 Great Quotes about Change! How To Get Past Your Emotions Blocks And Fears So You Can Live The Life You Want — The Mission. Er is iets vreemds aan de gang in onze economie, en de meesten onder ons beseffen het niet eens: Er is iets buitengewoons aan de gang in de wereld. En je zal het enkel beseffen als je jezelf bevrijdt van de normen die de maatschappij je oplegt. F5 – Verfris je team (Powered by MindSonar)NLP - Provocatief - MindSonar IEP Nederland.

Watch these videos when you think you won’t last another day — The Mission. Watch these videos when you think you won’t last another day Startups are hard. Keep yourself motivated by any means necessary. Shadow Integration: The Complete Shadow Work Process in Four Steps.