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Coaching Students in Higher Education

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Acknowledging other great Pearltrees contributors, this collection is a work in progress. My intention is to identify coaching skills, best practices, and other gems from what works well with self and others (www) and even better yet (EBY)...

Dr. Craig Barton. La rivoluzione digitale. Learn German Online for Free at German Short Stories For Beginners - LearnOutLive. There are many ways to learn or teach German, but my favorite approach is using stories.

German Short Stories For Beginners - LearnOutLive

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Years ago, educators at Fremont Middle School in Illinois provided students with engaging projects.

Design an adaptive learning ecosystem

Students sat on floors and gathered in hallways, vestibules and staircases, says Joan Shanahan, Fremont School District’s technology integration specialist. But not until the 2015-16 school year did teachers have designated areas where students could work on assignments comfortably or have access to digital technology.

With the help of the state Capital Development Board, maintenance staff and a planning committee made up of school officials, Fremont Middle School transformed part of its building into 11 spaces so students could work in a variety of environments. The space was honored as a District Administration District of Distinction in 2016. Design thinking & Learning design. Teenagers can become disruptive if teachers use psychological pressure - 8 Myths That Undermine Educational Effectiveness.

Certain widely-shared myths and lies about education are destructive for all of us as educators, and destructive for our educational institutions.

8 Myths That Undermine Educational Effectiveness

This is the subject of 50 Myths & Lies That Threaten America’s Public Schools: The Real Crisis in Education, a new book by David Berliner and Gene Glass, two of the country’s most highly respected educational researchers. Although the book deserves to be read in its entirety, I want to focus on eight of the myths that I think are relevant to most teachers, administrators, and parents.

Myth #1: Teachers Are the Most Important Influence on a Child’s Education Of course teachers are extremely important. Il grande equivoco. Ripensare l’educazione (#digitale) per la Società Ipercomplessa. Becoming Innovative: 15 New Ideas Every Teacher Should Try - Becoming Innovative: 15 New Ideas Every Teacher Should Try by TeachThought Staff What are the latest emerging trends in education?

Becoming Innovative: 15 New Ideas Every Teacher Should Try -

As trends to do, these are changing almost yearly. Consider how quiet iPads in the classroom have been recently, whereas three years ago they were going to replace teachers and were (unsarcastically) compared to magic. While mobile devices like the iPad can indeed parallel a kind of magic in the learning process, it obviously has to ‘fit’ into a progressive supporting ecology of assessment, curriculum, and instruction. With that in mind, we’ve created a list of 15 (the graphic plus 3 bonus items below) new ideas every teacher should try. CALLING ALL CODERS. By 2018, there will be more than two million open jobs in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) professions, but only 19 percent of current college degrees are in STEM fields.


Even worse, 75 percent of students that do well in science and math decide to not pursue STEM in college. If we want to remain a global leader, we have to develop more interest in these topics. Digital Literacy. Learning Progressions: Road Maps for 21st-Century Students—and Teachers. As our world grows more interconnected, conversations about education are shifting to focus on identifying and cultivating the complex “21st-century” skills children will need to succeed amid global competition and uncertainty.

Learning Progressions: Road Maps for 21st-Century Students—and Teachers

8 Myths That Undermine Educational Effectiveness. Creating Course Content Online. Metodologías educativas: ¿Por qué escoger solo una? En la actualidad, están surgiendo muchas metodologías educativas supuestamente revolucionarias.

Metodologías educativas: ¿Por qué escoger solo una?

A grandes rasgos, se puede decir que una metodología tiene que tener en cuenta las diferentes competencias que se quieran desarrollar, al mismo tiempo que debe implementar el aprendizaje de ciertos conocimientos de una materia en concreto, sin olvidar la atención a la diversidad, los diferentes estilos de aprendizaje y los intereses de los alumnos. Cada una de esas nuevas metodologías defiende que esos objetivos se pueden conseguir mediante su uso. Hasta cierto punto, se podría decir que son aspectos alcanzables, tanto con cualquier metodología como con ninguna.

Y es que, al final, en gran medida, un porcentaje muy alto del éxito de una metodología no depende de su teoría, sino de su puesta en práctica, y esa es labor del docente. Además, dependiendo de los estilos de aprendizaje de esos alumnos, de sus distintas personalidades e intereses, puede no resultar tan sencillo. Edutopia. Rethinking Schools. iOS App Development Online Course. Online IT Guru is one of the leading institutes for iOS Online Training.

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It's Past Time For Education 3.0 -

This post seeks to compare the developments of the Internet-Web to those of education. The Internet has become an integral thread of the tapestries of most societies throughout the globe. The web influences people’s way of thinking, doing and being; and people influence the development and content of the web. The Internet of today has become a huge picture window and portal into human perceptions, thinking, and behavior. Movies, Docs #2. Power BI Online Course in India. Course Information Power Business Intelligence or Power BI is business analytics service by Microsoft.

With Power BI, end users can develop reports and dashboards without depending on IT staff or Database Administrator. Power BI caters self Service Business Intelligence services with interactive visualizations. Like many other services by Microsoft, Power BI is also a cloud service. Power BI cloud also provides a desktop interface. The Services of Power BI help in Data Warehousing tasks like Data Preparation and Data Discovery.

Free Statistics Book. Udemy. PEGA 7.2 Certification Course. Teachers Explain Why VR is More Than Just a Buzzword. Instrumentos. Teaching Information Literacy Now. Last week, a new study from Stanford University revealed that many students are inept at discerning fact from opinion when reading articles online. : StemTeachingTools. Six Characteristics of a Great STEM Lesson - Education Week Teacher. Best of TPC 2016. Jan Vinita White PhD - Zone Out Zone. Jan Vinita White, PhD Professor, Doctoral Mentor, Consultant, Subject Matter Expert, and Volunteer Please do everything possible to CARE for yourself in order to avoid burnout.

The Transition to Independent Research: Who Makes It, Who Doesn't, and Why. IRL's Seven Principles of Learning 1. Learning is fundamentally social. While… A Student's Perspective. In Hindsight: Former Ph.D. Students Reflect on Why They Jumped Ship. KnowingKnowledge LowRes.

Coaching Doctoral Candidates

Psychology of Coaching. How To Coach & Develop Others. Smart Goal Setting - Steps and Examples. 5 Steps to Setting Smart Goals Smart Goal Setting - The World's No 1 Goal Setting Technique.