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Great Blogs etc. Football Programme. Football. Bringing baseball stat nerdiness to football. What if I am doing it all wrong? Wow what a summer of sport!

What if I am doing it all wrong?

I haven't been able to sleep properly because the the orgy of human excellence that has been on the TV until late at night. The stories, the drama, the passion. Just amazing... And the Olympics was just the starter. The Paralympics came shortly after...that's when we really got to see the triumph of human dedication, perseverance and excellence...the main course!

I do love the summer holidays... there is always some sort of festival of sport on offer that the whole country gets excited about. For my children it was great too...they were going to all sorts of sports clubs and activity camps and they got to experience a whole range of different activities...I got really jealous!! My son Evan went to a weeklong cricket coaching camp...' But this environment was different, these kids were serious about their cricket (or at least the adults in their lives were serious about their cricket!) 22 Tips for Coaching Today’s Athletes – The Coaches Toolbox. This post was written by Alan Stein, As Notorious B.I.G. once said, ‘Things done changed.’

22 Tips for Coaching Today’s Athletes – The Coaches Toolbox

Players today are different than they were when I was growing up… and I’m not even that old. I know every generation says that… but it’s true. One of the biggest changes to our society as a whole has been technology… more specifically the Internet… and even more specifically… mobile smartphones and social media. What does that have to do with athletics? Everything. Sports have always been and will always be an interpersonal activity that requires human connection and communication. Coaching is all about building quality relationships. Blueprint for Football.

Youth academy research

Tactics. Scottishcoaching. Football Tactics For Beginners: How to watch Football -Part 1 - The False 9. How to watch football like an expert?

Football Tactics For Beginners: How to watch Football -Part 1 - The False 9

Never try to analyse a game from the team you support live. You get too caught up in the fun and drama of football to actually see the game properly. If you want to analyse the team you support, I’d recommend watching the game in peace/as a fan, then get a replay of the 90 minutes to actually watch the game. You get the best of both worlds then; I don’t ever want to watch a City game(Author is a City fan) and be looking for invited pressing opportunities, I want to have a beer with some mates, have a sing song and watch the game. Be aware of the opposition. If you are just starting analyzing games properly, I’d recommend the stop-start technique. This is why numerous observed events happen; why goals are scored late in games more often after people’s concentration levels are low and their anxiety is high, effecting their ability to make decisions.

Red Bulls Soccer Training Skills Challenge Red Bulls Soccer Academy. The Red Bulls Academy operates a fun based Skills Challenge roadshow that provides youth soccer players with an opportunity to test their skills in a fun competitive environment.

Red Bulls Soccer Training Skills Challenge Red Bulls Soccer Academy

The skills challenges are offered at all Red Bulls soccer camps and at select regional locations throughout the year. To find a free Skills Challenge Roadshow in your area click here Skills Challenge Philosophy The Red Bulls Skills Challenge is designed to ignite a passion for self improvement in young players. Inspiration is one of three key methods that Red Bulls coaches use to deliver the Building Blocks of Player Development. Skills Challenge Components The Red Bulls Skills Challenge is comprised of five simply structured challenges that measure technical ability in the following areas: (1) Dribbling (2) Turning (3) Receiving (4) Passing (5) Shooting The following section below provides a written description and video of each challenge.

The Top Seven Soccer Skill Tests available on the web - Sports Path e-learning blog. Skills tests are often dismissed by many coaches but young players ( and their parents !)

The Top Seven Soccer Skill Tests available on the web - Sports Path e-learning blog

Really enjoy them. As creator of the FA Soccer Star Scheme I am aware of the popularity of such tools as over 1 million children participated and received a Certificate as part of this program between 1989 and 2009 when the FA discontinued the Scheme. Fa_soccerstar_challenge.pdf. Online Quiz 1 : NSCAA Education. Understanding Technique - Burke Athletic Club. "Good players execute good decisions.

Understanding Technique - Burke Athletic Club

Poor players either can’t make the decision, or can’t pull it off. " Before you get hung up on what and how to coach on the technical side of soccer keep the following in mind. Technique is the hardest thing to teach, and the easiest thing to learn. It’s about getting the job on hand done, achieving an immediate objective. It’s not about mechanics or some future imagined problem. It’s not Technique, it’s TIC Take a look at the video below.

Was the first touch an example of ball control, dribbling or a pass into space for Cruyff to run onto? What is TIC and how it works TIC stands for Technique, Insight and Communication. Index.

Scouting Soccer Drills Soccer drills are important in producing a top tiered youth soccer team.

Our soccer drills will allow you to create a fun and competitive soccer practice to prepare our athletes for match competition. The soccer drills we provide will excite, challenge, and encourage players when coached properly. It will be through the repetition of our soccer drills that player’s skills will be refined and perfected. Browse thelatest soccer drills below or browse our drills by age or skill using the links on the left of this page, or search drills using our soccer drill search.

Latest Soccer Drills 3.81 out of 67 votes 45952 Views Center Mid Passing Combination 1 This is a great combination passing drill that will help focus on combination play and playing diagonal balls. 4.00 out of 55 votes 40709 Views Center Mid Passing Combination 2 This is a great combination passing drill that will help focus on center mid play and playing diagonal balls in the direction they are facing.