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Nicolas Dhervillers

Nicolas Dhervillers
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Jarrett Murphy Landscape Photography - nuit, lumière Home The Downside of Art Going Viral West Point photographs by Kristine Potter in her Greenpoint studio, 2010 (photo by the author for Hyperallergic) I first encountered Kristine Potter‘s work in her studio in Greenpoint in 2010. I remember her West Point series, known as The Grey Line, which consisted of large black and white images of cadets at the military academy. Kristine Potter (photo courtesy the artist) Potter, who still lives and works in Brooklyn, comes from a family of military men, so the project was very personal. Then, last week, Buzzfeed writer Gabriel H. The comments on the Buzzfeed article don’t come across as particularly offensive compared to the usual banter and taunts found online, but they were enough for Potter to request that the images be removed. One of Kristine Potter’s image from her The Grey Line series (image courtesy the artist) (click to enlarge) Nevertheless, people react when an article gets “censored.” “Jeeze. Hrag Vartanian: What was your original intention with the photo series?

About Tim | Tim Hetherington Trust British, 1970 — 2011 Tim Hetherington’s mission to create a better understanding of the world cast him in many roles: photojournalist, filmmaker, human rights advocate, artist and a leading thinker in media innovation. After graduating from Oxford in 1992 with a degree in Classics and English he began a deep exploration of visual media as a tool to explore and communicate the issues that fascinated him. With a second degree in photojournalism from Cardiff University (1997) he worked initially for the UK press and soon branched into international coverage. Working and living in Africa for many years he explored the consequences of conflict and quickly came to document conflict itself before delving deeper to understand the origins and causes of violence. This and other work took him around the world, including a year-long study of American fighting forces in Afghanistan from 2007 to 2008 and ultimately to Libya where he was killed in a mortar attack in April 2011. Curriculum Vitae

Des projections publiques nocturnes L’artiste et photographe français Philippe Echaroux utilise un projecteur pour placer des images lumineuses géantes sur des bâtiments, des arbres et/ou des espaces publics qu’il photographie ensuite en pose longue pour créer des oeuvres de street art temporaires et invisibles. [Via] Pieter Hugo Carl Kleiner fleurs installations Chanel / No 5 - Ylang ylang, neroli, lemon, iris, vanilla, sandalwood and amber. Collaboration w. ANDREW STELLITANO Lucien Clergue, photographe Lucien Clergue est né à Arles en 1934, il est décédé le 15 Novembre 2014. Il apprend le violon avant de se consacrer entièrement à la photographie. Ses premiers travaux sont marqués par la mort, les bombardements, il photographie les charognes des bords du Rhône, les corridas. Puis ce sera les nus de la mer, les paysages de Camargue et les éléments qui la compose: l’eau, le sable, les herbes, les signes du vent. Ses rencontres avec Cocteau puis avec Picasso en 1953 seront décisives. Une amitié très forte liera les deux hommes jusqu’à la disparition du maître en 1973.

Les photos surréalistes de Cal Redback Une sélection des jolies photographies surréalistes de l’artiste français Cal Redback, basé à Paris, qui explore les relations entre nature et individu, mais aussi la fragilité du corps humain et de l’esprit à travers des compositions et des montages poétiques. Images © Cal Redback Nan Goldin on artnet Nan Goldin (American, born ) Nan Goldin Jimmy Paulette and Taboo! in the bathroom, NYC Rosier Gallery Price on Request Simon on the Subway, NYC, 1998 Caviar20 Lynette & Donna at Marion's Restaurant, NYC, 1991 Self Portrait of the Train # 2, 1992 Ikon Ltd. Self-Portrait Laughing, Paris 1999 Yogo Putting on Powder, 1992 Bea with Whip, Boston, 1972 Honeymoon Suite, Berlin, 1994 In the Elevator at the Bauer. Fraenkel Gallery Self-portrait in green, Sweden, 2013 Self-portrait on the train, Boston - New Haven In My Hall, Berlin, 2013 Shadow of a dead bird on Simon’s window, Stockholm, 2013 Self-portrait in bed with Siobhan Sunset on the Train, Berlin-Paris In the mirror at Alberto’s Pallazzo, Venice, Italy Edwige Behind the Bar, 1988 Sold Untitled Hamburg Kennedy Photographs Joana and Aurele in bed, Le Lutetia, Paris, 1999 Lola Modelling, Boston, 1972 Rita Krauss Fine Art Yogo and C putting on make up, Second Tip, Bangkok, 1992 André Simoens Gallery At the Bar: Toon, C, Soo, Bangkok, 1994 Shroud, 2013 Matthew Marks Gallery

Sasha O Photography Sasha O is a portrait photographer based in Belgium. Her “365” project depicts self portraits ranging from beautiful to disturbing and everything in between. They leave the viewer wanting more while taking them into a place of self discovery. When I saw these images I could not help, but be inspired. More info: Flickr | 500px | Facebook LARRY CLARK | The Smell of Us (2015) Movie OFFICIAL