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Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide

Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide

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Famous Sed One-Liners Explained, Part I: File Spacing, Numbering and Text Conversion and Substitution Inspired by the success of my "Awk One-Liners Explained" article (30,000 views in first three days), I decided to explain the famous sed one-liners as well. These one-liners, just like the Awk one-liners, are compiled by Eric Pement. You may download them here: sed one-liners (link to .txt file). Most people are only familiar with one particular command of sed, namely the "s" (substitute) comand. s/comand/command/. That is unsatisfactory. An A-Z Index of the Bash command line for Linux Commands marked • are bash built-ins Many commands particularly the Core Utils are also available under alternate shells (C shell, Korn shell etc). More bash commands: Linux Command Directory from O'Reilly, GNU CoreUtils.SS64 bash discussion forumLinks to other Sites, books etc

Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide An in-depth exploration of the art of shell scripting This tutorial assumes no previous knowledge of scripting or programming, but progresses rapidly toward an intermediate/advanced level of instruction . . . all the while sneaking in little nuggets of UNIX ® wisdom and lore . It serves as a textbook, a manual for self-study, and a reference and source of knowledge on shell scripting techniques. The exercises and heavily-commented examples invite active reader participation, under the premise that the only way to really learn scripting is to write scripts . This book is suitable for classroom use as a general introduction to programming concepts. Spark by holman sparklines for your shell See? Here's a graph of your productivity gains after using spark: ▁▂▃▅▇ install spark is a shell script, so drop it somewhere and make sure it's added to your $PATH. It's helpful if you have a super-neat collection of dotfiles, like mine.

Setting up Vagrant with Laravel 4 One of the things that annoys me the most about picking up someone else’s work is that it shouldn’t be difficult to get up and running. If I start exploring an Open Source project, I want to see something magical happen almost instantly or I lose interest. It’s just not worth the time to have to jump through hoops and set everything up just to see a working example. Not having a standard environment for a project can also be a problem when you are working as part of a team of developers. If you are all using your own machines, and you all have different versions of each bit of the stack, then you can hit problems where code is written for one machine, but causes problems on another. You don’t want to be in a situation where your code passes all the tests locally, but constantly falls over as soon as it hits the production server.

Interpreted Languages: PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby (Sheet One) - Hyperpolyglot a side-by-side reference sheet sheet one: version | grammar and execution | variables and expressions | arithmetic and logic | strings | regexes | dates and time | arrays | dictionaries | functions | execution control | exceptions | threads sheet two: streams | asynchronous events | files | file formats | directories | processes and environment | option parsing | libraries and namespaces | objects | inheritance and polymorphism | reflection | net and web | gui | databases | unit tests | logging | debugging sheet two: streams | asynchronous events | files | directories | processes and environment | option parsing | libraries and namespaces | objects | inheritance and polymorphism | reflection | net and web | gui | databases | unit tests | logging | debugging version used

Some useful shell scripts Some shell scripts to make life easier Over the years I accumulated way too many aliases, so I started converting most of them to shell scripts. This has the added advantage that they can be made much more powerful, with enhancements impossible in aliases. Here are some of the most useful, that can easily be customized to anyone's unix environment. HTG Explains: The Linux Directory Structure Explained If you’re coming from Windows, the Linux file system structure can seem particularly alien. The C:\ drive and drive letters are gone, replaced by a / and cryptic-sounding directories, most of which have three letter names. The Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS) defines the structure of file systems on Linux and other UNIX-like operating systems. However, Linux file systems also contain some directories that aren’t yet defined by the standard.

SSH Can Do That? Productivity Tips for Working with Remote Servers SSH has many features which are helpful when working regularly with files on remote servers; together they can give a vast increase in productivity over the bare use of SSH. If you regularly use SSH, it’s worth spending a little time learning about these and configuring your environment to make your life easier. This has been presented at presented at Yapc Europe 2011 in Riga and the Floss UK Spring 2012 Conference in Edinburgh.

PHP: a fractal of bad design - fuzzy notepad (This article has been translated into Spanish (PDF, with some additions) by Jorge Amado Soria Ramirez — thanks!) Preface I’m cranky. I complain about a lot of things. There’s a lot in the world of technology I don’t like, and that’s really to be expected—programming is a hilariously young discipline, and none of us have the slightest clue what we’re doing. Combine with Sturgeon’s Law, and I have a lifetime’s worth of stuff to gripe about. BASH Programming - Introduction HOW-TO Next Previous Contents BASH Programming - Introduction HOW-TO by Mike G mikkey at Thu Jul 27 09:36:18 ART 2000 This article intends to help you to start programming basic-intermediate shell scripts.

DragonFly BSD Please keep in mind that major modifications have been made to nearly the entire DragonFly kernel relative to the original FreeBSD-4.x fork. Significant changes have been made to every kernel subsystem, as a consequence this list is constrained to the largest, most user-visible changes unique to DragonFly. The scheduler abstraction has been split up into two layers. The LWKT (Light Weight Kernel Thread) scheduler is used by the kernel to schedule all executable entities.

Grunt Boilerplate What we'll cover reading time: approx. 19mins What is Grunt?InstallationPackage.jsonDependenciesGruntfile.jsSassRequireJSJSHintJasmine BDDImage MinificationHTML MinificationRegistering tasksWatching filesOur full Grunt fileConclusionUpdates Please note that any additional updates have been added to the bottom of this post to ensure no cross-over between the original focus and new items that might contradict that

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