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Dan Ariely pregunta: ¿tenemos control de nuestras decisiones?

Dan Ariely pregunta: ¿tenemos control de nuestras decisiones?

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The 20 most-watched TEDx talks so far News X marks the spot: This week’s TEDxTalks Each week, TEDx chooses four of our favorite talks, highlighting just a few of the enlightening speakers from the TEDx community, and its diverse constellation of ideas worth spreading. We All Knew It Could Be Done : Exclusive: Computer Virus Hits U.S. Drone Fleet A computer virus has infected the cockpits of America’s Predator and Reaper drones, logging pilots’ every keystroke as they remotely fly missions over Afghanistan and other warzones. The virus, first detected nearly two weeks ago by the military’s Host-Based Security System, has not prevented pilots at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada from flying their missions overseas. Nor have there been any confirmed incidents of classified information being lost or sent to an outside source. But the virus has resisted multiple efforts to remove it from Creech’s computers, network security specialists say. And the infection underscores the ongoing security risks in what has become the U.S. military’s most important weapons system.

How to Change Your Brain With rendition switcher Question: What is neuroplasticity? Sam Wang: Well, people have known that experience can change the brain ever since it became known that the brain was the seat of consciousness, thought, and experience. And so, I would say that for hundreds of years, it’s been known implicitly that the brain must undergo change because, of course, if the brain is the physical object by which we generate our consciousness and ourselves, then there must be some physical change happening in the brain.

50 Days of Mayhem: How LulzSec Changed Hacktivism Forever LulzSec didn't invent hacktivism, let alone hacking. But the small crew of publicity-hungry digital pirates may have ushered in a new era for both as they merrily sailed the cyber-seas for 50 days of mayhem that became perhaps the biggest tech story of the first half of 2011. LulzSec now says that it's put the Lulz Boat in permanent dry dock. Learn How to Think Different(ly) - Jeff Dyer and Hal Gregersen by Jeff Dyer and Hal Gregersen | 10:24 AM September 27, 2011 In the Economist review of our book, The Innovator’s DNA, the reviewer wondered whether genius-level innovators such as Marc Benioff, Jeff Bezos, and Steve Jobs challenge the idea that working adults can really learn how to think differently and become innovators. We don’t think so. Remember, it was Steve Jobs who jump-started the now-famous “Think Different” advertising campaign as a way to inspire consumers and recharge Apple’s innovation efforts. It worked.

Flower of Life Occurrences of the ornament[edit] The Flower of Life symbol drawn in red ochre Temple of Osiris at Abydos, Egypt Abydos (Egypt)[edit] Possibly five patterns resembling the Flower of Life can be seen on one of the granite columns of the Temple of Osiris in Abydos, Egypt, and a further five on a column opposite of the building. They are drawn in red ochre and some are very faint and hard to distinguish.[3] As a New Age symbol[edit]

Kilgore Trout Ousts Barret Brown as Leader of Anonymous By chronicle.SU, on March 9th, 2011 Cuthbert, GA-Early this morning, Kilgore Trout announced that the hacktivist group formerly known as Anonymous is dead. 6 Ways To Learn Something New Online Everyday The Internet is a double-edged sword – it can be used to procrastinate the day away, or it can be used to learn something new everyday. Here at MakeUseOf, we’re particularly focused on the latter. There are a lot of ways you can use the Internet to learn something new everyday in a matter of minutes. We’ve put together a list of six ways you can learn something new on the Internet on a daily basis – some of it will take no more than 10 minutes, while others are in-depth and will require at least an hour’s worth of dedication from you. No matter what you choose, you’ll walk away far more enriched than when you started.

BlackBerg security hacked - National Anonymous It never ends. owned and operated by Joe Black, has been taken down by online activists. The claim for the kill goes to twitter user @abhaxas, who promises a data dump soon. Mr. Black was responsible for the DDoS of, a news website that has formally declared itself to be affiliated itself with Anonymous (joined, as much as the term applies) as a direct result of Mr.

Famous Quotes are Paired with Clever Illustrations Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-based illustrator Tang Yau Hoong has just released a brand new series where he pairs one of his older illustrations with a famous quote. A few years ago, we discovered Hoong and we quickly became fans after we saw his ability to cleverly incorporate negative space into many of his works. As he told us then, "I enjoy making illusion art because it has the ability to mislead us. We rely on sight in our lives and yet it is so fragile that we could easily be deceived by what we see."

HideMyAss Anonymous VPN Shops Lulzsec Suspects, the anonymous VPN service, has admitted that it handed over the details of one of the alleged Lulzsec hackers who attacked systems belonging to Sony Picture Entertainment. The HideMyAss service is based in the UK and provides a free proxy that tell users they can “surf anonymously online, hide your IP address, secure your internet connection, hide your internet history, and protect your online identity.” Last week the alleged Lulzsec hacker known as ‘Recursion’, aka Cody Andrew Kretsinger, 23, of Phoenix, Arizona, was arrested by the FBI. Court Order

Anonymous v. Pedophiles The Tor anonymity network is most commonly used by individuals who want to use the Internet with privacy, including political activists in nations without free speech protections. But it can also be used to serve content, so no one can easily find the Web servers. This is called the "darknet." And some of those servers provide illegal content, such as child pornography. Anonymous hackers say they have tracked down child-porn servers, hacked into them, and dumped the usernames: Now Scott Terban has posted an article applauding these efforts as a "good start."

Stuxnet: Digital Industrial Sabotage or Cyber-Weapon of Mass Destruction? The story of Stuxnet reads like a cross between a work of cyberpunk fiction and an international spy novel. In 2009 the world community was intensely debating the immediacy of Iran’s nuclear weapon program readiness. Meanwhile, a clandestine software project, sponsored by a cyber superpower with vast resources, was engaged in coding the first known malware rootkit to monitor and subvert the programmable logic controllers of an industrial system, allegedly the Iranian Natanz uranium enrichment facility.

Confessions Of A Tunisian Hacktivist Editor’s note: Contributor Mouna El Mokhtari is a French journalist and editor in chief of Webdorado. Below is her translation of an exclusive interview she conducted with Tunisian hacktivist K3vin Mitchnik. You can follow her @mooouna Today, Tunisia is holding its first free elections. K3vin Mitchnik, whose pseudonym is a tribute to the great American hacker turned computer consultant, Kevin Mitnick, is a 25-year-old Tunisian cyber activist who has played a crucial role in the recent Jasmine Revolution in his country, which helped overthrow the previous regime and sparked the Arab Spring across the Middle East..

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