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Personality Tests This page links to numerous online personality tests, with an emphasis on free, professional tests that provide feedback. To view an example of one of these tests, see the SAPA Project. To learn more about personality theory, see the Personality Project. General Personality Sheldon Test This test provides scores on Sheldon's psychological types: viscerotonia, somatotonia, and cerebrotonia. ~ Flip to top ~ Attachment Theory Attachment Style Questionnaire "The statements below concern how you feel in emotionally intimate relationships. Basic Emotions Anxiety Test After finishing this 10-item test, "you will receive a detailed, personalized interpretation of your score that includes diagrams, information on the test topic and tips." Behavior Genetics Sibling and Twin Relationships Survey "You will be asked to answer a variety of questionnaires about your relationships with your siblings and other family members. Behaviorism Cognitive Social Theories Five-Factor Model Intelligence Related:  phsycology

Personality and Relationships Most of us are allured by the attractive notion that effortless relationships exist. Whether it be happily-ever-after marriages, or friendships that last forever, or parent/child bonds which supercede the need to understand each other, we'd all like to believe that our most intimate relationships are unconditional, and strong enough to withstand whatever may come. However, at some point in our lives most of us need to face the fact that relationships require effort to keep them strong and positive, and that even wonderful, strong relationships can be destroyed by neglect. Whether you're looking to improve a love relationship, familial relationships, friendships, or employer/employee relationships, understanding your own personality type and the personality type of the other person involved in the relationship will bring a new dynamic to the situation, which will allow better understanding and communication. The same cannot be said for other kinds of relationships.

Great Ideas in Personality--Theory and Research The Personality Project: Psychological Organizations and Graduate Programs National and international societies the sponsor conferences and publish journals relevant to personality include: Graduate Departments of Psychology with Personality Programs By no means a complete list, the following universities have graduate training programs in personality research or individual differences. University of British Columbia (Social/Personality) University of Buffalo, Social Psychology has faculty interested in personality University of California, Berkeley (social/personality) University of California, Los Angeles- psychometrics University of California, Davis. European universities that have active research programs in individual differences include: Graduate Programs in related fields A much more complete list of graduate departments is available from the Social Psychology Network server managed by Scott Plous at Wesleyan University. How to apply to graduate schools Most graduate schools in the United States require taking the Graduate Record Examination.

HRPersonality online assessment center for employee selection, team building, leadership and career development Your Personality | Free Online Personality Tests and Quizzes Free Personality Test, in-depth analysis of Isabel Briggs Myers types Home Team Building Myers Briggs Leadership Careers Contact Cookie Info Free Personality Test Mental Muscle Diagram Indicator™ Please read each pair of statements and select the radio button nearest the one you agree with most. I really enjoy comforting other people who feel hurt or upset I really enjoy forming my own explanations of how things work I really enjoy getting people to organize themselves better I really enjoy thinking about what I believe is important I really enjoy dreaming up imaginative ideas I really enjoy getting things done as and when they arise I really enjoy it when I can get to know one thing/person really, really well I really enjoy it when things are constantly changing I really like building better relationships between people I really like finding logical flaws in theories or explanations I really enjoy thinking about the unfathomable I really enjoy accomplishing immediate tasks I get annoyed if people insist on following procedures I enjoy getting things done

Tests Take one of our free personality tests, many of which are based on peer-reviewed scientific research, and all of which are crafted by experts in psychometrics. Random Test Click to access a random test. Lotus Test The White Lotus Test measures which of seven characters from the show White Lotus, season-one, you resemble the most. Political Test The Political Pathways Test is a short and contemporary Political Coordinates-style test that incorporates the dimension of globalism vs. localism. Impurity Test The Impurity Test measures your levels of purity with regard to alcohol, drugs, sex, hygiene, and general morality. Conflict Test Based on the work of K.W Thomas, the Conflict-Handling Test analyzes our styles of conflict management across 5 different domains. Cultural Test The Cultural Dimensions Test is used to understand the differences in culture across countries. Asexuality Test The Asexuality Spectrum Test will determine the elements of your possible asexuality across 6 scales.

Your True Self Revealed - Fast Fun Free Personality Tests This is your private report page. If you wish to share your results with your friends and family, use the links below. You have not saved your results to your account yet. You are an Advocating Creator. personalDNA about you You are a Creator If you want to be different: how you relate to others You are Advocating Your Personal DNA Maps Here are personalDNA maps that uniquely represent your personality. Advocating Creator To add this map to your website or blog, copy/paste this HTML into the body of a blog post or web page: Your Personality Chart »Glossary of Traits This chart shows thirteen personality traits. want to save your report to a personalDNA account? PersonalDNA is one of many ATTAP websites. By linking your personalDNA information to your account, you give yourself access to your report all the time. Click here to create your account Or, if you already have a personalDNA account, click here to sign in what you can do with your report want to hear about other cool things like personalDNA?

Needs Inventory | The Center for Nonviolent Communication The following list of needs is neither exhaustive nor definitive. It is meant as a starting place to support anyone who wishes to engage in a process of deepening self-discovery and to facilitate greater understanding and connection between people. We have another list that might also be of interest to you: a list of feelings. The contents of this page can be downloaded and copied by anyone so long as they credit CNVC as follows: (c) 2005 by Center for Nonviolent Communication Website: Email: Teaching Clinical Psychology - In-Class Exercises In-Class Exercises These exercises can be conducted in one class period - one hour or less. I've divided the exercises into the categories below, although the categories overlap. Psychotherapy and Counseling Secrets and resistance in psychotherapy What's it like to reveal personal information about yourself in psychotherapy. An Intake Interview Give students a crack at conducting an intake interview with a psychiatric patient. Self-Insight Many of these exercises also apply to psychotherapy and counseling in that they involve processes of insight and self-exploration that are similar to those occurring in psychotherapy. Abnormality and Health Shades of Abnormality How severe is a person's mental illness? Group Dynamics These activities involve group interactions and/or role plays, and therefore shed light on group dynamics. General Techniques These activities are either "general purpose," or are flexible tools that can be applied in a variety of ways.

The Jung Lexicon by Jungian analyst, Daryl Sharp, Toronto A Primer of Terms & Concepts Copyright ©1991 Daryl Sharp All rights reserved. Preface C. G. Jung died in 1961, without ever having presented a systematic summary of his psychology. Jung Lexicon takes the reader to the source. Jung Lexicon is not a critique or a defence of Jung's thoughts, but a guide to its richness and an illustration of the broad scope and interrelationship of his interests. Notes on Usage A word that appears in bold type under a main heading directs the reader to another entry. The designation CW in the citations refers to the twenty volumes of Jung's Collected Works. Abaissement du niveau mental. It is a slackening of the tensity of consciousness, which might be compared to a low barometric reading, presaging bad weather. Abreaction. After some initial interest in "trauma theory," Jung abandoned abreaction (together with suggestion) as an effective tool in the therapy of neurosis. Abstraction. Active imagination. Adaptation. Affect. Ambivalence. Amplification. Anima.