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Gravity Personalizes Websites Based on Your Interests The Spark of Genius Series highlights a unique feature of startups and is made possible by Microsoft BizSpark. If you would like to have your startup considered for inclusion, please see the details here. Name: Gravity Quick Pitch: Personalize website homepages for each viewer through interest graphing technology Genius Idea: Websites using Gravity can generated a personalized web page for each visitor based on the reader’s engagement with their website.

csvfix - CSVfix is a tool for manipulating CSV data News: As Google has disabled the ability to provide binary downloads here, and as I want to do a release of CSVfix 1.6 in the not too distant future, I'm in the process of moving this site to Bitbucket. The source code and the manual are already there, and I hope to transfer all other content in the next few days (neilb, 12/04/2014) The Problem If you have any dealings at all with data and databases, then you almost certainly will have have to deal with comma-separated values (CSV) data. Unfortunately, the CSV files you are given, or are required to produce, never seem to be in quite the right format for your particular business application. And because of the structure of CSV records, using standard text processing tools like sed, awk and perl on CSV files is not as simple as it might be.

The New Paradigm of Seamless Engagement Launch the First Fully Interactive, Multimedia, Social-Enabled Publishing Medium Now you can provide a familiar content-powered, community-driven environment. Enhanced features include seamless integration between media—including print, digital, tablet and mobile. Users can take content with them and move from device to device without missing a beat. And they can share, bookmark, rate and comment on content. Throwable Camera Creates 360-Degree Panoramic Images Are you, like so many others, tired of all those old-fashioned cameras you have to hold in order to take pictures? Well here's a camera you get to throw. The Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera is a foam-padded ball studded with 36 fixed-focus, 2-megapixel mobile phone camera modules capable of taking a 360-degree panoramic photo. You use the camera by throwing it directly in the air. When the camera reaches the apex — measured by an accelerometer in the camera — all 36 cameras automatically take a picture. These distinct pictures are then digitally stitched together and uploaded via USB where they are presented in a spherical panoramic viewer.

Top 10 Apps: Web-based Task Managers I’ve been jumping from app to app, for as long as I can remember, in search of the best web-based task management app. I’ve never really been satisfied until recently when I discovered Flow. Finding the perfect task manager is a little like searching for a unicorn — it’s just not going to happen. App Making Service - App Publishing Services - Create App Services With Mag+, you can download our tools, build your app and publish your content, all on your own, using our rich Knowledge Base and Community Forums to answer any questions along the way. But if you need a hand at any point in the process, from conceiving your strategy to creating the content to getting your app live, the Mag+ team of experts is here to help. Our services have helped hundreds of companies achieve mobile publishing success. Like the end result, but don’t have time for the creation process? We’ll do it for you!

Meet the Next 63 Y Combinator Start-ups - Liz Gannes The start-up incubator Y Combinator today is pushing out 63 new companies, its largest and most daunting class ever. Of them, 31 are presenting themselves on the record for investors and press at the newly embiggened Y Combinator headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. “We didn’t become less selective,” Y Combinator founder Paul Graham said of the latest class, his program’s thirteenth. “We funded three percent of the applicants just like we always do. It’s just a larger percentage of the total pool of start-ups is coming through Y Combinator.” The other distinction is that Y Combinator didn’t let investors snag any participants early, as it previously has.

A suite of Javascript libraries and tools designed for working with HTML5 Recent Updates Follow @CreateJS November 2014 Added Unit Tests to EaselJSUpdates in preparation for new releases (coming soon). dat-gui - A lightweight controller library for JavaScript. A lightweight graphical user interface for changing variables in JavaScript. Get started with dat.GUI by reading the tutorial at Packaged Builds The easiest way to use dat.GUI in your code is by using the built source at build/dat.gui.min.js. These built JavaScript files bundle all the necessary dependencies to run dat.GUI.