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10 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Following : Social Media Examiner

10 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Following : Social Media Examiner
Has your Facebook Page growth stalled? Now is a good time to examine your Facebook activities, cutting out what isn’t working and expanding what works. Here are ten tips to help grow your Facebook community. #1: Connect With Other Page Managers This is a powerful tactic to a make a live connection with other Page admins who have a similar demographic to yours and cross-promote each other. So if you are an ice cream store with a Facebook Page, make a live connection with the pizza parlor in your neighborhood that draws the same clientele (you may already know the owner of the pizza parlor). Joint ventures also help forge these meaningful connections. When you make a meaningful connection, you can cross-promote to each others' audiences. #2: Share Original Content Content is still king and when people share your content, your Page name travels with it. Maybe it’s a screenshot from a hot tip. Just make sure you are following photo copyright laws. #3: Tag Your Page From Your Personal Profile

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FB Wiki – the community run wiki about Facebook Announced in June 25, 2013, the Module Tweak Link Generator was a tool designed to help you edit and review Places. The tool worked by generating a link based on various inputs: a URL, an ID number or a search query. The tool was a great success and was widely used. Social Media Marketing World: Social Media's Mega Conference! Join 3,000 fellow marketers at the mega-conference designed to inspire and empower you with social media marketing ideas—brought to you by Social Media Examiner. “This was honestly (and I’m not just saying this) the best conference I’ve attended in my professional life. It was a conference like no other. I really, really hope to come back next year. Thank you, thank you, thank you,” said attendee Laura Kaslow. Watch this quick video for highlights from our 2016 event.

5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Engagement Having trouble engaging your Facebook audience? If your fans are not interacting with your brand and sharing your content, what value are they? In this article, you’ll discover how to get more likes, comments and shares. I’ll reveal five strategies for Facebook posts that get your fans buzzing. Facebook rolling out option for fans to receive notifications about page posts Facebook rolling out option for fans to receive notifications about page posts Facebook is rolling out a new feature for users to opt in to receive notifications every time a page makes a post. This seems to be a solution for fans who don’t want to miss any page posts that might not make it into their News Feed because of Facebook’s algorithms. How to Track Facebook Conversions After February 2017 : Social Media Examiner Do you track the results of your Facebook campaigns? Are you using the old conversion code that’s about to be phased out?2

Build better Customer Relationships. Facebook Integration is here! Check out some of these statistics about Facebook. If Facebook were a country, it would be the world’s third largest.An average user has 130 friends.67% of B2C and 41% of B2B companies that use Facebook for marketing have acquired a customer through this channel. This makes me wonder: How would it be if a sales rep could use the power of people on Facebook?

3 Unconventional Ways to Boost Your Facebook Engagement Do you want more Facebook fans without running contests or advertisements? Are you interested in increasing the engagement on your Facebook Page? If you’re looking for some creative ways to boost your brand’s profile on Facebook, here are three ways to do it that don’t involve giveaways or advertising. #1: Crowdsource Crowdsourcing is a term credited to Jeff Howe, who wrote about the phenomenon for Wired magazine back in 2006. Understanding Facebook EdgeRank and 5 Tips You Need to Improve It “So, you guys know what edge rank is, right?” 4 hands of 30 go up. This is an “advanced” social media class. “Really, well, how do you know if you’re doing the right things right on Facebook so that your posts are visible to your fans?” Silence. “OK, how many of you have seen the post/rumor floating around Facebook that goes something like this:”

How to Verify a Facebook Page for a Local Business : Social Media Examiner Is your local business on Facebook? Wondering how to make your Facebook page official? Verifying a local business page adds a layer of legitimacy to your presence and can help customers feel more confident when they engage with you on Facebook. In this article, you’ll discover how to get your local Facebook page verified. 8 Ways Your Content Strategy Should Change With the New Facebook News Feed This post is an excerpt from our newest free guide, How the New Facebook News Feed Changes Your Content Strategy. If you aren't up to date on what the new Facebook changes are, download the free guide to get caught up! Yesterday, Facebook announced the biggest change to News Feed in its seven-year history. During the opening of this announcement, CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared how almost 50% of News Feed content today is photos and visual content.

How To Create A Facebook Media Room For Publicity Attracting media attention is a double-edged sword: You want the coverage of television, print, online, and radio journalists, but they are often on deadline and need your information last-minute. How can you give journalists what they need without leaving your business hanging? Create a tab for them on your Facebook page! Use a Facebook Business Page Over A Personal Profile It’s probably one of the most common questions we get and one of the most common mistakes people make when using Facebook for their business. “Can I just use my personal profile on Facebook for my business?” The short answer is, “NO!” 4 Unique Ways to Use Facebook for Your Business Are you wondering how to best use Facebook for your business? Should you open your personal profile with a Facebook Subscribe button? Would a Facebook Group work well for your business?

What the Research Says About Increasing Facebook Engagement This post summarizes some findings from a recent research report about increasing engagement on Facebook and a couple of conversations about applying the research over on my blog Facebook page. I also tested some of the tips suggested by the research. Here’s what I learned: After Hours Posting