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10 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Following

10 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Following
Has your Facebook Page growth stalled? Now is a good time to examine your Facebook activities, cutting out what isn’t working and expanding what works. Here are ten tips to help grow your Facebook community. #1: Connect With Other Page Managers This is a powerful tactic to a make a live connection with other Page admins who have a similar demographic to yours and cross-promote each other. So if you are an ice cream store with a Facebook Page, make a live connection with the pizza parlor in your neighborhood that draws the same clientele (you may already know the owner of the pizza parlor). Joint ventures also help forge these meaningful connections. When you make a meaningful connection, you can cross-promote to each others' audiences. #2: Share Original Content Content is still king and when people share your content, your Page name travels with it. Maybe it’s a screenshot from a hot tip. Just make sure you are following photo copyright laws. #3: Tag Your Page From Your Personal Profile Related:  Social Media Management - Facebook

5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Engagement Having trouble engaging your Facebook audience? If your fans are not interacting with your brand and sharing your content, what value are they? In this article, you’ll discover how to get more likes, comments and shares. I’ll reveal five strategies for Facebook posts that get your fans buzzing. #1: Keep Your Updates Short Research repeatedly shows that the longer a post is, the less engagement it will receive. Blame it on Twitter, but people don’t have the time or patience to read anything over 140 characters anymore. Results vary, but research shows that 100 characters or fewer seems to be the sweet spot. Want even more engagement? Posts with fewer than 140 characters combined with bold, beautiful photos get the most response. According to Facebook, posts that include a photo album, picture or video generate about 180%, 120% and 100% more engagement, respectively. Starbucks is a great example of a brand combining short posts with beautiful photos. #2: Don’t Use URL Shorteners Why is this?

5 Tips for Talking About Politics on Social Media Sometimes when we talk about things we're passionate about, conversations can get heated. One topic to tread carefully with is politics, especially when it comes to social media. The third and final U.S. presidential debate is tonight in Boca Raton, Fla. But before you take to Twitter or Facebook to share your opinions about the candidates and what they say, stop and ask yourself this: Would I say this to a client or business partner? It's easy to forget that what's said over social media is visible to everyone, and can turn out to be embarrassing or even disastrous for your brand. If the leadership at your company feels strongly about publicly supporting a candidate over social media, do so with a simple statement such as, "Acme Rocket Company is proud to support Wiley Coyote for president, we look forward to the future." Related: What You Can Learn from Celebrities About Social Media 1. 2. 3. Related: 5 Tips for Using Social Media as a Customer Service Tool 4. 5.

The Facebook & YouTube Love Affair: 7 Simple Facebook Hacks to Get Massive Views & Exposure on YouTube As an avid fan for sharing your message with video, I always recommend YouTube as ideal platform-or virtual stage for distributing your video content and building your community online. But there’s nothing worse than creating a fantastic video, uploading it to YouTube and seeing only seven views. To breathe life into our videos, we need to bring our content to the platforms where our audience is already hanging out. Fortunately for us, YouTube seems to play well with all the other social networking sites. And Facebook is no exception. When it comes to marketing your business on Facebook, Amy is the expert! Let’s begin… 1. To integrate your YouTube Channel and your Facebook account more easily, you can “connect” your Facebook profile to your YouTube Channel. To enable your “Social Sharing,” log in to your YouTube Channel, head on over to “Account Setting” and select the “Sharing” option. Note: If you are looking for even more automated sharing tools, check out 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

How to Track Facebook Conversions After February 2017 : Social Media Examiner Do you track the results of your Facebook campaigns? Are you using the old conversion code that’s about to be phased out?2 Setting up Facebook’s conversion tracking will let you track your return on investment (ROI) down to the penny. In this article, you’ll discover how to set up and install conversion tracking using the new Facebook pixel. How to Track Facebook Conversions After February 2017 by Charlie Lawrance on Social Media Examiner. Two Ways to Track Conversions for Facebook Ads On February 15, 2017, Facebook will be disabling the old conversion tracking pixel. The Facebook pixel lets you track conversions for your ad campaigns two ways: with standard events and custom conversions. You can choose from two conversion tracking methods for Facebook ads. The custom conversions method is the simplest form of conversion tracking, requiring no modification of the Facebook pixel code on your website. #1: Install the Facebook Pixel #2: Choose Which Standard Event Actions to Track

Facebook rolling out option for fans to receive notifications about page posts Facebook rolling out option for fans to receive notifications about page posts Facebook is rolling out a new feature for users to opt in to receive notifications every time a page makes a post. This seems to be a solution for fans who don’t want to miss any page posts that might not make it into their News Feed because of Facebook’s algorithms. For example, some users might want to be aware of all posts from a news publication, an artist they really like or a small business that doesn’t post very often. The feature is similar to the “close friends” option, which alerts users each time a new update or photo is shared by someone on the list. Facebook confirmed to us in a statement, “We are currently rolling out the ability for people to receive notifications from specific pages, friends or public figures that they are connected to. With users and pages making so many posts and taking so many actions, Facebook uses an algorithm to sort News Feed rather than being a full stream like Twitter.

3 Unconventional Ways to Boost Your Facebook Engagement Do you want more Facebook fans without running contests or advertisements? Are you interested in increasing the engagement on your Facebook Page? If you’re looking for some creative ways to boost your brand’s profile on Facebook, here are three ways to do it that don’t involve giveaways or advertising. #1: Crowdsource Crowdsourcing is a term credited to Jeff Howe, who wrote about the phenomenon for Wired magazine back in 2006. In friendlier language, crowdsourcing is when you ask your community of users to offer their suggestions for how you might solve a problem or address an issue. Crowdsourcing can be a great engagement tactic. In the years since Howe’s story, crowdsourcing has been adopted by many multinational companies and organizations, such as the mining company Goldcorp and NASA. Social networks including Facebook and Instagram have made it easy for businesses to reach out to their community of friends and fans, and recruit new ones. #3: Reveal New Products and Features Nescafé

Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook's Early Days - Mike Isaac - Social Asa Mathat / Like any young start-up, the early days of Facebook were thin and scrappy. Its very first server back in 2004 cost $85 to rent. They didn’t spend more than they had in the bank. They were small, tight and still had everything to prove. To do that, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, the company needed to test its mettle against its existing competitors. “We first went to schools that were hardest to succeed at,” Zuckerberg said on Saturday morning, kicking off the Y Combinator Startup School event in Palo Alto, California. Zuckerberg spoke to a packed house in the Stanford Memorial Hall auditorium, with an audience mostly composed of twentysomethings, the veritable next wave of young Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. So if you’ll hearken back to 2004, Facebook’s first days were limited to college students alone, those who had verified university email addresses.

EdgeRank: Doing the Right Things Doesn't Solve the Bigger Issue UPDATE: Hugh Briss of Social Identities has started a petition at asking Facebook to make EdgeRank an option. You can read it (and sign it, if you're so inclined) here. Posts have been flying from Facebook Page owners recently encouraging fans to create interest lists, click 'show in news feed', and interact frequently with posts to ensure that the Page’s posts show in user’s news feeds. While these are options, they don't solve the bigger issue. That bigger issue is EdgeRank and the fact that an algorithm decides what content is important to you - not you. One of the most important determining factors in posts being seen in the news feed is the interaction between users and Page content. For instance, in my own personal news feed, there are Pages that I interact with on a regular basis, yet their posts don’t always show up in my news feed. SEE ALSO: Dear Mark Zuckerberg, Can We Talk? Why these ‘fixes’ don’t always work: So what is the answer? What do you think is the answer?

How to Verify a Facebook Page for a Local Business : Social Media Examiner Is your local business on Facebook? Wondering how to make your Facebook page official? Verifying a local business page adds a layer of legitimacy to your presence and can help customers feel more confident when they engage with you on Facebook. In this article, you’ll discover how to get your local Facebook page verified. How to Verify a Facebook Page for a Local Business by Dennis Yu on Social Media Examiner. Benefits of Verifying Your Local Facebook Page While Facebook’s blue verification check mark signifies the authenticity of a public figure, media company, or global brand (such as REI), a gray verification check mark confirms the authenticity of specific locations for businesses or organizations. Similar to the blue verification badge available to major brands, verified local businesses (or franchise locations) on Facebook receive a gray verification badge that appears next to their name in search results and on their page. Note: This feature has not yet rolled out globally.

Understanding Facebook EdgeRank and 5 Tips You Need to Improve It “So, you guys know what edge rank is, right?” 4 hands of 30 go up. This is an “advanced” social media class. “Really, well, how do you know if you’re doing the right things right on Facebook so that your posts are visible to your fans?” “OK, how many of you have seen the post/rumor floating around Facebook that goes something like this:” Facebook is now requiring page owners (us) to pay to have their status updates read by every subscriber. Of course, many of them had seen or heard of that. So, What is EdgeRank? The way that I explain Edge Rank is like this: “Just as Google’s Page Rank is a ‘black box’ of factors that contribute to your website’s visibility in search results, EdgeRank is Facebook’s ‘black box’ that contributes to how well your posts show up in your Fans’ newsfeeds. First, the Facebook news feed is now the most effective way to reach fans. That said, EdgeRank is not actually all that sophisticated, as far as marketing algorithms go. What is an Edge? Affinity: Weight: 1. 2. 3.

8 Ways Your Content Strategy Should Change With the New Facebook News Feed This post is an excerpt from our newest free guide, How the New Facebook News Feed Changes Your Content Strategy. If you aren't up to date on what the new Facebook changes are, download the free guide to get caught up! Yesterday, Facebook announced the biggest change to News Feed in its seven-year history. During the opening of this announcement, CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared how almost 50% of News Feed content today is photos and visual content. Naturally, Facebook took this information and translated it into a new, visually-focused News Feed design. These News Feed improvements, which can be read about in detail here, have serious implications on how fans engage with brands on Facebook, and what content these brands need to be posting for Facebook marketing success. Below you'll find eight marketing takeaways that were immediately clear after the announcement. 8 Marketing Takeaways to Align Your Content Strategy With the New Facebook News Feed 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 1. 2.

10 Creative Ways to Use Instagram for Business Nowadays ordinary people usually use Instagram for … photographing their food and cats! And not all businessmen understand that Instagram is not just a “cool” app, but also a unique opportunity for business. Besides today, the visual information better meets our needs. If you take anything away from this article then take this: do not make your pictures boring. In this article, you’ll learn… Why you should use Instagram for business10 creative ideas of how to do it 1 – Show the viewer your products Do not make them adverts. Referring to the experience of the “great”. 155-year-old fashion house Burberry has always moved with the times in terms of social media. 2 – Show the viewer how your products are made If you have a sowing factory, you could show time delay pictures of the product being made. Starbucks company one of the first began to use the service to share photos and today has more than 200,000 followers. 3 – Introduce your viewer to your workplace Don’t be boring about it though.

4 Tips to Evangelize Your Brand on Facebook Are you looking to stand out on Facebook? Christiane Erwin, owner of Crestview Doors of Austin, TX, logged onto Facebook early one morning and was surprised. She saw one of her company’s door designs in a photo post from home superstore Lowe’s. Unfortunately it was as the winner of the Lowe’s Ugly Door Sweepstakes. The winner of the Lowe's Ugly Door Sweepstakes. “They call that ugly?” Crestview is a small door manufacturer specializing in mid-century modern architecture. Due to a savvy Facebook strategy that plays to its strengths, Crestview was perfectly poised to take advantage of the opportunity to play David to Lowe’s Goliath, and increased its reach more than four-fold over the course of the week in the process. Organization: Crestview Doors Social Media Handles & Stats: Website: Crestview DoorsFacebook — 4,795 fansTwitter — 1,021 followersYouTube — 28,788 viewsFlickr Highlights: Evans responded with a succinct post in reply: “Dear Lowe’s Ugly Door Sweepstakes. #1: Get Personal #2: Get Visual

Use a Facebook Business Page Over A Personal Profile It’s probably one of the most common questions we get and one of the most common mistakes people make when using Facebook for their business. “Can I just use my personal profile on Facebook for my business?” The short answer is, “NO!” The longer answer has to do with all the reason’s you shouldn’t. You are driving your REAL friends and family NUTS! We’d love to hear your opinion or your questions on this matter. Are you ready to set up your Facebook business page? Be sure to check out all the social goodness we have on our website and if all of this is making you absolutely crazy and you need someone to rescue you from the social media madness, lay on the floor and scream real loud. @GinaSchreck

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