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How to Use Facebook Live 360 Video for Marketing : Social Media Examiner. Good news story: April the giraffe gives birth as massive global audience watches live (VIDEO) — RT Viral. Over 1.2 million people watched via livestream as April the giraffe give birth on Saturday.

Good news story: April the giraffe gives birth as massive global audience watches live (VIDEO) — RT Viral

The anxious audience had been put on baby alert back in February and has since been kept on tenterhooks in anticipation of a good news story. The birth finally happened at 09:55am local time, with each moment captured live from April’s enclosure at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York. The calf weighs roughly 150lbs (68kg) and stands about 6ft (1.8 meters) tall.

The Facebook livestream of the birth has so far amassed over 6.4 million views and generated a vibrant discussion of some 390,000 comments. Another YouTube livestream is being watched by over 1 million people. According to the zoo, this is the 15-year-old’s fourth calf, though the first with her new partner Oliver. Channel 4 News defends Facebook live stream of battle for Mosul. Channel 4 News has defended its decision to live stream a conflict for the first time amid concerns over the dangers of watching the battle for Mosul on a Facebook live feed.

Channel 4 News defends Facebook live stream of battle for Mosul

The publicly owned broadcaster joined other TV stations including Al-Jazeera and Rudaw, the Kurdish news agency that provided the content, to live stream the advance of Iraqi troops and Kurdish fighters into Mosul, Islamic State’s last major stronghold in Iraq. Watched more than 500,000 times by lunchtime on Tuesday, the Channel 4 News feed prompted a mixed response with several users questioning the appropriateness of “liking” and pasting emojis on scenes of potential devastation.

In an email, Jon Laurence, digital editor of Channel 4 News, told the Guardian: “On live streaming the Mosul footage, we wanted to bring the one of the most significant stories of our time to our viewers as it happened. The Mosul feed on Al-Jazeera attracted more than 892,000 views. How The Economist is using Facebook for live audio.

Facebook hasn’t made a big deal of it, but it has a live audio broadcasting feature for publishers.

How The Economist is using Facebook for live audio

Since January, The Economist has streamed six audio posts, mostly in the format of discussions between two journalists. The first five featured economics correspondent Soumaya Keynes and columnists Callum Williams or Ryan Avent. These were based on their weekly articles on topics like American employment rates, free-trade agreements, migration in post-Brexit Britain, and whether taxing robots could help struggling workers.

Last week, it streamed audio from Nigeria, discussing the country’s state of leadership while its president has been absent for six weeks. The stream prompted 198 comments and just under 150 shares, and reached an early peak of around 250 live listeners within the first few minutes, which fell to about 140 listeners for the remainder. “Overall there are many positives to draw from our Nigeria broadcast,” said Archer Hill, a social media writer at The Economist. New Ways to Watch Facebook Video. By Dana Sittler, Product Manager, and Alex Li, Engineering Manager People are watching and sharing more video on Facebook than ever, and we’re focused on continuously improving the video experience.

New Ways to Watch Facebook Video

Today, we’re excited to share several updates that make watching video on Facebook richer, more engaging and more flexible. Bringing Sound to Videos in News Feed Videos in News Feed have previously played silently — you tap on a video to hear sound. Facebook Adds Display Of Video Views As They Soar Past 1 Billion Daily. Cómo hacer vídeos en Facebook Live y 7 consejos para ser el amo. Que el 78% del contenido que se consume en la red sea audiovisual no es ninguna casualidad.

Cómo hacer vídeos en Facebook Live y 7 consejos para ser el amo

Los vídeos son el contenido preferido por los usuarios, y cada vez son más las empresas que apuestan por el contenido audiovisual dentro de su estrategia de social media para llegar a sus clientes potenciales. Global Facebook Viewability Reporting Going Live in comScore validated Campaign Essentials. Facebook rebasa a YouTube en visualizaciones de vídeos. La red social con mayor número de usuarios en el mundo ha logrado un nuevo hito, al rebasar a la principal plataforma de videos de Internet en cuanto a visualización de videos.

Facebook rebasa a YouTube en visualizaciones de vídeos

Las reproducciones en el sitio web aumentaron en mil millones, tan sólo en los EE.UU en el mes de agosto, esto de acuerdo a las declaraciones del co-fundador y presidente ejecutivo de comScore, Gian Fulgoni, en entrevista con Según Fulgoni, el número de visualizaciones es "bastante increíble," considerando el aumento desmedido de reproducciones por la característica de autoreproducción, así como la modificación del News Feed para mostrar al usuario contenido relevante en realción con su afición por los videos.

Con esto, las 12.300 millones de visualizaciones reproducciones de la red social sobrepasan la cantidad de 11.300 millones de reproducciones en la plataforma de videos, aunque esto no supone precisamente que se esté compitiendo por saber quién es superior. Facebook is eating the world. Illustration: AP Something really dramatic is happening to our media landscape, the public sphere, and our journalism industry, almost without us noticing and certainly without the level of public examination and debate it deserves.

Facebook is eating the world

Our news ecosystem has changed more dramatically in the past five years than perhaps at any time in the past five hundred. We are seeing huge leaps in technical capability—virtual reality, live video, artificially intelligent news bots, instant messaging, and chat apps. We are seeing massive changes in control, and finance, putting the future of our publishing ecosystem into the hands of a few, who now control the destiny of many. Nytimes. Already, Facebook users can tune in to a daily celebrity news show produced by E!


, with anchors sitting behind a broadcast-style desk. TMZ streams daily gossip updates and goes live for breaking news. Local news anchors are broadcasting live from the field and during commercial breaks, or while they apply makeup. Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN fielded questions about the Zika virus. Your Expert Guide For Using Facebook Live. Media - Tips for Using Facebook Live. How The Sun’s fantasy football site plans to make money on platforms.

How to Post Facebook Live Video Poll - Crypt Life. Blogger and a web developer / designer.

How to Post Facebook Live Video Poll - Crypt Life

Highly enthusiastic about exploring technology and sharing on this blog. Also a big fan of rap music. “How to post Facebook Live video poll” is the top notch question I get from various people. I was not aware of the new Facebook live video poll which is going viral everywhere on Facebook pages. I asked for a reader to send a link for such a video that counts the reactions count or like count on the video. How to Post Facebook Live Video Poll - Crypt Life.

Untitled. For now, TV broadcasters see Facebook Live as marketing. Facebook’s live video might rack up enormous numbers, but TV broadcasters still see it as a marketing vehicle for the cash cow of TV.

For now, TV broadcasters see Facebook Live as marketing

When the Cleveland Cavaliers received their championship rings before the NBA season opener last night, you could have caught the pregame ceremony on TNT, which broadcast the game that followed. But the ceremony also streamed on TNT’s Facebook page. The main purpose: drive tune-in of the actual game. Channel 4 News defends Facebook live stream of battle for Mosul. EL PAÍS, en Facebook Live. Univision Launches Live TV, Web and Social Newscast. Univision is launching a newscast at 12 p.m. ET/11 a.m. CT, but it’s how the show is going to be delivered that’s the real news. Noticiero Univision Edición Digital (Noticero Univision Digital Edition) will broadcast on the Univision Network, and it will also stream on, Facebook Live, YouTube and Periscope.

According to the network’s press release, that live broadcast/web/social/mobile broadcast grand slam is a first. The show will be produced with the digital audience in mind: Along with a talented team of reporters, (Javier) Olivares and (Carolina) Sarassa will present the day’s most relevant stories from the floor of the Univision newsroom in a candid, conversational tone while staying connected with viewers via social media throughout the broadcast.

Facebook is eating the world. Facebook Live: Too Much, Too Soon. Ultimately, there is surely a hope that this could turn the valve on a new advertising stream. That all sounds good. But here’s the problem. How Sky News distributes video on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. The Sky News mantra is that it’s the home for breaking news, and on social media that’s no different. Its video views have gone from 94 million a month in May to 148 million in July across platforms, according to Tubular Labs. The broadcaster was the first to film a Facebook live video several hours after the attack in Nice last month, with foreign affairs editor Sam Kiley answering questions from the audience. That video has had 180,000 views. On YouTube, it live streams news around the clock; when an event is breaking, the viewers jump from 5,000 to 100,000, according to the company.

Sky News has been launch a partner for Twitter Moments and Snapchat Discover, and it makes a point of using new platform features within 24 hours of release. 12 Types of Facebook Live Videos that You Could Create to Help You Grow Your Blog and Business. This week we’re taking a deep dive into Facebook Live Video and how you can use it as a blogger to deepen relationships with your readers, build your profile, extend your reach on Facebook and much more. Yesterday I shared 10 benefits of giving Facebook Live video a go and tomorrow I’m going to give you over 25 practical tips on how to use it effectively – but today I want to show you a variety of different types of Facebook Live videos that I’ve tried and that I’m seeing others use.

Make sure you get notified in the final post in this series by subscribing to ProBloggerPLUS below. Click Here to Subscribe to ProBloggerPLUS for Free I’ve embedded a number of videos into this post – all were shot using FB live. 7 Types of Facebook Live Videos I have Created. Facebook limita el alcance orgánico para ser más rentable. Less Engagement For Links On Facebook.

Las claves para hacer un buen uso de Facebook Live Video, según el NYT. Lucha e innovación por el vídeo en directo: Facebook y YouTube vs. Periscope. The Livestream Mevo is the first camera that works with Facebook Live. How to Broadcast from your Computer with Facebook Live. AOL is joining the live-video gold rush. When AOL-owned TechCrunch hosts its fifth Disrupt NY conference next week, people interested in following the event will be able to do so for the first time on Facebook. The tech publisher will live stream the entire multiday conference, which spotlights emerging startups, to its Facebook audience of 2.1 million followers. This won’t be a typical smartphone-quality Facebook Live broadcast, either. All of the content, including main-stage panels and backstage interviews, will be TV-grade. Whereas almost all Facebook Live content to date has been shot using mobile devices, the TechCrunch production will be handled by a six-person video team working with a tech firm called Telescope to bring high-quality broadcasts to the platform, the company said.

How Fusion and Vox are using Facebook live video. Last Monday evening, Fusion lead anchor Jorge Ramos went live from the Iowa Caucuses, updating viewers of the results of the first contests of the presidential nomination battle. The Washington Post embraces live video on Facebook. The Washington Post believes there are people who are passively following the election, wanting to stay reasonably informed. And then there are the people who want to parse every last detail. To cater to this audience, the publisher is going to Facebook Live to provide extras and outtakes of the proceedings. Tonight marks the eighth (eighth!) Democratic primary debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Facebook will soon let you disable seeing all notifications for live videos. Relief is on the way. TMZ's Facebook live videos get 100,000 viewers.

How Fusion and Vox are using Facebook live video. Why Facebook Live is ready for its closeup.