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Facebook Ads: The Complete, Always-Updated Guide. Facebook Ad Copy: Start Here! – Self Publishing Formula. The 100,000 words in your novel might not have been the most important words you’ll write. The sixty in your Facebook ads could be the ones that make all the difference to driving mailing list subscriptions, sales and, if it all goes to plan, your career.

I’ve spent more time than is probably sensible studying copywriting strategy, and today’s post is a quick and easy guide to writing killer copy that will convert. Follow Advice From Experts There’s been a huge amount of thought in this area and many people make a good living doing nothing else but writing ad copy. Facebook themselves have produced a cheat sheet that sets out the basics and I recommend you take a look at it. Prioritise Don’t leave writing the copy to a few scrambled seconds as you put together your ad. Joined Up A good ad needs to flow. Stay on Target Be clear in your mind about who your audience is. With that in mind, you can now really focus on copy that will catch Elizabeth’s attention. Test, Test, Test Have a Strong CTA. A Crash Course on A/B Testing Facebook Ad Campaigns.

Having a well-thought-out plan for A/B testing Facebook ad campaigns is essential if you want to improve your performance reliably and consistently. And the more you test, the better. A study of 37,259 Facebook ads found that “most companies only have 1 ad, but the best had 100’s”. A/B testing Facebook ad campaigns can get complicated quickly (and easily produce invalid results). Spending the time upfront to perfect your testing process / structure will go a long way. The Structure of a Facebook Ad Campaign To develop a solid testing plan, it’s important to understand the structure of a Facebook ad campaign. 1. The campaign is the overarching container that defines the objective of your Facebook ads. For example, if you want to bring people from Facebook to your website and convert them to subscribers or customers, you would choose the objective ‘Website Conversions’. For the purpose of A/B testing, my preference is to limit the scope of testing to a single campaign. 2. 3.

Why? Conclusion. Literature Map - The Tourist Map of Literature. SPF-015: Heading for $1.5m thanks to FB Ads, with Adam Croft – Self Publishing Formula. Can you imagine the day that all your efforts at self publishing – the hard work writing, promoting, and planning your books – finally pays off? Today’s episode is one author’s story about how that has finally come about. After writing for just over 5 years and self publishing a number of books, Adam Croft finally has a best seller to his credit. His latest book, “Her Last Tomorrow” is currently the #1 self published book on Amazon and he’s on track to make over $1.5 million from it this year. You can hear the account of his journey from his own lips today as he walks through the work and strategies he’s followed to get this latest book into the hands of thousands of readers. Facebook Ads for Authors is a viable method of promoting your book. But you can’t do it willy-nilly.

The money is coming in for his self published smash hit… but not yet. As an indie author, you must learn how to think like a business owner. That’s because you ARE a business owner. Outline of this great episode. Facebook’s New Conversion Pixel: Pain-Free Migration & Set Up. It’s the final countdown, folks. Facebook’s new pixel is officially ready for primetime, thanks to some recent custom conversion changes Facebook is slowly rolling out. The new Facebook pixel is extremely powerful… in fact it’s one of the greatest advancements from Facebook since they rolled out their ad platform.

But with the enhancement has come complexity and confusion. Which is why, in this post, we’ll be covering: Here’s the thing about tagging, pixels, and segmentation: It is the plumbing of your marketing funnel. Your ability to correctly track your ad performance, and target your audience with accuracy can make or break your business. Measurement must be made on reliable numbers, otherwise all of that time you spend strategizing new ad campaigns and trying to optimize could be based on a pile of incorrect data that’s leading you down the wrong path. In other words, your audience and tag management can be a major competitive advantage for your business, or it can sink you.

However, IF: #79: How Accurate Is The New Facebook Pixel and Other FB Ads Q&A. Welcome back to the Art of Paid Traffic Podcast! Today’s episode is a Facebook ads Q&A show where I’m answering a bunch of questions that you’ve submitted. In This Episode, You’ll Learn About: Changing to the new Faceobok pixel vs the custom audience pixel and conversion tracking pixelMy thoughts on QwayaAdding a Standard Event code to the Facebook ads pixel after it’s been placedVideo ads not getting the desired results, despite layers of testingIn-depth targeting strategies with the new Detailed TargetingCan you sell a streaming workshop with Facebook ads?

Best practices for improving your results with video ads Before we get into the transcript of the episode, I’ve got a few announcements for you… Enrollment for FB ADvantage Opening I’m getting ready to re-open my flagship program, The FB ADvantage in just a couple weeks here in early April. Included when you join the course this time around is going to be a live two day event here in sunny San Diego. Q&A Transcript My thoughts on Qwaya. 25 Weirdly Specific Facebook Ads Targeting Ideas You Didn't Know Existed - Connectio. With over 1,5+ billion monthly active users, Facebook advertisers can pretty much reach whoever they want, whenever they want it. A gigantic opportunity. But it’s not all good though, as many advertisers seem to struggle to show their message to the right audience: those who’re potentially interested in their product or service. Even though Facebook gives advertisers the opportunity to target their ads to very specific groups of people… … many advertisers simply go for a combination of “location”, “age”, “gender” and a few interests.

A good start, but it’s not there yet. . … so being a marketer it’d be a crime not to use that, right? That’s why we’ve gathered a list of 25 things you can target using their “Demographics” and “Behaviors” targeting options: Here you go… 25 things you can target using Facebook’s demographics & behavior targeting: 1- Target New Generation From the Millennials to the Baby boomers, you can target the hottest generation of this era. 2- People with upcoming Anniversary. 7 Secret Ways To Discover Your Competitor's Winning Facebook Ads - Connectio. When it comes to competition, the first thing any business wants to know is if their competitor is using something and how well are they using it. And same goes for Facebook Ads. You want to know your competition’s Facebook ad strategy – but you’re probably not seeing them all on your own newsfeed.

Fortunately, there are various ways that make it ridiculously easy to see what your competitors are up to and how can you replicate their success on your Facebook Ads. This article list down all the tools out there that will help you spy on the ads your competitors are running. Besides knowing WHICH ads they’re running, you obviously also want to know WHO they are targeting. There’s a trick to discover that as well, see… 1 – AdEspresso AdEspresso has a vast library of Facebook Ads from businesses globally. Costs: Free. 2 – adds hundreds of new Facebook Ads on a daily basis.

You can view the complete ad (as it is) and the current interaction it has (likes, shares and comments) The Complete Guide to Facebook Ads Pixels. NOTE: This article was updated at the end of February 2016. Since Facebook is moving completely to the one Facebook pixel in a few months, now is the time to learn it and start using it if you aren’t already. So because of that, I’ve updated this article to reflect the new Facebook pixel, tracking conversions with Standard Events, and Custom Conversions. Enjoy… Want to know the secret to high-converting Facebook ads? Taking advantage of Facebook ad pixels. If you’re serious about using Facebook ads to grow your business these days, you need to be using Facebook’s pixels.

Unfortunately, fully understanding how to use pixels properly tends to trip a lot of people up – it can be wicked confusing. In this article I’m going to help you wrap your head around Facebook ads pixels and explain: Ready? What’s A Pixel? First, if you’re not sure what a pixel is, it’s simply a piece of Javascript code that gets placed on the pages of your website. Facebook Moving From Two Pixels to One In your Ads Manager… The Complete Guide to Facebook Ads Pixels. Grid Image Checker Tool: Facebook 20% Text Rule. Convert 40% more website leads. Learn how with Juvo Leads Live Chat Step 1) Upload an image from your computer (1 MB max size) Step 2) Select all the squares that contain text This tool was designed to make it quick and easy to determine whether your image will pass Facebook's text to image ratio requirements (20% or less text). This tool was created by Nick Taylor of Social Contests. Social Contests is a full service interactive marketing and software agency that helps brands build fully optimized social promotions and giveaway campaigns using "like" gating, email acquisition, viral sharing, and coupon activation.

If you have a question about the image checker please send us an e-mail and we'll be happy to answer your questions. - For Advanced Facebook Marketers. Traffic Fusion – The ‘Iceberg’ Facebook Formula – JV.