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Sacred prostitution. Sacred prostitution, temple prostitution, or religious prostitution is a sexual ritual consisting of sexual intercourse or other sexual activity performed in the context of religious worship, perhaps as a form of fertility rite and divine marriage (hieros gamos).

Sacred prostitution

Scholars have long considered such practices to be customary in the ancient world; however, more recent scholarship has cast doubts on this picture, based on doubts about the reliability of ancient sources.[1] Some scholars[who?] Prefer the term "sacred sex" to sacred prostitution, in cases where a payment for services was not involved.

The Greek term hierodoulos or "hierodule" has sometimes been taken to mean "sacred prostitute", but it is more likely to refer to a former slave freed from slavery in order to be "dedicated" to a god.[1] The Hebrew term qedesha, found in the Old Testament, is often translated as "temple prostitute". [citation needed] Ancient Near East[edit] Sacred marriage[edit] In the Hebrew Bible[edit] Stephen O. Students at a Nebraska High School Can Now Pose With Guns in Their Senior Portraits. Shutterstock.

Students at a Nebraska High School Can Now Pose With Guns in Their Senior Portraits

Addicting Info – School Asks Parents, ‘Does Your Son Have To Be Buddhist?’ Scalia’s utter moral failure: How he destroys any claim to a superior system of justice. While my views on the morality of the death penalty have nothing to do with how I vote as a judge, they have a lot to do with whether I can or should be a judge at all.

Scalia’s utter moral failure: How he destroys any claim to a superior system of justice

To put the point in the blunt terms employed by Justice Harold Blackmun towards the end of his career on the bench, when he announced that he would henceforth vote (as Justices William Brennan and Thurgood Marshall had previously done) to overturn all death sentences, when I sit on a Court that reviews and affirms capital convictions, I am part of “the machinery of death.”

My vote, when joined with at least four others, is, in most cases, the last step that permits an execution to proceed.

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How Black Do You Have To Be To Be Black Enough? Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was accused of not being Black enough and essentially called an ‘Uncle Tom,’ within the confines of his own locker room.

How Black Do You Have To Be To Be Black Enough?

It’s unfortunate that every person in that locker room that looks like Wilson doesn’t see him a as a brother because Wilson embodies everything that is Black and everything that is American. Stop thanking me for my service. Last week, in a quiet indie bookstore on the north side of Chicago, I saw the latest issue of Rolling Stone resting on a chrome-colored plastic table a few feet from a barista brewing a vanilla latte.

Stop thanking me for my service

A cold October rain fell outside. A friend of mine grabbed the issue and began flipping through it. Students spring into opposition after Bill Maher announced as keynote speaker. In response to an announcement last week that comedian Bill Maher would speak at UC Berkeley’s fall commencement, an online petition started circulating Thursday that demanded that the campus rescind its invitation.

Students spring into opposition after Bill Maher announced as keynote speaker

The petition was authored by ASUC Senator Marium Navid, who is backed by the Middle Eastern, Muslim and South Asian Coalition, or MEMSA, and Khwaja Ahmed, an active MEMSA member. Smog couture: Facemasks on catwalk at China’s fashion week. Published time: October 29, 2014 16:19 A model wearing a mask presents a creation at the QIAODAN Yin Peng Sports Wear Collection show during China Fashion Week in Beijing, October 28, 2014.

Smog couture: Facemasks on catwalk at China’s fashion week

(Reuters/Stringer) China’s smog problem has infiltrated haute couture. One fashion designer has embraced the country’s ongoing problems with pollution, incorporating the need for face masks into their Spring/Summer 2015 sportswear collection. Yin Peng’s collection was paraded at China Fashion Week, currently being held in Beijing, with models parading down the catwalk wearing face masks. The models looked determined not to let the conditions of the city in which the fashion show was held get to them.

The masks varied from full-face cover, as with a fencing mask, to angular lightweight mouth-covering designs to compliment running gear. At the time, Beijing residents were recommended to stay indoors by local authorities. Putin’s Moscow is anxious, gilded and hollow. The last time I saw Maria Baronova on Nikolskaya Street in Moscow, she was taking part in a silent anti-government demonstration before being bundled into a police bus with a half dozen other protesters.

Putin’s Moscow is anxious, gilded and hollow

Now, almost three years later, we meet for a beer in an English pub on that same ancient street near the Kremlin. So much has changed. The Moscow protest movement fizzled out after Vladimir Putin’s return to the presidency; activists like Baronova were prosecuted, and a blanket of repression is muffling the last voices of dissent. When I first met Baronova in December 2011, I took an instant liking to her because she was unpretentious and smart, with a zany sense of humor. She embodied the contradictions of Russians who love their country, warts and all, and seek to reconcile it with the rest of the world. Moscow is always a surprising kind of place. The most striking difference in the Moscow I left two summers ago is the new look of its city center.

Reuters Opinion sur Twitter : "The cracks below Moscow's foundation are too deep to ignore forever: