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Amazon Drops Prices, FullContact Parses Names and 12 New APIs Amazon has dropped prices again on its popular Amazon EC2 API. CRM-as-a-service company FullContact added ambiguous name parsing as a useful new feature to its FullContact API. Plus: an API podcast, Facebook gaming and 12 new APIs. Amazon EC2 Lowers Pricing for the 19th Time Amazon highlights the latest pricing updates: Today’s Amazon EC2 price reduction varies by instance type and by Region, with Reserved Instance prices dropping by as much as 37%, and On-Demand instance prices dropping up to 10%. The company also provides an AWS cost calculator. Is It John James or James John? FullContact is sharing some of its secret sauce with its new name parser: Why reinvent the wheel? The company also offers a number of other free name-related APIs. First Podcast for APIs? Mash This is calling itself the only podcast for APIs. API News You Shouldn’t Miss 12 New APIs The eBridge Connections API allows developers to integrate web applications with the eBridge platform.

40+ Apps & Tools To Customize Your Facebook Pages Facebook now has over 800 million active users around the world. If it were a country, it would be the third largest in the world (right behind China and India), and more than twice the size of the United States. So it’s pretty much vital for anyone trying to promote a product, service, event, or cause to create a Facebook page. While other social networks (Google+ among them) are making gains, Facebook is still the largest and most popular out there, and that’s unlikely to change in the immediate future (and besides, Google+ doesn’t even allow brand pages yet). One of the biggest mistakes brands make when creating Facebook pages is to just use the default tabs and default content. The answer to this common problem is to make use of all the custom content applications and tabs available for Facebook pages. In this guide, we’ll show you some of the best apps for Facebook pages and how to best use them. More related posts: Customizable Tabs First Impression Welcome Tab TabMaker Social Candy Owjo

Researcher Releases Smart Meter Hacking Tool Security consulting firm SecureState today released a new open source hacking tool that it claims will let security researchers and penetration testers verify the security of electric utility smart meters being installed in millions of homes around the country. The tool, called Termineter, is available for public download from SecureState's website and will be demonstrated at the BSides security event in Las Vegas next week. The company had earlier sent out a stripped down version of the tool to a limited number of individuals. Security consultancy InGuardians had planned to publicly release details of a similar tool called OptiGuard at the Shmoocon security conference a few months ago. InGuardian is scheduled to disclose details of its tool at the Black Hat security conference also being held in Las Vegas next week. Power companies and utilities will be able to use Termineter to identify and validate internal flaws that make the meters vulnerable to hacking and tampering, he said.

Hot WIN 8 TRICKS !!! | About Tricks Microsoft’s release of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview generated over a million downloads after just one day. Some people are already using this new version of Windows 8 and discovering some interesting tricks and some hidden features.Abouttricks suggests you some of the more interesting features that have been uncovered. Fast access to system-management tools If you aim the mouse pointer in the lower left corner and click, you go straight to the Start screen. Shortcuts Those are all desktop tools, but this shortcut works from any Metro app, from Start, or from the Windows desktop. If you don’t want to take your hands off the keyboard, use this shortcut: Windows key + X. Capture a screenshot For the first time in its long history, Windows has a shortcut that allows you to capture screenshots directly, without requiring extra steps or third-party utilities. Screen shot (.png) Save a custom refresh point This is one of the coolest tricks of all. recimg /createimage directory Win install image C'est un paysage fascinant de verdure, de montagne et de brume. Une vue géante (près de quatre mètres de haut sur trois de large) du Yosemite Park aux Etats-Unis. L'effet est saisissant, plein de vie, de couleurs et de mystère. Depuis 2009, David Hockney a découvert avec émerveillement les possibilités de l'iPhone, puis de l'iPad. En quelques mois, il a développé une technique impressionnante, dessinant avec le pouce sur son iPhone. Avec deux différences de taille : d'une part, la tablette enregistre toutes les étapes du dessin. Le résultat, présenté à la Royal Academy de Londres, dans un vaste ensemble de son travail centré sur le paysage, est véritablement bluffant. On retrouve avec plaisir des huiles de ses débuts, d'autres réalisées ces dernières années dans la campagne anglaise. Avec une incroyable liberté, Hockney livre des feux d'artifice de couleurs où le vert domine largement. "Comme une feuille de papier qui se renouvelle sans cesse" "Non, c'est totalement nouveau.

Portfoliobox - Create an Online Portfolio OpenGraph et Likemastr L’existence d’une marque, sur le web et dans l’imagination de ses clients, ne se réduit pas à son nom et son logo. Pourquoi alors les marques devraient-elles ne capter et n’adresser des communautés que sous ce nom global, via leur Page Facebook ? Le bouton “J’aime” introduit par Facebook permet de faire de chaque url un objet social que les visiteurs vont pouvoir partager sur leur Mur et de la part de qui ils pourront recevoir des publications dans leur fil d’actualité facebook. Likemastr permet de gérer, manuellement via un back-office en ligne, ou programmatiquement via des APIs, un vaste univers d’objets sociaux (pensez, tous les produits en vente sur En particulier : Publier vers un objet donné ou un groupe d’objets réunis par un même “tag”. Identifier sur une période donnée et dans un groupe donné les objets ayant reçu le plus de nouveaux “j’aime”. Contactez-nous pour que nous travaillions ensemble sur la définition stratégique et le déploiement technique de votre ADN social.

16 PC Mysteries Solved! Why does my Windows desktop look weird on my HDTV? It can be terribly frustrating to run a cable from a good HDTV to a PC graphics board and get skewed proportions, faded colors, and slightly blurry images. Your HDTV might not perform well as a monitor for several reasons. Second, the native resolution of your HDTV may not match your Windows desktop as configured. Third, an older graphics board driver may assume that an HDMI connection must be to a TV, and it may react by underscanning the image from your PC to fit it within the borders of the display, making your Windows desktop look squished on a big 1080p PC monitor. Finally, using an analog VGA cable to connect your HDTV to your PC can allow noise or other interference to disrupt the signal coming from your PC, thereby worsening the screen's image quality. What is UEFI, and why should I care? The Unified Extensible Firmware Interface is a new firmware interface specification that is designed to replace the familiar BIOS interface.

Download Advanced Office Password Recovery 5.02.490 Free Trial - A program to recover lost or forgotten passwords to files/documents created in MS Office Advanced Office Password Recovery is an advanced software solution designed to help you recover forgotten or lost passwords for your Office documents, be they Word, Excel, Access Outlook, Project, Money, PowerPoint, Visio, Publisher, OneNote, Backup, Schedule+ or Mail files. Although it also comes with a detailed help menu, the interface is the one that helps the application target all types of users, such as beginners and more experienced ones. Features are nicely organized in tabs, with nifty buttons placed on a toolbar to start or stop a password recovery process on the go. Advanced Office Password Recovery offers three different password recovery modes, as follows: brute-force attack (trying all possible combinations), brute-force with mask (if some password symbols are known) and dictionary attack. If you choose the brute-force method, then you should have a look into its dedicated tab that prompts you to pick password length, character set, starting password and mask.

Les restaurants s’installent chez vous avec Appetise Vendredi 9 mars Web - 9 mars 2012 :: 08:14 :: Par Louis-Carle Stephen Leguillon, Steve Barnes et Velin Djidjev arrivent avec leur projet Appetise venu tout droit de leurs études en Angleterre. L’idée vient encore une fois d’une envie simple : alors qu’ils voulaient commander des pizzas, ils se sont rendus compte qu’ils n’avaient pas de menus et que le plus simple serait de le faire en ligne : Appetise est né. Stephen Leguillon, Steve Barnes et Velin Djidjev arrivent avec leur projet Appetise venu tout droit de leurs études en Angleterre. L’année d’après, ils lancent un premier site qui s’appelle avec rapidement 16 restaurants partenaires autour du campus de leurs études. Tout juste installer en France et intégrant l’ESCP à Paris, Stephen Leguillon décide de se lancer dans son pays natal avec un site nommé Appetise (ex E-resistible). La valeur ajoutée, par rapport aux autres sites concurrents, réside dans les restaurants sélectionnés et proposés.

Download Forecast Forecast is a fun and simple way for friends to share where they're going. About · Blog · FAQ · Terms Forecast © 2012, How to Delete All Facebook Messages In One Click [Quicktip] Deleting messages on Facebook is not as easy as deleting your email, as Facebook intends to keep your conversation history in Messages and Facebook Chat intact. To delete messages on Facebook, you will need to open the individual message, go to options and start selecting the message you want to delete. If you have many messages, the process can be very time-consuming. Otherwise, you can simply remove the messages from the message list, but doing this will not remove the message permanently. Here’s where we bring in some help i.e. Recommended Reading: How to Setup Messages + Facebook Chat in OS X Lion deleting facebook messages (Slow) You can open your Facebook messages and you can select to send your messages to ‘Archive’, one by one. To delete individual messages, you need to open each message first. You will see all your messages with this friend, with checkboxes on the side of each message. It’s tedious, isn’t it? Delete all facebook messages at once Conclusion

How to Make Your Own Network Cables Although it’s easy to head to the electronics store to buy network cables, making do with cables of predetermined lengths can be a problem. More often than not, premade cables are either too short (and require coupling) or too long (in which case, you have to tie up excess cabling and tuck it away somewhere). The end result is usually a mess of extra network cable, wrapped and bundled up alongside your devices and network switches. It works, but it isn't ideal, and it looks horrible. You don't have to deal with premade network cables of incorrect lengths, however. Getting Started To make your own network cables, you need some raw CAT 5, 5e, or 6 cable (a composite cable consisting of four twisted pairs of internal wires), some RJ45 connectors, and a proper crimping/wire-cutting tool. The cost of a network-wiring toolkit may be prohibitive to people who want to make only a few cables. Wiring Schemes You'll find a couple of standard wiring schemes and types of network cables.

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