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The 7 Biggest Fan Page Marketing Mistakes

The 7 Biggest Fan Page Marketing Mistakes
After working with many companies on Facebook marketing, teaching many students, and speaking with many audiences, I’ve discovered some common mistakes that hold companies back from getting results. If you want to get better Facebook fan page marketing results, check this list and find out whether you’re making any of these mistakes. Fan Page Mistake #1: Assuming People Go To Your Fan Page (Versus Seeing Your Posts In Their News Feed) Most people, if they ever go to a fan page, only go there once. Some highly interactive pages get more visitors, and you can bring fans back to the page or to specific tabs with posts or ads, but usually fans see your page’s posts via their news feed. One of the biggest surprises to me, in teaching Facebook marketing to many audiences, was that most business owners don’t understand how people use Facebook: This is also a good reason to look at Facebook Groups, because every time any Group member posts or comments, everyone gets a notification.

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5 Innovative Facebook Campaigns to Learn From The Social Marketing Series is supported by Campaigner®. Campaigner® email marketing enables small, medium and large businesses to strengthen customer relationships and drive sales by connecting to their customers quickly, simply and affordably. Visit to learn more. If you’ve tried to run a campaign on Facebook and were frustrated by its poor results, you’re not alone. How We Got To 40,310 Facebook Fans In 4 Days When we took over the Facebook Fan page for Weekly World News , they had 3,244 fans. 4 days later, we had 40,310 fans– 10 times larger. We’re going explain exactly how we did it in this exclusive article for In the coming days, we’ll demonstrate how fans translate into trackable revenue, how to perform analytics, integrating social widgets (Open Graph Protocol) with your site, and other aspects of effective Facebook marketing. But today we’re looking only at growing your fan base quickly.

Prediction: Facebook Will Surpass Google In Advertising Revenues Editor’s note: Continuing our exploration of how Facebook could eat Google’s lunch, guest author Hussein Fazal makes the case for Facebook’s potential advantage in advertising. Fazal is CEO of AdParlor, an ad management and technology company for Facebook campaigns. Not too long ago—the common perception was that Facebook advertising did not work. 3 Social Media Marketing Lessons Taught by MySpace Failure Social Networking is not new, or at least it’s not as new as we think. Back in 2005 MySpace was the ruler of social networks and when News Corporation bought it for $580 million it looked like Rupert Murdoch’s empire had added a powerful string to its bow. Fast forward six years later and Justin Timberlake is able to snap it up for just $35 million. The question is ‘what went wrong?’

Facebook Releases Demo Video on Promoted Posts Facebook began a gradual rollout of promoted posts for brand pages about a week ago and the social networking site has now posted its first demo video today, letting advertisers know what to expect from the feature. The video explains that a promoted post will show up as a sponsored story in a fan’s newsfeed, both on desktop and mobile, and as Facebook users interact with the post, their friends will see it as well. The video also walks users through how to promote a post, so that once the feature is available on their pages, they can get to highlighting the best of their updates straight away. Telling users to “select the price that best fits your budget and goals”, what the video doesn’t tell you is that the more you pay, the more users your post will reach.

Software for Facebook Page Management: Sprout Social Have you found the right Facebook page management software? I’ve put together a series of posts with the pros and cons of today’s best Facebook page management tools. Today, I am taking a look at Sprout Social. Others under review are Social Oomph, HootSuite and TweetDeck. 6 New & Innovative Social Media Campaigns to Learn From We're always on the lookout for innovative social media campaigns at Mashable. This week we scoured the web and our Twitter feeds to find some of the most interesting campaigns out there. From utilizing online video in an inventive way to creating a unique presence on Facebook, these six social media campaigns are some of the most original pieces of work as of late. Let us know about your favorite recent social media campaigns in the comments below. 1.

Add Quora to Your Facebook Timeline Every day,... Every day, I'm amazed at the quality of the content and the users on Quora, and I'm excited about sharing this experience with more people in the world. As of today, you can add Quora to your Facebook Timeline and more easily share your Quora activity with your Facebook friends. Visit our announcement on your Quora homepage or visit your Settings page ( to connect your Facebook account and enable the Facebook Timeline option.

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