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Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits
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Futurlec, The Electronic Components and Semiconductor Superstore HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT (KOBAKANT) Welcome to the KOBAKANT DIY Wearable Technology Documentation Tools ohmTranslator This credit-card size flex circuit translates the resistance between two probes into the resistor colour code. Sensors Wrist Flick Drum Made during PIFcamp 2017, this textile sensor detects the impact of a conductive pendulum slapping against the wristband when the wrist is twisted back and forth in a flicking action. Example Projects Sonic Insoles for Magic Shoes These Sonic Insoles demonstrate a simple way of adding pressure sensors in your shoes. Connections Wire to Conductive Fabric Connection class=imgtfe hspace=5 align=left width=240 border=0> in progress… Inspired by Vaclav’s Magic Shoe connections… Poke wires through strips of conductive fabric and soldered them to stripy protoboard. Sensors Textile Sensor Demos for Summer School These textile sensor demos were made for the Soft Circuits for Soft Bodies workshop at the eTextile Summer School 2017. Connections E-Textile Cheat Sheet Tools ohmBroach Connections Power

SparkFun Electronics Cryptome LEXTRONIC : Composants Electroniques, Radiofréquence, Systèmes d'Alarme, Matériel Electronique Finding Parts - Hobbyist / Surplus Sites The data on the "Finding Parts" pages is actually all in a Wiki (a webpage that anyone, even you, can edit!) If you have suggestions or ideas for other companies or sources you can post it in the forum but it might be faster and easier to just edit the wiki page yourself! (You'll have to make an account "Not the best, but still a good deal" This is not an exhaustive list, but these are my favorite surplus locations. General Surplus parts and components Dan's Small Parts and Kits A wide variety of transistors, diodes, inductors, caps, crystals, discreet RF devices, standoffs, connectors etc. Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories lots of fun kits, cool "BulbDial" clock, awesome 12" and 2.3" 7 segment displays, LEDs, ICs, Servos, Stepper motors, tools, Proto and bread board stuff. Jameco Electronics Lots of parts and you can order a paper catalog. they also have grab bags of lots of commonly used parts(LEDs, resistors, capacitors, 7 segment displays, stand offs and hardware, etc.) Tayda Electronics

Talk2MyShirt Sensible clothing stretches the imagination Sensible, sensing clothing are a fascinating topic which has got the intention of a highly creative team which integrates Merlin Stretch Sensor into beautifully designed garment to sense the wearers movement. The movement data can then be used for various purposes like interaction with a garments appearance, interaction with other smart sensing garments or interaction with the environment. The project is called ‘Aeolia‘ with the purpose to explore concepts of our bodily engagement with the land and ideas of space and place. Each of the back forms incorporate the Merlin stretch sensor into an aesthetic exploration of textile technique mapped to the body – weave (grey), knit (white) and embroidery (black). The knit samples use a Bekaert yarn with standard shirring elastic to create an experimental stretch sensor based on the changing length of the conductive path. A Merlin Stretch Sensor measures stretch, displacement, compression and force.

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