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Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

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TVout Light Pen Demo Arduino TVout Light Pen Demo focalist: So, here to prove that we can take decades-old technology and re-use it, poorly... The Arduino Light Pen! Assembly Plugin for Rhino Introduction Rhinoceros1 is a 3D computer-aided design (CAD) application developed for Windows since 1992 by Robert McNeel and Associates (Seattle, WA, USA)2. It is popularly known as “Rhino”, and is used by more than 150,000 professionals around the globe for its powerful freeform modeling. Rhino’s license fees start below $1,000, yet its functionality is similar to that found in products typically costing 20 to 50 times more.

Finding Parts - Hobbyist / Surplus Sites The data on the "Finding Parts" pages is actually all in a Wiki (a webpage that anyone, even you, can edit!) If you have suggestions or ideas for other companies or sources you can post it in the forum but it might be faster and easier to just edit the wiki page yourself! (You'll have to make an account "Not the best, but still a good deal" This is not an exhaustive list, but these are my favorite surplus locations. HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT (KOBAKANT) Welcome to the KOBAKANT DIY Wearable Technology Documentation Example Projects ATtiny Snap Diamond A breakout board for the ATtiny84.

Arduino Tutorial - Lesson 5 We've done a lot so far, blinking lights, printing messages...all of that stuff is output: signals coming from the Arduino. The next step is to start playing with input, with the Arduino responding to outside events. In this lesson we will begin with the most basic kind of input, a push-button switch! You're probably familiar with switches, there's tons of them in your house. One kind of switch you use every day is a light switch. A light switch is a simple device with two positions, on and off.

LPC2148 ADC Example: Nintendo DS Touch Screen > Using ADC to measure the current X/Y position on a Nintendo DS touch screen Resistive touch screens can be a great way to enable complex user input in your projects inexpensively and with a minimum number of pins. With just four wires you can capture gestures, buttons clicks, constantly track the position of a finger or stylus, and other interesting things. Best of all ... thanks to the success of current touch-enabled devices like the Nintendo DS, there is also a steady supply of inexpensive touch screens available (which is precisely why we've chosen to use the Nintendo DS touch screen as an example).

Design contest 2011: Make the world a better place Contest description The T-Splines Design Contest 2011, Make the World a Better Place, is designed to promote the creation of new and innovative 3D designs using T-Splines for Rhino and tsElements for SolidWorks. All design entries should reflect the theme of the contest, demonstrating a potential to improve the world in some way. Prizes will be awarded to those individuals or teams who submit the best designs, as measured by the judging criteria.

Solution-VS1063 - MP3 / OGG / AAC / WMA / FLAC / G.711 / G.722 Audio Codec Circuit VS1063 is the newest VLSI Solution's MP3 slave processor family. As a first in VLSI's over decade long history of creating innovative audio IC products, VS1063 is as much aimed at encoding as it is at decoding audio. The VS1063 IC can encode an unforeseen multitude of audio formats, from MP3 and Ogg Vorbis to G.711 u-law, G.711 A-law, G.722 and 16-bit PCM.

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