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Electronic and Educational Toys

Electronic and Educational Toys

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What Makes an ‘Extreme Learner’? By Jane Mount/MindShift By Linda Flanagan When Mollie Cueva-Dabkoski was dissecting a sheep’s heart during an eighth-grade science class, she had an epiphany that changed her life. What is I/O Expander? Input and output pins are very precious resources in small digital projects these days. Popular small micro controllers like the PIC, 8051, SX, BASIC Stamp, etc., may only have 8-to-16 lines of I/O available for use, while we typically have a need to drive LCD displays, LEDs and frequency synthesizers; and read A/D converters, keyboards, shaft encoders and more. Hardware interfacing is the name of the game, and you can never have too much I/O capability on a processor to handle all these tasks.

Mint Vinetu Bookstore by Love Agency Ad Campaign: Mint Vinetu Bookstore Advertising Agency: Love Agency, Vilnius, Lithuania Creative Director: Tomas Ramanauskas Art Director: Gediminas Saulis Copywriter: Tomas Ramanauskas Photographer: Website: Lithuania based design practice Love Agency creates this engaging new campaign for Mint Vinetu Bookstore, showing how easily you can Become Someone Else. *Source |

The Tinkering Studio A more intricate project: a light-up model of the Bay Bridge Another more complex project: a folded origami swan with LED eyes LED lights make this fastball really fly! At the touch of a switch the girl blushes through the paper A classic interpretation of a birthday cake spiced up with some LEDs

Want to Start a Makerspace at School? Tips to Get Started As the Maker Movement starts to gain momentum, schools that are trying to find ways to foster the do-it-yourself environment can learn a few lessons from another nexus in the universe: public libraries. Dale Dougherty, founding editor and publisher of Make Magazine — and the de facto leader of the Maker Movement — has a vision to create a network of libraries, museums, and schools with what he calls “makerspaces” that draw on common resources and experts in each community. Libraries and museums, he said, are easier places to incorporate makerspaces than schools, because they have more space flexibility and they’re trying to attract teens with their programs. I/O Expander Expand I/O capabilities of small homebrew projects with"IOX" .. an I/O Expander Serial LCD + Frequency Counter + driver for A/D Converter, Keypad and Digital Potentiometer IOX SOURCE CODE | HOST SOURCE CODE (EXAMPLE) | Photo of IOX on Eval Board The IOX chip works great with the QuickieLab project board OVERVIEW The I/O Expander is a 28-pin SX microcontroller that is programmed to operate as a slave I/O processor to a host controller in your projects. IOX interfaces peripheral components (LCD, A/D Converter, digital pot, and matrix keypad) to the host processor over a conventional asynchronous serial line.

Musicians & READ Posters: A Visual Timeline As lifelong bookworms, we’ve never needed a poster to inspire us to want to read — and if we did, we’re not sure that Phil Collins or the Indigo Girls would be the right celebrities to motivate us. That said, we truly enjoy their efforts in the American Library Association’s READ campaign, which is now in its 25th year. And lucky for us, these are not the only musicians to have lent their image to the worthy cause. Click through for a quick visual history that goes all the way from Sting to Ne-Yo. Paper Roller Coasters :) - All Start out by making two straight tracks with good creases. Tape the two tracks together at the ends with about 2 cm overlap. Cut both walls, down the entire length of the combined tracks, from the top of the wall to the CREASE. Each cut should be about 1 cm apart.

Dissecting the Un-Makerspace: Recycled Learning It starts with a twist, a squeak, and a cheer. Watch out, 1980s cassette player, broken computer mouse, old monitor -- my fifth graders and I are looking for you! Your future doesn't hold a dumpster in it, at least not yet.

chipKIT from Microchip - Developed for the Ardu... All Places > Design Center > Documents The chipKIT™ platform is an intuitive prototyping solution that enables students, educators and hobbyists from a variety of disciplines to introduce intelligent electronics into their project without understanding microcontroller (MCU) architecture. Whether new to embedded systems or looking to upgrade exisitng Arduino-based projects, users can now enjoy the increased performance, added memory space and advanced peripherals. 8 ways teachers can talk less and get kids talking more If you do fewer teacher-directed activities, that means the kids will naturally do more talking, doesn’t it? Not necessarily. I have often found myself talking almost constantly during group work and student-directed projects because I’m trying to push kids’ thinking, provide feedback, and help them stay on task. Even when the learning has been turned over to the students, it’s still tempting to spend too much time giving directions, repeating important information, and telling students how they did instead of asking them to reflect on their work. Here are 8 ways teachers can talk less and get students talking more: 1.

498 Free Mandala Coloring Pages for Adults Take a deep breath and relax with these free mandala coloring pages just for the adults. In just a few minutes time, you'll have a mandala all printed out and ready to be colored. Many adults now color as a way to relax and get creative. A Roundup of How Today’s 3D Printing Technology is Progressing We are due for another technology revolution. This statement sounds ludicrous — it seems smartphones and wearable tech just began infiltrating our lives. But if you look at the history of technology revolutions, it’s clear we are approaching another world-changing innovation: Financial-Agricultural, 140 years Industrial, 60 yearsTechnical, 40 yearsScientific-Technical, 30 yearsInformation, 25 years and counting Many think that 3D printing is that very innovation.