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Top 40 Arduino Projects of the Web

Top 40 Arduino Projects of the Web

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DIY Air Quality Sensing from HabitatMap and Sonoma Tech DIY Air Quality Sensing from HabitatMap and Sonoma Tech tigoe — May 9th, 2013 High-precision air quality monitors are normally very expensive, but Tim Dye of Sonoma Technology is on a mission to change that. He’s been working with Michael Heimbinder and to create a low-cost sensor system that when designed properly and integrated into a software platforms can provide valid data. AirCasting is a platform for recording, mapping, and sharing health and environmental data using Arduino and Android.

Arduino Powered Remote Control Lawnmower We’ve seen loads of great Arduino projects and even a few RC lawn mowers, but we’ve never seen the two combined until now. Â This project walks you through the entire build process step by step and includes a thorough guide for creating remote control robotics. You can read the entire build tutorial to perhaps create your own robotic servant. Â Now all you need is a hammock to relax in while your new robot mows the grass for you Automate your Chores: DIY Arduino PIR Motion Sensor Lighting & Security From the minds at We wanted to save energy, and create convenience, by adding motion sensors to our lighting circuits. Maybe you want some notification of an intruder. Both can be done with a PIR Motion sensor. When I walk into a room, the lights come on automatically, and when I leave, shut off after a short period of time.

DEF CON: The Proxy for ProxyHam Two weeks ago, news broke of an incredible abuse of power from the National Security Agency. A DEF CON talk was cancelled, and speculation raged that information was not free. This was the ProxyHam, a device that puts you miles away from any agency hunting down your IP address. Of course, as with just about every DEF CON talk picked up by the press, ProxyHam is an ill-conceived, terrible idea. You can replicate it with parts bought from newegg, and despite using a highly directional antenna the FCC – or any other government agency – can still track you down. ShiftOut Learning Examples | Foundations | Hacking | Links Started by Carlyn Maw and Tom Igoe Nov, 06 Shifting Out & the 595 chip At sometime or another you may run out of pins on your Arduino board and need to extend it with shift registers. This example is based on the 74HC595. The datasheet refers to the 74HC595 as an "8-bit serial-in, serial or parallel-out shift register with output latches; 3-state."

Xantrex C35/C40/C60 Display The display shows the following: -Battery Voltage-Input Voltage (wind, solar, etc) (averaged over the last ten readings)-Amperage (averaged over the last ten readings)-Wattage (averaged)-Transistor Temperature and Duty Cycle (these two values alternate between each other)-Amp-Hour counter As far as features go: -Automatic backlight control; if no input voltage for 60 seconds, backlight turns off-Automatic reset of Amp-hour counter if an hour elapses with no input voltage

How to build a 5$ Arduino (clone) If you are like me and build projects with Arduino, you must have felt the frustration with ripping your project apart, because you wanted to build something else with that Arduino. I have had the same issue many times, so I decided to find a way to solve this once and for all. Hence, how to build an Arduino clone for less than 5$. Warning: Now before we continue a warning. This post explains how to build Arduino cones for less than 5$, but it will mean that you either get creative with you current Arduino to program the Arduino bootloader, or you invest a bit in a standalone ISP programmer and a FTDI interface board (total about 20$ one time investment). Electronics : Microprocessors : Arduino Uno output to VGA monitor This post shows how you can output VGA signals to a monitor, turning your Uno (or similar) processor into a "video card". Example: The only extra hardware used here was 5 resistors, and a DB15 socket to plug the monitor cable into: Watch live demo: VGA Timing To understand how it all works, we need to look at how VGA signal timing works.

Hacklet 69 – Morse Code Projects With over 160 years of history under its belt, Morse code is by far the oldest digital signaling system known to man. Originally developed for telegraph systems, [Samuel Morse’s] code has been sent over wires, via radio, and even with flashes of light. Hackers, makers and engineers have been working with Morse code throughout history.

Arduino to Twitter over USB - There are many reasons to want a project with the ability to provide status feedback. One useful method for providing feedback is by posting updates to Twitter. This enables one (or many people) to monitor a system from anywhere. High-res Cap meter by RomanBlack [Back to Home Page] High res cap meter with PIC 16F628High resolution capacitance meter measures in 0.01pF digits. Total range 0pF to 50uF. - 27th Jun 2011, Updated 25th may 2013. Another PIC based capacitance meter? Although there are a few PIC based "pico" capacitance meters on the internet this design has some advantages over the other designs I have seen;

Interfacing a sensor with an Arduino The world of hobby electronics is one that has seen explosive growth and massive changes over the past few years. The biggest changes have come from the level of computing hardware that is available to the hobbyist. From very simple microcontrollers to full PCs on a USB stick, all sorts of options are available. One of the more popular options is the Arduino, which falls between these two extremes. DevDuino Sensor Node V1.2 (ATmega 328) Introduction devDuino Sensor Node V1.2 (ATmega 328) is a compact Arduino-compatible microcontroller and is designed to build wireless networks based on transceiver nRF24L01+. You can easily connect other sensors (series Grove) or actuators to this platform, to build your remote monitoring or controlling system..

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