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Wiimote Hack

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Connect a Wii Remote to your PC. This article is about connecting your Wii Remote to a PC.

Connect a Wii Remote to your PC

It describes various tools and programs to get you started. Once connected you can use it for various purposes like gaming, controlling slide in a presentation or just zapping through your audio/video playlist. You will need: A Wii remotea Wii compatible bluetooth devicesome softwareand optionally a Nunchuck. Connect a Wii Remote to your PC. Bluetooth Wiimote Fix!! Stock/Sense. My Android Place, C.C.P. Cre@ions. You can get WiimoteController from the Android Market: visit this link if you are on an android device or scan the following QR code: Alternatively you can download the APK of the latest version from here: WiimoteController-0-65.apk [Size: 190.77 KiB ] How to Install an APK to an Android Device?

My Android Place, C.C.P. Cre@ions

Wii Controller for Virtual Reality. WiimoteProject - Welcome. HID Wiimote - A Windows Device Driver for the Nintendo Wii Remote. This driver, called HID Wiimote, was development and elementary implemented as my bachelor thesis in a 6-month period.

HID Wiimote - A Windows Device Driver for the Nintendo Wii Remote

When you normally connect your Wii Remote to a PC using Bluetooth, you can’t use it properly out of the box. The problem is that Windows don’t know how to handle it properly and does not expose any input buttons or axis. My Bachelor theses was to attempt a solution to that kind of problem. There are many programs which are mapping the Wii Remote buttons to keyboard keys, so for Windows it looks like a key is pressed. This solution is not applicable when it comes to local multiplayer games like FIFA. Properties dialog without driver Properties dialog with driver Currently the driver is still in very basic state, so it’s only exposing its core buttons and the accelerometers for tilt. Oliver Kreylos' Research and Development Homepage - Wiimote Hacking. IHM Research : Wii remote 6Dof tracking. Wiimote Tracking System at 6-DOF - 3 Tracking. Nintendo Wii Remotes - Unity3D. From Unity3D Note: "Documentation" sections are articles that tell of the problems, solutions, and methods behind implementing a piece of hardware into Unity.

Nintendo Wii Remotes - Unity3D

Build Your Own IRO-USB-R Glove « Wii Controller Interface Suite. The following details how to build your own IRO (Infrared Only) Glove from affordable and available parts for use with Wiici WiitrackLib and/or other IR tracking applications.

Build Your Own IRO-USB-R Glove « Wii Controller Interface Suite

Once you have completed this instruction, you should have your own IR glove just like the one shown above. Introduction: Since the release of Jonny Lee’s video, Tracking Fingers with the Wii Remote, there has been enormous interest across the board in utilizing the technology of the Wiimotes camera peripheral for human value interface. Numerous implementation’s of the technology have sprung up ranging from those of simple cursor application, to in depth 3DOF tracking within virtual space. Whilst the pervasive reflective system suggested by Johnny Lee is wonderful it is prone to fail in scenarios where ambient light is a factor. Equipment and Materials: One of the primary requisites for all the AHID hardware I develop is that it be affordable and available to the home development community. . Next onto the power unit. Forums : Gaming Discussion : Full Motion: Wii Now Capable of Player Motion Capture.

The IRO-USB-R4 aka The Scorpion « Wii Controller Interface Suite. The Infrared Only Universal Serial Bus Rechargeable Glove has finally reached version 4.

The IRO-USB-R4 aka The Scorpion « Wii Controller Interface Suite

This is to be its final iteration and as such the glove is now feature complete, offering both fast charge times and solid performance. The following details some of the primary features that make the IRO-USB-R4 aka The Scorpion stand out for Wiimote IR Tracking development. Customizable setups facilitating up to 4 IR sources. The limitation of 4 points reflects only the standard visible points detectable via a standard Wiimote.IR sources/pendants are interchangeable allowing for numerous variants to be attached to the power source: This is great for PDS development and facilitating a users individual anthropometric requirements.

This is also great if for some reason an LED fails.Super fast 100mah/280mah USB Rechargeable power source.Recharge indicator LED.Ambidextrous pendant design. With the completion of this final iteration, the Wii Glove system has now been submitted for clinical trialing. Wiimote for body tracking. Welcome. Started by dice - September 21, 2011, 01:41:24 AM WiimoteProject is now using, is increases the sites speed and security.


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Currently we are beta testing a script that has been integrated into the forums, the script is called AjaxChat. Comparison of Methods for IMU Orientation Estimation (Part.2) TUTO: Comment mettre sa WiiMote sur son PC windows? Howtogeek com How To Use Your Wii Remote as a Gyroscopic Mouse(1)