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L’éthique du hacker.


Jacob Appelbaum. Literally words — Graphing when your Facebook friends are awake. Learn the Wget Command with 20 Practical Examples. Wget lets you download Internet files or even mirror entire websites for offline viewing.

Learn the Wget Command with 20 Practical Examples

Here are 20 practical examples for using the wget command. #31c3. #30C3 30th Chaos Communication Congress - dec 2013. Download Sony Pictures Entertainment Hacked Files torrent. Kali Linux "NetHunter" — Turn Your Android Device into Hacking Weapons. The developers of one of the most advance open source operating system for penetration testing, 'KALI Linux' have announced yesterday the release of a new Kali project, known as NetHunter, that runs on a Google Nexus device.

Kali Linux "NetHunter" — Turn Your Android Device into Hacking Weapons

Chaos Computer Club. Meet the Hackers Who Want to Jailbreak the Internet. As part of the Indie Web movement, Harlan Wood wants to rebuild the internet — one block at a time.

Meet the Hackers Who Want to Jailbreak the Internet

Photo: Klint Finley/WIRED PORTLAND, OREGON — One guy is wearing his Google Glass. Another showed up in an HTML5 t-shirt. And then there’s the dude who looks like the Mad Hatter, decked out in a top hat with an enormous white flower tucked into the brim. At first, they look like any other gaggle of tech geeks. Pourquoi je veux que ma fille soit un hacker. Voici la traduction d'un texte écrit par un papa.

Pourquoi je veux que ma fille soit un hacker

Il a suscité de nombreux commentaires dont celui-ci : « je ne vous connais pas, mais vous devez être le meilleur père qui soit. » On vous laisse juge :) Geeks are the New Guardians of Our Civil Liberties. A decade-plus of anthropological fieldwork among hackers and like-minded geeks has led me to the firm conviction that these people are building one of the most vibrant civil liberties movements we’ve ever seen.

Geeks are the New Guardians of Our Civil Liberties

It is a culture committed to freeing information, insisting on privacy, and fighting censorship, which in turn propels wide-ranging political activity. In the last year alone, hackers have been behind some of the most powerful political currents out there. Before I elaborate, a brief word on the term “hacker” is probably in order. Even among hackers, it provokes debate. For instance, on the technical front, a hacker might program, administer a network, or tinker with hardware.

Despite their differences, there are certain websites and conferences that bring the various hacker clans together. Take, for instance, the reaction to the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), a far-reaching copyright bill meant to curtail piracy online. Les geeks sont les nouveaux défenseurs des libertés publiques, par G. Coleman. Hacktivisme : les voies du pouvoir ne sont plus impénétrables.

Le vrombissement incessant des ordinateurs dissipe les nuées âpres des gaz lacrymogènes, le clapotis furieux des claviers atténue le fracas des cocktails Molotov, et la révolte larvée d’esprits embrumés par l’opacité du pouvoir se présente à nouveau, l’œil résolu, le poing fermé, la transparence à la boutonnière.

Hacktivisme : les voies du pouvoir ne sont plus impénétrables

L’envie d’en découdre ne cache plus rien d’autre que le besoin de conquérir un savoir trop longtemps dissimulé. Internet a fait d’une révolte une révolution, et la liberté est à portée de clavier. L'un des premiers serveurs de l'infrastructure de Telecomix. Hijacking airplanes with an Android phone. Posted on 10 April 2013.

Hijacking airplanes with an Android phone

An extremely well attended talk by Hugo Teso, a security consultant at n.runs AG in Germany, about the completely realistic scenario of plane hijacking via a simple Android app has galvanized the crowd attending the Hack In The Box Conference in Amsterdam today. Teso, who has been working in IT for the last eleven years and has been a trained commercial pilot for a year longer than that, has combined his two interests in order to bring to light the sorry state of security of aviation computer systems and communication protocols. By taking advantage of two new technologies for the discovery, information gathering and exploitation phases of the attack, and by creating an exploit framework (SIMON) and an Android app (PlaneSploit) that delivers attack messages to the airplanes' Flight Management Systems (computer unit + control display unit), he demonstrated the terrifying ability to take complete control of aircraft by making virtual planes "dance to his tune.

" Kids can't use computers... and this is why it should worry you - Coding 2 Learn. TL;DR?

Kids can't use computers... and this is why it should worry you - Coding 2 Learn

Why not just go watch another five second video of a kitten with its head in a toilet roll, or a 140 character description of a meal your friend just stuffed in their mouth. “nom nom”. This blog post is not for you. The phone rang through to my workroom. Manifestos for the Internet Age. By various authors March 2015 Manifestos for the Internet Age is a reader that collects manifestos of computer culture, starting with Ted Nelson (Computer Lib), through the GNU Manifesto and the Hacker Manifesto (1986), up to current influential positions such as The Cult of Done, the Cryptoparty Manifesto, the Critical Engineering Manifesto (Oliver, Savičić, Vasiliev), the 3D Additivist Manifesto (Morehshin Allahyari & Daniel Rourke), the Xenofeminist Manifesto (Laboria Cuboniks), and many other writings from both artists and activists.

Manifestos for the Internet Age

Some of the included writings: Work in progress.