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World's First Manned Flight Of An Electric Multicopter Thomas Senkel of e-volo made this first manned flight with an e-powered multicopter at an airstrip near Karlsruhe, Germany in October 2011. The flight lasted one minute and 30 seconds, after which the constructor and test pilot stated: "The flight characteristics are good natured. Without any steering input it would just hover there on the spot". This could be the future of flight, piloting a device as simple as a car. Each day the Flixxy team looks through hundreds of new videos to pull out a few we think are the best.

Projects - L’Artisan Electronique - Vimperator In L’Artisan Électronique, pottery, one of the oldest artisanal techniques for making utilitarian objects, is combined with new digital media. However, the installation still clearly refers to the artisanal process of working in clay. Unfold’s ceramic 3d printer has a great resonance with the way traditional potters handled clay by building a form out of coils of clay. The virtual pottery wheel on the other hand, is a digital tool to ‘turn’ forms in thin air. L’Artisan Electronique is an installation commissioned by Z33 for the exhibition Design by Performance and developed in collaboration with Tim Knapen and the RepRap community. L'Artisan Electronique was in exhibitions in Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi Art Fair), Jerusalem (Israel Museum), Rotterdam (CBK), Enkhuizen (Zuiderzeemuseum), Brussels (Design Flanders Gallery), London (Aram Gallery), ... Photos: Unfold & Kristof Vrancken for Z33

Twentieth — Art and design Arduino Tutorial - Learn electronics and microcontrollers using Arduino! So, I get two or three emails a day, all basically asking the same thing: "Where can I learn about electronics?" In general, most of these people have seen some of my projects and want to be able to build similar things. Unfortunately, I have never been able to point them to a good site that really takes the reader through a solid introduction to microcontrollers and basic electronics. I designed this tutorial course to accompany the Arduino starter pack sold at the Adafruit webshop. Follow these lessons for happiness and prosperity. Lesson 0 Pre-flight check...Is your Arduino and computer ready? Here are some recommended tools: If you need to get any soldering done, you may also want.... All of the content in the Arduino Tutorial is CC 2.5 Share-Alike Attrib. Love it? To some extent, the structure of the material borrows from: The impressively good "What's a microcontroller?" "Spooky Arduino" - Todbot's excellent (if fast-paced!)

Propeller Propulsion by TheoJansen on Shapeways - Vimperator [Note: This propeller propulsion add-on does not include a 3D printed Strandbeest, which should be bought seperately! This propeller only fits the PARVUS!] Theo Jansen’s 3D printed Strandbeest continues to evolve with the addition of a Propeller Propulsion system! The propeller addition is available as a separate kit, which can be mounted on the 3D printed Strandbeests. The 3D printed Strandbeest is sold separately. A few tips to consider: - Please look at our instruction video on mounting the Propeller Propulsion add-on, here. - After mounting the Propeller Propulsion add-on it is best left mounted. Ross Lovegrove Electronics - News G2 Microsystems The MicroController and Embedded System Store Arduino - HomePage