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Is it Time for You to Earn or to Learn? This is part of my Startup Advice series I often have career discussions with entrepreneurs – both young and more mature – whether they should join company “X” or not. I usually pull the old trick of answering a question with a question. My reply is usually, “is it time for you to earn or to learn?” Let’s face it. If you’re thinking about joining as the director of marketing, product management manager, senior architect, international business development lead, etc. at a startup that has already raised $5 million the chances of you making your retirement money on that company is EXTREMELY small. Yet I often hear people asking about these types of opportunities express their questions to me whether I think this company is going to be a big hit. And let’s say that it took 4 years to exit – that’s $31,250 / year. So let’s go CRAZY! Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to depress you. For most people it’s learn. So a friend recently called to ask for advice on becoming the CTO of a startup.

Are you happy or sad? New smartphone app maps your mental state The Xpression app phone display, with the bottom box detailing the emotion analyzed as present in the speech sample. New smartphone app allows users to record their mood through their speech acousticsThe app is designed to be used in the clinical treatment of stress and depressionIt could replace manually-recorded "mood diaries", which patients often leave incompleteApp may also appeal to consumers interested in self-tracking technology London (CNN) -- A British firm is developing an app that will allow smartphones to track their owners' moods through their speech patterns, in the hope it can improve aspects of mental health treatment. The app, known as Xpression, will record the user's voice throughout the day, whether they are making a phone call or not, analyzing the acoustics for emotional content. "Over half of adults in the UK suffer from severe stress once or twice a week so there's a lot of opportunity in the market," he said. "This replaces that old technology.

Thot CursusJeux sérieux gratuits Vous voici devant la plus récente version de notre célèbre Répertoire des Jeux sérieux gratuits. Principales nouveautés : Septembre 2013 : 22 jeux nouveaux ! Les nouveautés se situent dans les catégories suivantes: Pour les tout-petits (1), Administration - Finances - Marketing (2), Alimentation - Agriculture (1), Biologie-Nature (1), Droit et justice (1), Entraide - Bénévolat - Citoyenneté (1), Environnement-Développement durable (1), Informatique-Internet (2), Langues (3), Mathématiques (1), Musique (1), Orientation professionnelle (2), Physique (1), Psyché (1) et Santé-Hygiène-Prévention (3). Pour vous éviter de parcourir une très longue liste, nous vous proposons de cliquer ci-dessous sur les sujets qui vous intéressent. Sommaire du répertoire N’hésitez pas à explorer les catégories que vous ne connaissez pas, vous y découvrirez certainement des merveilles ! Bonne découverte, et bons jeux ! Pour les tout-petits (1 nouveauté) Administration - Finances - Marketing (2 nouveautés) (1 nouveauté)

Software Library: MS-DOS Games : Free Software : Download & Streaming Also For Apple II, Macintosh, Windows, Windows 3.x Developed by MECC Published by MECC Released 1990 Pacing Real-Time Perspective Bird's-eye view, Side view, Text-based / Spreadsheet, Top-down Educational Geography, History Genre Educational, Simulation Setting Western Interface Text Parser Gameplay Managerial / Business Simulation Visual Fixed / Flip-screen Description As a covered wagon party of pioneers, you head out west from Independence, Missouri to the Willamette River and valley in... favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 318 reviews ) Click here for the manual. Also For Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Atari ST, FM Towns, Game Boy, Game Gear, Game Boy Color, Genesis, iPad, iPhone, Macintosh, NES, Nintendo 3DS, PC-98, SAM Coupé, SEGA CD, Sharp X68000, SEGA Master System, SNES, TurboGrafx CD, Wii Published by Brøderbund Software, Inc. MS-DOS: Oregon Trail Deluxe, The by (1992) favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 128 reviews ) Developed by Brøderbund Software, Inc. software eye favorite 215

How Did Evolution Shape Human Behavior? | The Leakey Foundation Wonderfest 2010: How Did Evolution Shape Human Behavior? News In November, Stanford University and UC Berkeley were home to the 12th Annual Bay Area Festival of Science, aptly named Wonderfest . Two Leakey Foundation Grantees, Henry Gilbert , Assistant Professor of Anthropology at CSU East Bay and David DeGusta , former Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Stanford , were featured speakers. They jointly discussed how evolution has shaped our behavior today. You can view the full program, separated into its individual chapters, at Through public discourse about provocative scientific questions, Wonderfest aspires to stimulate curiosity, promote careful reasoning, challenge unexamined beliefs, and encourage life-long learning.

Mood Chart, Mood Journal, Mood Tracker – Free, Online The HealthyPlace Mood Tracker is a unique, easy to use, daily tracking system that enables you to keep track of your moods and the feelings and actions behind them. In addition, the Mood Tracker, using a scientifically validated algorithm, measures when your mood is dangerously depressed or elevated (manic) and will send an alert to your doctor or therapist via email or fax and include a copy of your recent mood journal entries (with your authorization, of course). Our mood journal system can also send a text message alert to a family member or caregiver’s cellphone advising them to look in on you. Many mental health professionals recommend the use of a mood journal as a tool for managing bipolar disorder, depression or other mood disorders. There are 5 tabs across the top of all Mood Tracker pages: 1. 2. Select your Mood - either elevated (manic), normal or depressed. When you are done, click "Add Entry."

Born to be alive | Naissance virtuelle en 3D The best PC games 40 Cities: Skylines RELEASED March 2015 | LAST POSITION New entry Chris L: 2013’s SimCity didn’t just leave fans disappointed and angry, it also left a huge city-building void just waiting to be filled. Cities: Skylines arrived not just at the perfect time but in the best possible way: despite a small development team, Colossal Order produced a fun, engaging, and extremely attractive city builder. Priced at half what most games go for and featuring a slick UI, easy to understand controls, charming visuals, and a surprisingly complex traffic simulation, Skylines instantly became both a critical hit and a hot seller. What’s more, it avoided EA’s missteps by providing a fully offline experience yet still allowing the game to become a communal treasure due to mod support. Shaun: Cities: Skylines is my favourite kind of game because it’s heaps of fun not to play. 39 Fallout 3 RELEASED October 2008 | LAST POSITION 28 38 BioShock Infinite RELEASED March 2013 | LAST POSITION 13 36 EVE Online

Where Do Bad Moods Come From? | Wired Science  What causes bad moods? Why do we sometimes slip into angry fits and melancholy torpors? In general, happy moods have easy explanations – we know why we’re elated. But a bad mood often seems to arrive out of the blue, a gloomy weather pattern that settles in from everywhere all at once. All of a sudden, we find ourselves pissed off without a good reason, which only makes us more pissed off. The standard theory of bad moods is rooted in a psychological quirk known as ego depletion. A bad mood is no different. A brand new paper, published in the Journal of Consumer Research, extends this link between self-control and anger, even as it complicates the ego-depletion model. My favorite experiment involved movies. What’s driving this effect? So the next time you decide to resist some treat, be it a day at the spa or a pint of Haagen-Dazs, be sure to keep a few cognitive resources in reserve.

Casual Games Reduce Stress and Anxiety ​According to the results of a year-long study by the East Carolina University's Psychophysiology Lab and Biofeedback Clinic, "casual gaming" has been proven to noticeably lower stress and anxiety in people suffering from clinical depression. The study was underwritten by PopCap Games, creators of such casual gaming juggernauts as Bejeweled, Peggle and Bookworm Adventures, all of which were used in the study. While the corporate backing of the experiment may give you pause, the results are difficult to dismiss. According to the study's findings, casual gaming reduced symptoms of depression by a whopping 57%. The study found that casual gaming not only reduced symptoms in the short term (30 minutes), but in the long term as well. "The results of this study clearly demonstrate the intrinsic value of certain casual games in terms of significant, positive effects on the moods and anxiety levels of people suffering from any level of depression," stated Dr. Methodology Join The Joystick Division!

Staying Alive | 4 minutes pour sauver une vie The 100 best free online games on PC - PC Gamer Westerado Play it online here. And now for something completely different, and totally ace. Westerado is a beautiful action/adventure/gratuitous western game, and stop me before I wax lyrical about the era-appropriate instrumental soundtrack. After banditos kill your family, you have to track down the responsible parties - or, instead, you could just shoot everyone in the face, foes and family alike. Westerado gets bonus points for making you unholster and cock your gun before you fire (and a million bonus points for letting you shoot the hats off bad guys). Fishy Waters Play it online here Not every game has to contain spikes and grisly death, and I may have found the polar opposite of Maddening Relapse in Fishy Waters, a delightful adventure that has you plundering a lake of its piscine inhabitants in order to honour the memory of your departed father. Jaws: The Text Adventure Play it online here. Gods Will Be Watching Play it online here. Guilded Youth Play it online here. Daymare Town 4 Bee

Consommateurs : Comment on vous influence. Vous êtes ici : Actualités >> Actualités scientifiques >> Planète conférences Par Nicolas GUEGUEN, Docteur en psychologie et Professeur des Universités en Sciences du comportement à l'Université de Bretagne Sud Une perceuse affichée à 39,99 euros sera-t-elle mieux vendue que la même à 40,00 euros ? La musique fait-elle vendre ? Les odeurs du lait pour bébé influencent-elles nos goûts à l'âge adulte ? La couleur d'une boisson influence-t-elle son goût ? Aujourd'hui on cherche, de multiples manières, à influencer le comportement du consommateur.