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Dungeons & Dragons Dice Roller

Dungeons & Dragons Dice Roller

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Adventure Hook Random Generator Ever find yourself stuck for an adventure idea right up to the time your players arrive for the game? Our Adventure Hook Random Generator gives you Dungeon Masters a starting point from which you can develop a new adventure. This handy program uses a number of preset variables to develop an adventure hook or starting idea for you. Below are three different categories that, depending on the style of your game, provide starting points from which you can develop a D&D game session. You may need to adjust the wording of the result slightly to use it as a springboard to open your adventure.

#1 / 6 Firefly - the Virtual Seasons The PDF and the PDB are now here. Download PDF Download PDB This is my first time converting anything into this format and I can't test it, so please let me know if there are any problems, comments, suggestions. Sorry it took so long. Campaign Mastery game master advice So we’ve looked at Themes, and we’ve looked at Concepts, and even touched on the relationship between the two. But now it’s time to address the elephant in the room – twin elephants in fact – Genre and Style, and how these modify that relationship, how it all comes together to form a unique fingerprint that identifies each and every campaign, and finally, how an understanding of that fingerprint permits the GM to enhance the campaign to produce greater enjoyment for all concerned. Past Reference

Real Name Creator - Random Generator for German Names [+] Filtering Options Gender: Alliteration: <h4 style="color:red;"> The random generator for German name combinations will only work if JavaScript is supported. Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Reference Document The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game is released under the Open Game License, meaning the core rules that drive the Pathfinder RPG system are available to anyone to use for free under the terms of the OGL. This compendium of rules, charts, and tables contains all of the open rules in the system, and is provided for the use of the community of gamers and publishers working with the system. This compendium is NOT the official Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! #1 / 2 Firefly: Objects In Space: Map: Core Worlds These planets were the first to be terraformed, and eventually formed the Alliance in the hopes of bringing peace and prosperity to the less fortunate outlying worlds. A Technological paradise, comprised of tall buildings of steel and glass with holographic billboards illustrating the latest in consumer news. Ariel is known for its wonderful medical facilities. The technology is the very latest, featuring fancifications as holographic scanners among other glorified equipment.

Roleplaying Tips for game masters for all role-playing systems Roleplaying Tips Weekly E-Zine Issue #2 One of the most destructive events that happens every few game sessions in my campaign is the Time Bomb. A missed or incorrectly interpreted rule, a forgotten fact or just a bad play and everybody realizes a little later that a mistake has occurred. And the mistake has deeply affected events that followed. Perhaps a character would have succeeded if Rule B had been used. Or maybe you forgot that it was dark and the bad guys could not possibly have been so deadly accurate with their shots?

Get Pcgen PCGen is open-source software available for free under the LGPL License. There are a couple of ways you can get it: Option 1. Download Latest Stable Release of PCGen Althaghast, the White Necromancer / Kobold Press October 27, 2011 / Marc Radle Within the pages of Kobold Quarterly #19, you’ll find the white necromancer, a new class created for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Designer Marc Radle has crafted a character for you that uses the new class, and you can see the result below. Our sample white necromancer has been illustrated by the talented Chris McFann. Although many necromancers are foul, twisted individuals obsessed with evil and death, a few embrace the knowledge that true necromancy involves manipulating the powers of life as well as death and undeath. These enlightened few are known as white necromancers.

#1 / 1 Questionable Content: New comics every Monday through Friday When writing the dialogue for today's strip, I had to check and see whether "flier" or "flyer" was the correct spelling- turns out both are acceptable. I went with flyer because that seems to be the one the airlines use the most. It's funny how sometimes the littlest details can be such a pain in the ass. Those of you who have poked around in the sketchbook thread in the forums have probably already seen Dora's new hairstyle. Before I get 10457 emails asking "what happened to her hair OMG??!??!" Launch CUSTOMIZATION (click for additional options) This section is DISABLED because you do not have Javascript enabled. None of the links above include any memory size configuration, nor is it possible to add them here. It is strongly recommended that you enable Javascript and reload this page. These are general purpose parameters for running the tools. You should not need to use these unless you want to configure the tool to have more memory than the default (you can see the defaults filled in below).

Dyson's Random Morph Map Inspired by and using Dyson Logos' Geomorph Maps and coded by Rob Lang of The Free RPG Blog Dyson's Random Morph Map Press F5 for a new map or set tile width of to restrict the width. You can then screenshot or try printing straight from the browser. Iolis Euipment Weapons[edit] Melee Weapons[edit] Simple[edit]

Diaspora SRD Diaspora is a role-playing game with a focus on hard(ish) science-fiction adventure. You build a universe, you build characters, and then you play with them in it. Underpinning the game is the task resolution system described in this chapter.

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