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Créez des images comiques en ligne | Amusez-vous de votre photo portrait greeting cards, scrapbooking - - Free Online Photo Mosaic Creator. Cool Solutions: Gimp Tips Part 1: Resizing Images By Jason Jones *note* For those of you who are Photoshop gurus, the beginning of this article will cover the basic concepts behind resizing an image, so you might want to skip down to the “let’s resize” portion. Differences between resizing your image and resizing your canvas When I began my journey down the road of digital image manipulation, I didn’t understand too much about photography so I had to learn a lot of basic concepts on my own. Resizing an image is equivalent to blowing an image up, or sizing it down. Let’s Resize With the explanation out of the way, let’s start clickin’ and actually do a little /coolsolutions/img/11503-resizing. Resizing images with The Gimp is done with a few simple steps. With The Gimp open, select the image you wish to resize When my image is open, my screen looks like this: Even though it’s a bit hard to tell in this article, the image on my screen is really quite large. 1600×1200 pixels, to be exact. Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)

Dumpr - Photo Fun Online image and photo editor -'s Phoenix As per this blog post from July, we have officially closed the advanced suite of Flash tools (previously located at in order to focus on our new company direction powering the photo experience in 3rd party apps. While we hoped that everyone would have taken the time to retrieve their files since our notice, we recognize that the message may not have been seen by everyone. Therefore, if you were not able to retrieve all of your files to date, please contact us at from the email address associated with your account to help retrieve your files. Do this quickly. Please note that after September 30th, 2012, we cannot guarantee that your files will still be available for us to retrieve. While the tools will remain offline, we may continue to explore new homes in whole or in part, for specific elements of the suite. I would like to make a few recommendations for alternate tools to try: Thank you to those of you who gave awards to the advanced suite.

FotoViewr. Stunning photo galleries for your Flickr photos. Flash slideshows for your online photos. CM: Foto-Mosaik Autres versions (portables, Mac OS X, Linux) disponibles sur le site officiel : Foto-Mosaik-Edda version Standard est un logiciel gratuit et en français qui permet de créer une mosaïque d'images, c'est à dire d'utiliser des centaines d'images pour en créer une autre. Fonctions principales : Utilisation facile : Un assistant vous aidera à créer votre photo-mosaïque. Exemple : A voir également Communautés d'assistance et de conseils.

218 HD Resolution Desktop Wallpapers for Nerds | Nerd Business Blog Here are 218 HD resolution wallpapers. Nerds like you and me have big ass screens so ALL of these wallpapers are available in high resolutions of at least 1900x1200. Plus, each one has been hand picked for quality, not quantity. And as much as I would like to make them all available for you in their uncompressed, full resolution glory, I don't have an infinite bandwith machine. Nor would that be fair to the original authors. So to get the full resolution wallpaper you'll notice a link to the source conveniently displayed along with the wallpaper's title and resolution. Enjoy! Growth of Cubic Bacteria 2560 x 1600 by Václav Pajkrt WarCraft Skull 1920 x1200 from WarCraft Zul'aman 1920 x1200 from Spiderman 1920x1200 from Crysis Fan Art 1920 x 1539 from Nvidia Green 1920 x1200 from Precious Things 2560 x 1600 by Blatte's Backgrounds (you need to generate a free password from his Terms page) Make a beautiful photomontage. Great love & fun photo montages for free! Select a photo effect or try goodies application | BeFunky Canvas Print Prices - Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide Perth We challenge you to find anyone in Australia selling a product of similar quality and service at prices lower than ours. We have spent years developing a product that will meet and exceed your expectations at an affordable price. Many canvas printing companies claim to offer the best prices in Australia . However, they are either significantly more expensive than Brilliant Prints, or they hit you with “extra charges” for options that we include as standard. With Brilliant Prints there are no hidden charges. How can we offer you premium archival canvas, superior lamination, giclee pigment inks, framing and finishing at such competitive prices? Still concerned about the value and quality of our product? The following services are included in the prices above The only additional costs are Scanning cost of $8.80 if your image is taken from a negative, slide, transparency, or existing photo. Want prices on some of our other products? Prices for Acrylic Blocks (Lumi Tiles)