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Magic Item Shop Random Inventory Generator Instructions: Simply enter a number for how many items of each type the magic shop should have. If a shop shouldn't have any of those items, leave the field blank or enter a 0. Then press submit and the page will reload with a Magic Item Shop inventory listed below that fits your criteria. Or as a shortcut select a value for "Pre-fill as shop size" then submit, or customize the settings then submit. This generator uses the probabilities in the SRD as faithfully as possible with one exception noted below. From the Dungeon to the Dictionary From the Dungeon to the Dictionary I recently received an e-mail from a correspondent who noted that my list of forms of government lacked the word magocracy . I was slightly bewildered that it was not there, for two reasons. I'd thoroughly searched the online Oxford English Dictionary and other sources for all "-cracy" and "-archy" words, so in theory, there shouldn't be any omissions.

Worldbuilding: Where to Start? Ptolemy Map of the World (via Wikimedia Commons) One question often asked when deciding to build a world for a game or novel (but especially games) is: Where to start? Usually this question is asked or steered in the direction of creating a map. Light of Aurifar - Feat - DND Toolshop Feb. 23, 2014 Hi guys, one of our staff managed to create an android application! Do check it out on Google play : This is My Game » Psychology and D&D (Part 1 – The Peak/End Rule) I am not a psychologist, but I play one on the Internet. However, I am something of a polymath. I’ve been interested in many aspects of science ever since I was in school. In particular, I enjoy learning about how humans think, especially since I find I tend to think differently than most other people (for good or bad).

Random City Map Generator The Random City Map Generator creates a "random" city or town map suitable for fantasy and other role-playing games (RPGs) such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, GURPS, HERO and many others. Note: you can try out version two of this tool. Because the map is made from layered images, to save or print a map you need to either: Take a sceenshot (print screen key) and paste into an image editor; Or print the page to a pdf file (Macs have this built-in, PCs may need a product like "cutePDF".) See more caveats and planned features below. Planned Features/Caveats

Pelgrane Press Ltd » Blog Archive » The Archmage Engine – 13th Age SRD This is the home of the 13th Age / Archmage Engine system reference document. For licensing information, go here. It contains all the open content from the 13th Age RPG – the Archmage Engine. Whether you are a publisher or a gamer, you can use this under the terms of the Open Gaming License. RPG Mapping Tools Part 1 - Battle Maps My old friend +James Graham plussed me the other day (is this actually a verb, I can't decide) with the question "Do you know any good RPG Mapping Tools" and I'm sorry to say that I couldn't give him a straight answer. Although Jim wasn't very specific in his request, the underlying quandry with mapping is that there's so much choice in terms of the types of map you want to make. At the macro level you have Starmaps but at the micro level there are Battlemaps, with all manner of world maps, region maps and dungeon maps inbetween. First lets look at... Battlemaps

dnd35 « Dingles Games Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /usr/share/wordpress2.7/wp-content/themes/dinglesgames/toolHeader.php:108) in /usr/share/wordpress2.7/wp-content/themes/dinglesgames/library/ddgettreas.php on line 7 Welcome to Dingle's Games free treasure generator for D&D 3.5. Leave a Reply s Map-making Journal » Blog Archive » Crossroads Originally posted on This month’s annual from Profantasy is a new city style designed by the fantasy cartographer Jon Roberts. This is the third time that one of Jon Roberts’ themes are presented as an annual. The two earlier versions have been an overland style and a dungeon style. I must admit that I’ve really looked forward to the release of this annual. Random Inn/Tavern Generator Current Settings (Because this is a set of separate images, to save the floorplans you should: press your "print screen" key (or your computer's equivalent) and then open your favorite image editor and paste the screenshot into a new image. Then crop the rest of the screen. Some word processors will also allow you to paste the screenshot and even crop it.

sazaeoni Seemingly thousands of oddball goblins, demons, spirits and monsters populate Japan's traditional spook-story lore, known collectively as "youkai" and ranging from such ancient figures as the Tanuki to more modern urban legend like the Slit-mouthed Woman. Some of these creatures were once firmly believed to exist, while others made their debut in works of art, poetry or riddles, taking on life of their own as cultural icons that persist to this day. Perhaps one of the greatest influences on modern Youkai awareness was the artist Toriyama Sekien, who illustrated over 200 creatures - both traditional and of his own design - in a series of four books published in the late 1700's. Among them, an outlandish-looking monster he called the Sazaeoni. A "Sazae" is a distinct variety of sea shell belonging to a type of snail, also known as a "turban shell" and even eaten as a delicacy, though this is hardly surprising since we're talking about Japan and an animal that comes out of the sea.

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