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Light of Aurifar - Feat - DND Toolshop Feb. 23, 2014 Hi guys, one of our staff managed to create an android application! The app comes with SRD only (can't put copyrighted stuff on Play), but there is option to download whole database. First, open the app, click on Setting and select Upgrade Database: Then, paste this link: to the window and press Accept: That's all! Please, do leave him some feedback, like, etc! Tgg Jan. 17, 2014 Over the past year, we have seen significant changes to our site. Things to come… Domains & DeitiesWe are currently in the process of updating our Domains and Deities. Races & MonstersWhile we currently have a some information on the site, we are planning on improving these entries. Mundane/Alchemical ItemsThis is currently in the development phase as we look to expand upon the items sections. Additional Items… This list represents all the entries we want to eventually implement. Did we miss something? Our Mission… Seeking Help Thanks,tgg

From the Dungeon to the Dictionary From the Dungeon to the Dictionary I recently received an e-mail from a correspondent who noted that my list of forms of government lacked the word magocracy . I was slightly bewildered that it was not there, for two reasons. This revelation left me, if not shaken to my lexicographic foundations, then at least perplexed that I had possessed in my vocabulary for many, many years a word that simply did not exist. The answer is that for over twenty years, I have been a participant in role-playing games (RPGs), most notably Dungeons and Dragons (usually abbreviated to D&D), an extremely popular game with millions of players worldwide (mostly in their teens and twenties), and also one with its own curious jargon. Any sufficiently popular and complex hobby, game or sport will quickly develop its own cant, a mode of discourse that by its nature includes insiders and excludes others. magic-user The Words of the Game electrum coins, potions of diminution , and lycanthropic foes. sardonyxes olivines . or .

dinglesgames ¡5 libros sobre gamificación que no debes perderte! Ya hemos hablado sobre el significado y los objetivos de la gamificación. También hemos ofrecido algunas ideas de inspiración para trasladarlo al aula. En esta ocasión, sugerimos la siguiente recopilación de libros sobre gamificación para profundizar todavía más en este concepto y que lo podáis practicar en el aula. ¿Qué otros recomendarías? 1Gamificación: cómo motivar a tu alumnado y mejorar el clima en el aula Esta obra se estructura en tres partes. 2Explora como un pirata Su autor Michael Matera es diseñador de juegos en el aula y pedagogo, y en este libro propone a los docentes un desafío muy especial: “transformar la clase en un mundo de experiencias positivas gracias a la colaboración y la creatividad”. 3¿Jugamos? Para mostrar cuáles son las claves que ayudan a transformar la educación a través del juego, su autora propone a los docentes un camino lúdico de la mano de Alicia, el conocido personaje del País de las Maravillas de Lewis Carroll. Amazon 4Gamificación. Amazon 6Gamificación

Hexographer | World/Starmap/Wilderness Map Creation Software The Hypertext d20 SRD (v3.5 d20 System Reference Document) Lizard's Gaming and Geekery Site | Old School Attitude? Modern Rules dnd35 « Dingles Games Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /usr/share/wordpress2.7/wp-content/themes/dinglesgames/toolHeader.php:108) in /usr/share/wordpress2.7/wp-content/themes/dinglesgames/library/ddgettreas.php on line 7 Welcome to Dingle's Games free treasure generator for D&D 3.5. Leave a Reply You must be logged in to post a comment. This tool is for DMs who are tired of spending an hour generating treasue only to see their players just cash it all in for gold. Using this treasure generator, a DM can create upto a 20CR Treasure hoared in a few seconds. Once you have selected a CR press the CALCLATE button to create to create the treasure. The treasure generator is free to use and supplied "as is".

Rol y aprendizaje Este martes, toca algo nuevo. Hacía tiempo que me apetecía crear esta “minisección” dentro del blog porque creo que puede convertirse en algo MUY útil para tod@s aquell@s que quieran aproximarse de alguna manera a los diseños de experiencias basadas en juego. “Cosas que me traigo…” será su nombre, y en ella hablaremos de todos los elementos, características, partes o estructuras que tendremos la posibilidad de traernos a nuestros proyectos y que nos servirán de ayuda. Pero… ¿de dónde me traigo esto?. Pues ahí esta la gracia de cada una de las entradas, que estudiando y profundizando diferentes áreas (juegos de mesa, videojuegos, juegos de rol, literatura, arte, cómics, novelas gráficas o incluso marketing, sanidad….) veremos que las experiencias basadas en juego, se nutren de muchos sitios diferentes, y de todos ellos, podremos aprender algo para usarlo en nuestros proyectos posteriores. En esta primera entrega, tengo a un invitado que me hace especial ilusión.

Herman Tulleken's Blog - 20 Fun Grid Facts (Hex Grids) The following blog post, unless otherwise noted, was written by a member of Gamasutra’s community. The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company. At Gamelogic we are obsessed with grids. We thought it might be a good idea to share some of the interesting (and obscure) facts we have uncovered in our quest to know everything we can about grids and their use in games. If you want share in this grid movement, follow us on Twitter (@gamelogicZA) or look out for the hashtag #fungridfacts. Edit: This is a sample of some of the fun facts of hex grids. You can doanload it here: The images below is from this file. Fun grid fact #1: Agon is the oldest known game to use a hex grid (we know of) Fun grid fact #2 John Nash (from A Beautiful Mind) re-invented the game Hex for a proof of the “strategy-stealing strategy” Hex can't end in a draw; one player always wins. Yes, hex grids are not just for bees.

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