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The Tom Bearden Website

The Tom Bearden Website
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Buy Energy from the Vacuum Energy from the Vacuum Concepts & Principles Tom Bearden’s findings, culminating 30 years of re-examining the foundations of science, are good news that point the way to an inexhaustible, clean energy source for mankind—energy from the “vacuum,” as the space all around us is termed in science. The energy contained in a cup of this space could boil all the oceans of the world it is so densely energetic. Developing and ubiquitously deploying free energy systems could eradicate the strategic vulnerabilities of centralized power systems, while reversing the runaway degradation of our precious biosphere and providing a viable antidote for the perpetual poverty of underdeveloped nations. This book also contains the true stories of inventors who, over the past 150 years, have pioneered some of these processes—and their secrets. Preview Table of Contents 100 illustrations - 977 pp. - soft cover - 6x9"(15x23cm).

The Home of Primordial Energy - THE Place for information from BRUCE DePALMA The surface of the Sun:  The sun has a rigid iron surface located under the photosphere that is revealed by satellite imagery.  The solar surface sits beneath the sun's visible photosphere and is electrically active. Energy Developments - discovered a NEW ENERGY SOURCES The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman : Home Page Vacuum Energy: Proof of Free Energy in the Space All Around Us Everything in the entire universe, everything that you and I perceive to be solid matter, is actually not matter at all. All the space around us is pure energy which we will call vacuum energy. Not only that, but this vacuum energy is infinitely dense. The reality that you and I have been led to believe in is a lie. The only truly dense thing in this universe is the apparent empty space all around us, and whenever we see objects, hold them, touch them, or otherwise … that is most likely due to a gradient within the infinite density of the vacuum energy which gives off a little oscillation of energy slow enough for our senses to perceive it. Here is the proof. Infinite Vacuum Energy in Quantum Physics This is not a fringe theory. “…present day quantum field theory “gets rid by a renormalization process” of an energy density in the vacuum that would formerly be infinite if not removed by this renormalization.” Nassim continues: The Casimir Effect Conclusion – Moving Forwards No more oil.

Lumiere sur la planete - Energie Libre - Ce que c'est L’énergie libre est une énergie gratuite, illimitée et non polluante qui existe tout autour de nous et qui peut remplacer le pétrole. Cette énergie est puisée dans les ondes électromagnétiques émises par le rayonnement de l’univers. Elle existe tout autour de nous, en constant équilibre dans notre environnement. Depuis longtemps, de grands scientifiques tels que Nikola Tesla et Michael Faraday ont cherché à canaliser l’énergie libre. Même si celle-ci ne peut être vue, son existence aurait été décelée depuis déjà longtemps par plusieurs chercheurs. Qu’on en soit conscient ou non, l’arrivée imminente d’appareils fonctionnant à l’énergie libre aura un impact réel, concret et planétaire dans nos vies. Pour en connaître davantage sur l’énergie libre, visionnez notre DVD. Désolé, le DVD n'est plus disponible... Contenu du DVD «Le vide est plein d’énergie. (Science & Vie, juin 2003) Dans ce DVD, vous apprendrez :

$100,000 STAR Challenge and Award On the one year anniversary of the launch of “Sirius”, I would like to thank all of you for your continued support, which has made “Sirius” the most successful crowd funded documentary film in history! On this one year anniversary, Earth Day 2014, we are announcing the STAR Challenge and Award. While we have not raised enough funds to open a professional research and development lab, thanks to your generosity we have enough funds to announce this new Award of $100,000. Many have sent us reports of open-source “free energy” devices seen on the Internet. As many of you know, we have spent many years and over $900,000 traveling the world testing, providing grants to individuals and attempting to find such a device. Dozens of times we have gotten close to finding such a system- only to have it vanish. Of course, if we had adequate funding our Lab would operate in this fashion- literally being streamed on the Internet. This is necessary. In Universal Peace, Steven M.