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The Hypertext d20 SRD (v3.5 d20 System Reference Document)

The Hypertext d20 SRD (v3.5 d20 System Reference Document)

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1001 Common Structures in a Village/Town/City This is the revamped version of the old thread, started with some sort of planning. Ever had trouble thinking of random buildings for an urban setting? Ever just drawn some rectangular shapes and said 'OK, that's a building' without bothering to explain it? D&D Sports Imagine the modern world, but populated by the classic Dungeons & Dragons races: Humans, Dwarves, Elves, etc. Now: Imagine professional sports. What races would excel at various sports? Which ones would they enjoy? Of course, hockey would be a Dwarven sport. They already enjoy wearing lots of armor.

The Welsh Piper » Hex Templates Revisiting the RPG cartography standard Once again donning my OCD hat, I'm compelled to implement a standard for mapping areas of my campaign. The goal is to use a consistent scale for areas of a certain size, as well as a static grid system that helps me drill down to sub-maps and note the locations of prominent campaign features. Introduction to Dungeons and Dragons Dungeons & Dragons. People often ask me if they can join a game, watch, or just take part in the magic. I oblige, but my hopes that they'll continue to play are low. Dungeons and Dragons, to most of it's true fans and players, is a way of thinking. To take part in a campaign- to save a king from an evil Lich- is invigorating.

Iolis Euipment Weapons[edit] Melee Weapons[edit] Simple[edit] One-Handed Two-Handed Military[edit] The Alignment System A creature's general moral and personal attitudes are represented by its alignment: lawful good, neutral good, chaotic good, lawful neutral, neutral, chaotic neutral, lawful evil, neutral evil, or chaotic evil. Alignment is a tool for developing your character's identity. It is not a straitjacket for restricting your character. Each alignment represents a broad range of personality types or personal philosophies, so two characters of the same alignment can still be quite different from each other.

Javascript Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Character Generator Thanks to everyone who has written me during the past few weeks expressing appreciation for my character generators. I am happy that I can now bring most of them back online. Click here for the SRD and here for the Game System License. I have completed the Statement of Acceptance and returned a copy to WoTC. They have graciously given me permission to re-post this generator. Lux Delux - The best Risk game there is, free download for Mac and PC Lux Delux is a game of strategy and domination inspired by the board game Risk. Control your armies to conquer and hold strategic countries on the map. The object of the game is simple: Take over the entire world! Hundreds of Maps Lux comes with over 800 different maps. Play on historical, geometric, geographic, and fantasy settings. New maps get added all the time.

SRD Home This material is Open Game Content, and is licensed for public use under the terms of the Open Game License v1.0a. Hosted by 12 To Midnight. Sure hope y'all find this useful. Props to Sovelior and Sage for the original design -- I was stumped until their lovely version turned up. So I ripped it off. Should work out okay in most browsers.

Althaghast, the White Necromancer / Kobold Press October 27, 2011 / Marc Radle Within the pages of Kobold Quarterly #19, you’ll find the white necromancer, a new class created for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Designer Marc Radle has crafted a character for you that uses the new class, and you can see the result below. Our sample white necromancer has been illustrated by the talented Chris McFann. Although many necromancers are foul, twisted individuals obsessed with evil and death, a few embrace the knowledge that true necromancy involves manipulating the powers of life as well as death and undeath.

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