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Character Name Generator

Character Name Generator
Ever get stuck for names of NPCs your player characters run into that you never expected to provide them? Here?s a fast and easy way to have many monikers on hand when Rodar the fighter wants to know the name of the brash drunk challenging him to a fight in the tavern, or the name of the shy barmaid over whom they?re fighting. Simply follow the instructions below to produce names for all sorts of characters, including PCs if you like. While eight steps appear below, you only have to complete the first three to make the generator work. Once you?

NPC Background Generator Most Dungeon Masters and players enjoy the process of creating a history or background story for their characters. In fact, the Hero Builder?s Guidebook features an extensive chapter on creating backgrounds for your PCs. However, if you? Heroic Histories Every person, whether real or fictional, is defined by his or her past. The background generator covers two sections: Family and Friends: First the background generator determines information about the NPC? Major Events: Next, you will generate the most formative events the NPC? Mark My Words . . . As you go through the process of creating a background for an NPC, remain constantly on the lookout for ways to link the various random results. The same holds true for determining events. It is also possible to link the background generated for an NPC with that of a party member. A Note about Tense and Gender Throughout the results that follow, you do not have to follow the verb tense that the generator uses. About the Author William W.

Irish Comic News » COMICS ON ICN: The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls Sarah Elliott has been posting her latest comic work in progress on facebook over the past while and it caught my eye. I asked her would she let me post it when it was done and happily she agreed. I’ll let her explain what it’s all about: I did this for my final comic assignment in college in Ballyfermot and continued it on afterwards. Sarah’s Links: @CranberryVulcan (Tw) @whereismyraptor (Inst) Like this: Like Loading... Dragon Age: Origins Cheats, Codes, Hints & Secrets for Cheats Alter game files at your own risk and always make backups! Make a shortcut for the file daorigins.exe found in C:GamesDragon Agebin_shipdaorigins.exe or wherever you installed the game and got to Shortcut Properties. Under Target, add -enabledeveloperconsole at the end so it looks like this: NOTE: The file location will have quotation marks around it, like this "C:GamesDragon Agebin_shipdaorigins.exe". "C:GamesDragon Agebin_shipdaorigins.exe" -enabledeveloperconsole Now, open the keybindings.ini file found in the game folder (My DocumentsBioWareDragon AgeSettings). Then you'll be able to press ~ to open the console. Character Codes (for use with certain cheats, enter the number below for the desired character) 1 - Alistair3 - Morrigan5 - Shale6 - Sten7 - Zevran9 - Eiliana Additions by The-Jabberwock Talent Codes (for use with certain cheats, enter the number below for the desired talent) Additions by typhoon, Robson, Lewen, Fatguy and Pianoman88

Adventure Hook Random Generator Ever find yourself stuck for an adventure idea right up to the time your players arrive for the game? Our Adventure Hook Random Generator gives you Dungeon Masters a starting point from which you can develop a new adventure. This handy program uses a number of preset variables to develop an adventure hook or starting idea for you. Below are three different categories that, depending on the style of your game, provide starting points from which you can develop a D&D game session. Remember -- this is a random generation program.

Creative design Users Love Simple & Familiar Designs – Why Websites Need to Make a Great First Impression We form first impressions of the people and things we encounter in our daily lives in an extraordinarily short timeframe. We know the first impression a website’s design creates is crucial in capturing users’ interest. In our study we investigated how users’ first impressions of websites are influenced by two design factors: Visual complexity — how complex the visual design of a website looks Prototypicality — how representative a design looks for a certain category of websites Users Love Simple & Familiar Designs – Why Websites Need to Make a Great First Impression The Sketchnotes Channel at Core77 The Sketchnotes channel allows one to learn more about sketchnotes, including a great overview of a new kind of visual thinking and some basics to get started off. The Core77 Sketchnotes channel The Space of Design Models of the process of design are relatively common. The Space of Design Repeat-x repeat-y

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DM Olacak Adam Open The Pod Bay Doors, MAL: The Rumpus Interview With Lori Emerson It is summer and the Rocky Mountains loom large and golden over Boulder, Colorado, where the university spreads out in matching brown-yellow stone. Schools of mountain bikers zip past the traffic on their way up, up, up—where endless blue skies and wild spaces await. But I am on my way down, down, down: I’m visiting the Media Archaeology Lab, housed in several rooms of the lower level of an ordinary-seeming house just a block or so off campus. Walking into a room full of computers that are practically pre-historic in computer-years, I feel the sort of reverence one feels at a museum—at first I want to stand at a distance and take photos. The MAL has recently opened itself up to artists’ residencies, in addition to being open to the public. I spoke to Lori Emerson by e-mail, shortly after my visit. The Rumpus: What kind of people tend to visit the Media Archaeology Lab? Emerson: Unfortunately, as of about six months ago, the MAL used up its last bit of funding. Rumpus: Zork!

How-To Geek - Computer Help from your Friendly How-To Geek Barrel, Crate, and Sack Generator (v1.0.1) If we've learned one thing from video games, arguable it's this: smash open every container you come across and see what's hidden inside. And when it comes to role-playing games, PCs invariably come across a numberless amount of such containers, stored within tavern basements, temple backrooms, and the dusty corners of ancient dungeons. So when your PCs smash open these containers, what do they contain? Our thanks to everyone participating in our "1001 Things in a Barrel" message board thread. That is, you provide the barrels, crates and sacks. Download the Barrel, Crate, and Sack Generator now (9,91mb ZIP) unzip it into a directory on your machine and run the "index.htm" file in your web browser to use the utility off-line. NOTE: If you are running Windows XP there are be some security settings that may cause the generator to fail when used off-line. Instructions Basic Results Tab Click the "Generate" button to generate barrels, crates and sacks. Room Results Tab Random CLR Button Bulk Rate

Watch Cartoon Episodes & Free English Dub Anime Streaming Online 40+ awesome free Windows apps you can download in 2 seconds Depending on your internet connection you might be able to download a lot more (or a lot less) than 1Mb in two seconds - but calling this a post about apps under a meg just isn't quite as much fun! No, you don't really need to pay too much attention to an application's hard drive footprint any more. After all, when you can buy a 1.5Tb drive for less than $150US, what difference does a few megs here or there make? On the other hand, it's amazing to see what some developers are able to accomplish with a very small amount of code. There are a ton of great, free applications that have been created in less than 1Mb - I didn't fully realize just how many until I started putting this list together. Desktop/Shell Enhancements Launchy (408Kb) - Hotkeys FTW! Open++ (114Kb) - Helps you tweak your context menu six ways from Sunday. ViGlance (198Kb) - Want Windows 7's iconized taskbar in XP or Vista? VirtuaWin (385Kb) - Most Linux distributions enable multiple virtual desktops by default. Encryption

Community Community Forums Fantastic place to rub elbows with other RPTool junkies, or ask questions on how to do specific things, or get your networking up and running. A French web site dedicated to MapTool and run by Natha (from the RPTools forums, above) - (Aggregation site) We're told this site is great for German speakers and includes a TeamSpeak server (but we don't speak German, so...) Italian MapTool, D&D 4E, and custom framework Gallery Share your original works for others to use Affiliates These are unofficial sites but have dedicated space and discussions for RPTools, or their members spend much time on the RPTools site The Tangled Web Find or post a game, and manage your campaign. RPG Loop Find and post MapTool games. Cartographer's Guild A great resource for those wanting to learn how to create fabulous maps directly from the masters! Infinite Realities - Military RPG supplements Military RPG Supplements Links Here are some links that might get you started