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Transcription Employment Help us get to know you! Connect with us: IMPORTANT NOTE: Applications and inquiries for transcription employment are accepted via email only. NO CALLS, please. The Legal 500 United States 2013 (IP) Overview Many types of firms, from large IP boutiques to full-service international law firms, populate the top end of the intellectual property market. Indeed, full-service firms are increasingly specialising in IP to capitalize on the growing workload in global brand protection, particularly in the emerging technology sector. General practice firms also dominate IP litigation work, as they often offer stronger trial capabilities to handle leading, higher-value cases in court proceedings.

Billionaire Mark Cuban Warns Of Massive Crash That Will Wipe Out America’s Colleges: “You’re Going To See A Repeat Of What We Saw In The Housing Market” - The billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks says America’s colleges are in serious trouble and that over a trillion dollars in student loans will put many of them out of business. For years the federal government has been subsidizing loans, much like they did with houses ahead of the 2008 crash. This has led to increased tuition costs and lending to individuals who will more than likely never be able to pay back their student loans.

World's Biggest Data Breaches & Hacks Let us know if we missed any big data breaches. » Safely check if your details have been compromised in any recent data breaches: » See the data: This interactive ‘Balloon Race’ code is powered by our forthcoming VizSweet software – a set of high-end dataviz tools for generating interactive visualisations. We’re currently in pre-alpha. Teaching Computer Science To HS Students On The Way To Work Last year I posted an almost identical title and the result is that about half of the software engineers working in the TEALS program in NYC were recruited from this blog. That makes me feel great and I would like to thank those 20 or so software engineers who read that blog post and went through the entire TEALS onboarding process and are now in a high school classroom teaching CS. Here is a quick reminder of how TEALS works.

Transcribers Thank you for your interest in typing and analyzing files for Quicktate and iDictate! Who we are Quicktate transcribes voicemail messages, memos, letters, legal files, medical files, recordings of phone calls, conference calls and other audio files. Quicktate also audits, summarizes, evaluates and analyzes audio recordings and phone conversations.

Nate Silver on Finding a Mentor, Teaching Yourself Statistics, and Not Settling in Your Career - Walter Frick Perhaps no one has done more for the cause of data-driven decision-making in the minds of the public than Nate Silver. His book, The Signal and the Noise, explains the power of statistical modeling to improve our predictions about everything from the weather to sports to the stock market. Data science is the hottest field to be in right now, and Silver is its poster child. But for most people, the gulf between recognizing the importance of data and actually beginning to analyze it is massive. How do those without extensive training in statistics equip themselves with the skills necessary to thrive (or even just survive) in our age of “big data”?

A Navy SEAL's 5 Tips to Train Your Dog Former Navy SEAL Mike Ritland is a soft-spoken guy — but he knows how to get a dog's attention. "It's all about how you carry yourself," says Ritland, who is now paid up to $100,000 per animal to train dogs for the military and homeowners at his Trikos school in Dallas. "Training dogs for the military is no different than training your dog to not bark — They always respond to non-verbal communication, reinforcement and psychology." In his new book How to Train Your Dog—The Navy SEAL Way, out today, Ritland explains how to use the SEAL mindset to transform your dog into an elite pet. "Whether I'm teaching a Belgian Malinois how to search a building for someone to bite or training my grandmother's Sheltie to stop dragging her around the block on a leash," he says, "I'm using all the same principles." RELATED: Military Dogs Get Their Day

A workout for working memory People may be able to remember a nearly infinite number of facts, but only a handful of items--held in working memory--can be accessed and considered at any given moment. It's the reason why a person might forget to buy an item or two on a mental grocery list, or why most people have difficulty adding together large numbers. In fact, working memory could be the basis for general intelligence and reasoning: Those who can hold many items in their mind may be well equipped to consider different angles of a complex problem simultaneously.

There are no computer science teachers in NY It is widely acknowledged that for New York City to prosper in the 21st century, its middle and high schools must teach computer science. What is not so well known is that there are no computer-science teachers in New York—at least not on paper. The state does not recognize computer science as an official subject, which means that teachers do not get trained in it while they are becoming certified as instructors. That's one reason public-school students have little exposure to the skills needed to snag computer-software programming jobs, which are expected to grow faster than any other profession during the next decade.

DionData Solutions Thank you for your interest in DionData Solutions, a Data Management Service Bureau with locations nationwide. We have In-House staff as well Home Contracted Vendors. See below for all available current opportunities with DionData Solutions. DionData Solutions is determined to meet head-on the challenges facing individuals and families in the workforce. Don’t Be Naïve: 7 Things to Know Before Taking a Biotech Startup Job Luke Timmerman9/16/13 You’ve spent years working hard to hone your skills in science, medicine, or business. You’ve accomplished things, and you have the talent and desire to do more. You may be bored, or stuck at a dead end job in academia, Big Biotech, or Big Pharma.

Rand Paul and Edward Snowden Will Speak at the Same Conference this Weekend - Bloomberg Politics On Saturday night, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul will give a video address to the International Students For Liberty Conference in downtown Washington, D.C. One night earlier, self-exiled whistleblower Edward Snowden—who has a little less mobility inside the United States than Paul—will address ISFL "via videoconference," according to organizers. Paul has consistently spoken out on behalf of Snowden, calling his actions "civil disobedience," and saying that if Snowden faced justice he should "share a jail cell" with Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. Not every potential 2016er could appear on the same virtual dais as Snowden. Paul will be right at home. "There seems to be a generational divide in opinion on Snowden, with young people more broadly supportive of his conduct," says Alexander McCobin, the president of Students For Liberty.

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