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The importance of school libraries in the Google Age. This article was originally published in the Term 3, 2016 edition of SCIS’s Connections journal.

The importance of school libraries in the Google Age

Parts of this article have been adapted. We continue to hear about the lack of trained library staff in schools, despite ongoing research indicating that the presence of teacher librarians leads to improved learning outcomes. Kay Oddone highlights the many benefits teacher librarians can bring to the wider school, and why their role is integral to the learning of both students and staff. In Australia, access to the internet is almost ubiquitous. In 2014–15, 85% of the Australian population aged 15 years and over were internet users, with 99% of people aged 15–17 using the internet. Fortunately, in Australia almost all schools still have a library — and thanks to the Building the Education Revolution funding which prioritised school libraries in primary schools, many are quite new.

Literacy MAtters! - Home. Why we need Libraries and Teacher Librarians. Reading for pleasure boosts children academically and emotionally. National Simultaneous Storytime Wrap up 2016. What an incredible year it was for National Simultaneous Storytime 2016.

National Simultaneous Storytime Wrap up 2016

There were over 500,000 participants and over 3,000 locations registered, it was by far our biggest most successful year yet! Thank you to everyone who participated, we loved recieving all your stories and images. We can't wait to share them with you, check out some of the events that were held from across Australia below. Senator Simon Birmingham read to children at the Glandore Private Kindergarten and Childcare Centre, SA Authors of I Got This Hat, Kate and Jol Temple, read at Kings Cross Library, Sydney Comedian and NSS narrator, Josh Earl read to a large audience at Royal Childrens Hospital Melbourne. Inpatient, Trinity, reading along to the event via the simulcast to her hospital room TV City of Canada Bay celebrated National Simultaneous Storytime with a visit to Concord Library by Wests Tigers star player Luke Brooks.

Frances Watts, author, held a reading of I Got This Hat at Marrickville Library, NSW. Professional learning - School libraries - guides at NSW Department of Education. The seer’s hat. ReadPlus. Apr 15 2015 Library, Reading development and the Internet Learning in the future Digital natives or digital refugees?


ReadPlus. May 13 2015 Value of School Libraries ASLA Futures paper FINAL - 2013-ASLA-futures- This 2013 report, and 'call to action by key authorities', from the Australian School Library Association, says teacher librarians and school libraries have a pivotal role to play in 21st century education.


The paper has an overview of: • International and national trends that impact on all aspects of education • The impact of digital technologies and the role of teacher librarians in the implementation of digital literacy • The changing learning environment and how school libraries can support student learning • The role teacher librarians can play within an education that builds capacity for student and staff learning.

BCTF School The British Columbia Teachers' Federation (BCTF). The power of a good book. It doesn’t matter what age you are, there’s nothing quite like losing yourself in a good book.

The power of a good book

But, did you know that reading for enjoyment is also associated with higher academic achievement? A recent large scale study concluded reading for pleasure has ‘a powerful influence on children’s learning’, particularly in developing vocabulary, but also on spelling and maths skills. ‘Reading for pleasure made a substantial difference [on intellectual progress] – the difference made was around four times greater than the difference made by having a parent with a degree’ (Sullivan, 2014). Analysis of PISA results has shown a ‘crucial difference’ between youngsters who perform well in the reading assessment and those who perform poorly is not how much time they spend reading, but whether they read daily for enjoyment.

Libraries in the Digital Age? Yes, They're Still Crucial. The Results Are In: Libraries Matter. — Room to Read Insider. At Room to Read we are passionate about testing our assumptions.

The Results Are In: Libraries Matter. — Room to Read Insider

We do not want to take for granted that what we’re doing is valuable and effective, we want to be able to prove it and improve it. One-to-One: Let’s Have One Librarian for Every 1:1 School. Spring has arrived.

One-to-One: Let’s Have One Librarian for Every 1:1 School

Despite seasons of budget cutbacks, education leaders are spending again. In the last several months, two separate districts in the Portland (OR) area have visited our district looking for guidance as they seek to invest in technology. One-to-one devices are a favorite. According to, worldwide spending on K–12 classroom technology exceeded $13 billion in 2013.

The report, “Technology in Education: Global Trends, Universe Spend and Market Outlook,” found that technology investments “should continue to grow at a compound annual rate of eight percent through 2018. “Building and Sustaining 1:1 Programs” was one of five strategic categories identified by education leaders at the Fall Meeting of the Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools. In a 2014 SLJ Leadership Summit keynote event, Dr. A different kind of library program With mobile devices, students are no longer limited by a textbook or access to the library. Librarians Lead the Way in EdTech. Your School Library - Help for Better Teaching Outcomes. ALIA CEO Sue McKerracher has written an opinion editorial for class ideas K-3 which is a magazine for teachers which provides teacher resources.

Your School Library - Help for Better Teaching Outcomes

The article, 'Your School Library, Help for Better Teaching Outcomes' is in the current issue Term 2, 2015 #73. The magazine's editor has kindly provided a pdf of the article so ALIA members can read the story.