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The Learning Commons Mindset February 12, 2015 by cultureofyes Students at West Bay Elementary School I walk into almost all of our schools in West Vancouver and very often the first thing people want to show me or talk to me about is the changes happening around the library. Or more specifically, schools are taking great pride in their learning commons spaces that are developing. This Is How to Use Twitter to Search for Educational Content Twitter search is a great alternative to the conventional ways of searching the net. This socially-based kind of search allows students to access content and resources that are both timely and relevant. And most importantly, students do not need to have Twitter accounts to search its database. Below are some of the ways students can leverage the power of Twitter search to look for educational content: 1- Twitter Search Operators similar to Google search operators, Twitter search provides a set of powerful operators that students can use to conduct focused search queries.

Top 10 Websites to Convert Text to Speech Online for Free Like to convert some text to speech in MP3 or other audio formats? Check out below top 10 websites, which will let you do that online for free, nothing to be installed. ABC2MP3 lets you convert up to 2,000 characters per time, there are 4 voices for your choice, the converted speech will be downloaded in MP3 format. Email address is required to receive the recording. Rethinking library advocacy With the cuts facing libraries around the country, how to improve our advocacy methods has been a paramount topic lately. On Monday, I’m cohosting a webinar in the TL Virtual Cafe featuring Buffy Hamilton and Chris Harris on the crisis in staffing cuts many libraries around the country are facing and some proactive measures to take. At the Texas Library Conference this week, I was privileged to hear the Spokane Moms,(Lisa Layera Brunkan and Susan Lloyd McBurney), two of a dynamic group of moms who fought in Washington State to preserve school libraries challenging our notions of how to do library advocacy. While they were very focused on the power of bringing different stakeholders into a statewide advocacy movement, they also shared ideas that any librarian in any district could use to manifest the support they already have more clearly. In the midst of their advocacy journey, they were told by a key legislator, “Don’t bring the librarians” to the statehouse.

Library Lovers' Outreach Ideas Library Lovers' Outreach Ideas Great Ideas! Library Love With Dinner On Valentine's Day 1998, the Friends of The Sacramento Public Library found a great way sending some "Library Love" out to the community. Ten Read-Aloud Lessons from Preschoolers Ten Read-Aloud Lessons from Preschoolers by Susan Stephenson, Recently, I’ve been reading aloud once a week to a group of two- to four-year-olds at my local library.

Critical Thinking Model 1 To Analyze Thinking We Must Identify and Question its Elemental Structures Standard: Clarityunderstandable, the meaning can be grasped Could you elaborate further? Could you give me an example? Top 20 Websites No Teacher Should Start the 2010-2011 Year Without I have to tell you that it was a tough call to make these decisions, especially when we’re talking every teacher no matter what grade level or subject, but I hope that you find a couple of gems to put away in your virtual treasure box. You may have others you’d like to add to the list. Please post them in the comments for all of us to explore. A great photo editing tool is a must for teachers and I recommend Aviary, LunaPic, Picnik, or BeFunky with some being simpler than others, but all having unique features. Explore all the tools and choose the best option for your skill level. Creaza and Jaycut are answers to the Windows XP Movie Maker and Flipcam problem.

The True Value of the Work We Do School Library Monthly/Volume XXVII, Number 8/May-June 2011 The True Value of the Work We Do by Carol L.

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