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'Fakebook'! Create a Fake Facebook Profile using this generator

'Fakebook'! Create a Fake Facebook Profile using this generator
"Fakebook" allows teachers and students to create imaginary profile pages for study purposes. Use "Fakebook" to chart the plot of a book, the development of a character, a series of historical events, the debates and relationships between people, and so on! Get started by entering a name at the top of the page. Then proceed to add friends, posts, comments and profile information. You can save your work and edit it again later.

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The history of the paper clip: It was invented in 1899. It hasn’t been improved upon since Getty Images/BananaStock via Thinkstock. The paper clip is something of a fetish object in design circles. Its spare, machined aesthetic and its inexpensive ubiquity landed it a spot in MoMA’s 2004 show Humble Masterpieces. This was a pedestal too high for design critic Michael Bierut, who responded with an essay called “To Hell with the Simple Paper Clip.” He argued that designers praise supposedly unauthored objects like the paper clip because they’re loath to choose between giving publicity to a competitor and egotistically touting their own designs. Bierut might be right about his colleagues’ motives, but he’s wrong about the paper clip: It’s not all that simple.

Twitter-Anleitung von Anfang an. 10 Schritte. Fertig. Das hatte ich doch schon lange mal vor. Mir hat nur noch ein letzter Anlass gefehlt, da kam mir doch der Tweet von @OpenReli gerade recht… und da ich gerade auch noch Urlaub habe, es draußen regnet…. Willkommener Tweet-Anlass Wer kennt gute, frei nutzbare und aktuelle deutschsprachige Einführungen zu Twitter und Google+ ? #openreli #MenschWerden2013— OpenReli (@OpenReli) June 28, 2013 Online Mind Mapping and Brainstorming - MindMeister More Than 30 PowerPoint Tips from the PowerPoint Pros! A lot of rapid elearning hinges on PowerPoint. That means your success building courses is influenced by how well you know PowerPoint. To help you learn more about PowerPoint I pulled together a solid list of PowerPoint resources.

מדריך מקיף לבניית אתר אינטרנט מקצועי מדריך הקמת אתר אינטרנט הינו קורס חינמי מקיף אשר מטרתו לאפשר לכל אחד לבנות בעצמו אתרhtml מקצועי (ממש כמו האתר הזה) וזאת בחמישה שלבים.מדריך זה יאפשר לרציניים שבכם לבנות אתר אינטרנט מקצועי לבד ובכך לחסוך את הצורך לפנות לחברת בניית אתרים שתפתח את האתר שלכם ואף להיות תלויים בה בעדכונו השוטף. גם ללא ידע בבניית אתרים, קורס זה מתיימר להדריך צעד אחר צעד את תהליך בניית אתר אינטרנט איכותי מ א' ועד ת', עם שימת דגש על כל הנקודות החשובות שבבניית אתר ברמה גבוהה. המדריך נבנה לאורך זמן ע"י עבודת ליקוט ועריכה יסודית של החומר במטרה ליצור מדריך חינמי ידידותי, ואם אפשר לומר מהמקיפים ביותר ברשת, המאפשר לבנות אתר אשר יהיה תואם את רצונכם ומותאם ביותר לקידומו במנועי החיפוש. זהו קורס לא קל ומהרציניים ברשת, אך עם כל הקושי והמורכבות של התהליך מעבר לבניית אתר תוכלו לקבל ידע בעל ערך רב על כל השלבים בתהליך הקמת אתר html נקי ואיכותי, מתחילתו ועד סופו. בהצלחה...

7 Outstanding YouTube Channels for History Teachers Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has recently started featuring some educational YouTube channels pertaining to different subject matters. Up to this moment, we have covered channels for Math, Science, and yesterday we posted a list of channels for kids. The purpose behind such collections is to help teachers and educators have instant access to educational videos they might need to use with their students. Kurzanleitung: Google Plus Schritt 1: Entdecke die Möglichkeiten Ob differenziertes Teilen von Beiträgen, Fotos und Videos, Kontaktaufnahme mit Communities, lebendige Kommunikation via Hangout und Events: Die Einsatzmöglichkeiten von Google Plus sind vielfältig – am Rechner wie auch an mobilen Geräten. Einen guten und mit einigen Videoclips angereicherten Überblick über die Möglichkeiten von Google Plus bietet diese Seite Schritt 2: Anmeldung Screenshot Zur Erstellung eines eigenen Kontos rufe die Seite auf und klicke oben rechts auf den „Anmelden“-Button.

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History Educator Review What's It Like? The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History highlights the New York-based museum's extensive collection, ranging from 8,000 B.C. to current-century fashion. Its content is written by Met curators, conservators, scientists, and educators and includes 930 essays and nearly 7,000 objects to view.

An Introduction to 100 Important Paintings with Videos Created by Smarthistory If you have an interest in how the internet has widened the very concept of education, you may well know about Google's Art Project, a digital wealth of free visual art information and viewing opportunities we've featured before. And you more than likely know about Khan Academy, the highest-profile producer of educational videos on the internet. Now, from the combined power of their learning resources comes this collection of video introductions to over 100 important paintings. Ranging from between two to nine minutes and covering works of art created in eras from 575 B.C.E to the Second World War, these brief but intellectually dense and visually rich lessons bear the label of Smarthistory, "a multimedia web-book about art and art history" that merged with Khan Academy in 2011. Just above, we have Vincent van Gogh's 1889 The Bedroom, a painting that, in the words of the artist himself, "ought to rest the brain — or rather, the imagination." Related Content:

Top 10 Toilets Through Time It’s not glamorous, but everybody needs to do it. From Romans gossiping on the loo to medieval royal bottom-wiping, to the invention of our modern flushing toilet, here are 2,000 years of toilet history! *Updated November 2017* 1. Housesteads Roman Fort, Hadrian’s Wall: All together now… Prelinger Archives : Free Movies : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive by Rick Prelinger Home Movies from the Prelinger Archives. For more information see the Prelinger Archives by Techfilm Studio, Moscow This disturbing film records the successful experiments in the resuscitation of life to dead animals (dogs), as conducted by Dr. S.S.

Top Tools for Online Teaching Recently Top5 Online published a list of the 99 Top Tools For Online Teaching, including eFront. The list includes some of our favorite resources too so heres an extract of the article. Teaching Tools & Technologies Videos, slideshows, games, and interactive group activities are all part of the online teacher’s toolbelt, and when a teacher is as savvy with technology as the students, amazing things can happen in an online classroom. These tools for online teachers and learners can improve communication between participants who may be thousands of miles apart geographically, but learning together in a shared technologically enabled space. 1.

Ten Great Tech Tools for Social Studies Lessons Over the last decade I've written about a lot of excellent resources for social studies lessons. Over time some of those tools have faded away and others have moved to the forefront of my top recommendations. Here's my current list of ten top tools for social studies lessons. Timeline JS Timeline projects as as old as history classes themselves. It used to be that timelines were only made on paper. Today, students can build timelines that include videos, audio recordings, pictures, and interactive maps.

The toppling of statues is enriching not erasing history and it has thrilled my heart These are not debates, but facts. We don’t get to choose whether or not this happened; but we do get to choose whether or not we deny it. Or see it as somehow not significant. The Prime Minister later apologised, saying: “My comments were not intended to give offence and if they did I deeply regret that and apologise for that. This is not about getting into the history wars.” But the recent, ferocious challenging of public forms of history, I have to admit, has thrilled this historian’s heart.

Fakebook enables teachers to use facebook-like environments to create collaboratively developed profile pages for study purposes by shellyw39 Dec 12

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