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5 killer ways to open up your next presentation

5 killer ways to open up your next presentation
215,758 views Featured in: Business, Technology Did you know modern statistics state that you have 60 seconds or less to capture your audience’s attention? ... Did you know modern statistics state that you have 60 seconds or less to capture your audience’s attention? You’ve might have heard it before, but maybe not in terms of presentations. So, how do you enchant an audience right off the bat? Here are 5 methods that we have found work the best for beginning a presentation. Statistics Views Total Views Views on SlideShare Embed Views Actions Likes Downloads 128 Embeds 46,256 More... Usage Rights © All Rights Reserved

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How to Give a Killer Presentation A little more than a year ago, on a trip to Nairobi, Kenya, some colleagues and I met a 12-year-old Masai boy named Richard Turere, who told us a fascinating story. His family raises livestock on the edge of a vast national park, and one of the biggest challenges is protecting the animals from lions—especially at night. Richard had noticed that placing lamps in a field didn’t deter lion attacks, but when he walked the field with a torch, the lions stayed away. 10 rules on How to create great presentations But there is more to creating a Presentation based on boring designs and poor content. Before you write any part of your content, always evaluate your audience. Who are you writing for? What interests them? How can you connect with them?

The Truth About Snapchat: A Digital Literacy Lesson for Us All The idea of Snapchat is simple, delightfully so. Take an image or a video, send it to a friend or paramour. Ten seconds after the receiver opens the file, it self-destructs, and the sender can rest assured that no trace of the message remains. Signed, sealed, delivered, deleted. But that’s not quite true. How to Create a Captivating Presentation “Creativity” isn’t the first word you’d associate with the average business presentation. The phrase “Death by PowerPoint” has been a cliché for years, but sadly the same clichés are being perpetuated day in day out – slides “designed” using hideous templates, crawling with bullet points and paragraphs in tiny fonts, which presenters then read out in a monotone (turning their backs to the audience), using interchangeable meaningless corporate jargon. But there is an alternative – and you hold the keys to it.Now, you may not consider yourself a natural presenter. Maybe, like many creatives, you are slightly shy by nature, at your most comfortable when seated at your desk or alone in the studio with your work. As an introverted poet, I can relate.

The Best PowerPoint Alternatives for Creating Great Presentations We’ve all endured “death by PowerPoint.” It’s a painful experience for the audience and probably not all that fun for the presenter either. To help my students deliver effective presentations—free of those deadly bullet points—I have my go-to applications. First, a good presentation begins with a clearly outlined story. Even presentations that are strictly fact-based can have a narrative. I always have students write outlines for the stories their presentations are going to tell, and I offer them a choice of outlining tools, including Text2MindMap, Penultimate, and that reliable standby, Google Documents.

5 Tools to Create a Collaborative Classroom 1 in Share Teachers often focus on tools such as blogs that allow their students to connect to the outside world. This is fantastic because it allows students to see how their learning connects to their ‘real’ lives and helps to bridge the gap between their school and home lives.

10 Rules For Writing Multiple Choice Questions Sharebar This is a back-to-basics article about the undervalued and little-discussed multiple choice question. It’s not as exciting as discussing 3D virtual learning environments, but it might be just as important. If you need to use tests, then you want to reduce the errors that occur from poorly written items.

The best PowerPoint trick you don't know about PowerPoint has some amazing drawing tools that lets you create all kinds of illustrations. But sometimes it can be frustrating when you group text with an object to create an image because when you go to make it bigger or smaller the text remains the same size. That’s because you’re just resizing the text block, not the text itself. Bummer, right? Well, guess what—it’s possible to transform text into scalable graphics using the “paste as picture” command. Before you think I’m just writing about some random PowerPoint command that you’ll never use, let me give you some examples of how useful this command can be.

The packet-driven classroom Jeff Bliss got our attention when he shared his frustration with his teacher, classmates, and the world about his learning environment. The now viral video captures a room of students, some with their heads down, some with a facepalm, some staring into space, all silently sitting at their empty desks seemingly disconnected not only from each other, but also from their behind-a-desk-fortress teacher. That is until Jeff Bliss got up and spoke: Jeff Bliss: [I’m tired of] hearing this freakin’ lady go off on kids because they don’t get this crap.

Lucid Dreaming: A Beginner’s Guide John Smith making another title look like child’s play (no audio) From 1994-1995 I had the great pleasure of training with wrestling legend John Smith, 2-time gold medalist and 4-time world champion (domestic freestyle record of 80-0; international freestyle record of 100-5). He was famous for his low leg attacks that made even Olympic finals look like textbook demonstrations. The problem was, of course, that I was in New Hampshire at boarding school and had never met John Smith. I only trained with him 45-60 minutes per night while I was lucid dreaming.

How To Create Flash Animated Presentations With Powerbullet Presenter Powerbullet Presenter is a desktop application for creating Flash animations and presentations. This tool can help you easily create Flash animations, even if you have no knowledge of making professional animations in Flash. Powerbullet Presenter comes with many easy to use options that allow users to add effects to still images to turn them into Flash based animations. Storytelling Is Not Lecturing; Lecturing is Not Storytelling I sit in the lecture hall with 10,000 others waiting for my new teacher to speak. I look at my cell phone and silently groan that this in going to be a long hour; as long an hour as an hour can be as is typically the case when I listen to a lecture. She begins, “Let me tell you about Uncle Willie.” I take a deep breath of relief and settle in to hear her story. I came at the age of three to Grandma and my Uncle Willie in this little town in Arkansas.

8 Tips to Power-Up Your Classroom Presentations Last month, I attended a Back to School Night for parents, sitting through presentation after presentation by teachers, some with slides that helped make their presentation a delight to listen to, and others . . . well, that's why I'm writing this blog post. The goal of a classroom presentation is to aid you in effectively conveying information in a way that allows students (or their parents) to remember what you said. Unfortunately, for some, the presentation becomes a crutch, and they begin to rely on the slides to tell their story, rather than to help them tell the story. I've been creating presentations using software like PowerPoint and KeyNote for 20 years, and I've learned a lot about how to most effectively communicate.