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Map of Contemporaries. 15 Great Apps for Teaching World History. World History.

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The map as History. Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History. Art History resources. Arts and humanities. Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History Educator Review. What's It Like?

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History Educator Review

The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History highlights the New York-based museum's extensive collection, ranging from 8,000 B.C. to current-century fashion. Its content is written by Met curators, conservators, scientists, and educators and includes 930 essays and nearly 7,000 objects to view. You can locate artwork from a certain region by clicking on a world map; select an era on a timeline, or search for specific pieces by entering qualifications like name, artist, material, or technique.

A Thematic Essays section features written background and slideshows of different styles, movements, artists, and time periods. You can also select a general category, department, geographical region, or time to find what you're looking for. Is It Good For Learning? The site's structure makes finding specific items fairly easy; it can also help you obtain a sense of how different eras, artists, and movements influenced each other. How Can Teachers Use It? 7 Outstanding YouTube Channels for History Teachers. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has recently started featuring some educational YouTube channels pertaining to different subject matters.

7 Outstanding YouTube Channels for History Teachers

Up to this moment, we have covered channels for Math, Science, and yesterday we posted a list of channels for kids. The purpose behind such collections is to help teachers and educators have instant access to educational videos they might need to use with their students. The channels we post are among the top ones you can find on YouTube and some of them are created by teachers like you and me. Today, we are providing you with a list of some of the best YouTube channels. The list is not exhaustive and we might have skipped some other useful ones, but we are sure the ones included below have the answers you would be looking for when it comes to looking for history videos to share with your students. 1- Dizzo Dizzo documents the human's history in short videos . 2- US National Archives 3- World History and other Stuff 4- Computer History Museum.

Virtual History Centre. Essential Norman Conquest - An interactive day-by-day retelling of the events of 1066. Endangered Languages Project. History for Music Lovers. The Official Site of HistoryTeachers. The History Guide. - online history lessons, revision, games, worksheets, quizzes and links. The history of the paper clip: It was invented in 1899. It hasn’t been improved upon since.

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The history of the paper clip: It was invented in 1899. It hasn’t been improved upon since

The paper clip is something of a fetish object in design circles. Its spare, machined aesthetic and its inexpensive ubiquity landed it a spot in MoMA’s 2004 show Humble Masterpieces. This was a pedestal too high for design critic Michael Bierut, who responded with an essay called “To Hell with the Simple Paper Clip.” He argued that designers praise supposedly unauthored objects like the paper clip because they’re loath to choose between giving publicity to a competitor and egotistically touting their own designs. Funny Fake Facebook Walls - The Wall Machine.

My Fake Wall - 'Fakebook'! Create a Fake Facebook Profile using this generator. Titanic Teaching Ideas - Detailed facts and History on the RMS Titanic Disaster of 1912. Ancient History.

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Time Lines. Australian History. World History. European History.