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Ion: A Music Detecting Mood Light with Bluetooth Low Energy by lava ION's genesis began with our first Kickstarter project, Ember & Torch (Bluetooth Low Energy development boards) back in June of 2013. One of the demonstrations for Ember that we built was an app-controlled LED lamp. We demonstrated Ember, Torch, and the LED lamp at Social Media Day Detroit 2013. DIY and Save: 10 Home Fixes to Save You Serious Cash DIYers with sweat equity to invest can successfully undertake an impressive range of projects. But sometimes it makes sense to call in the experts. Put away your tools and pick up the phone if: You Need A License Running gas lines or electrical wiring usually requires a license. A pro's work is also insured, while a DIYer can be liable for future problems.

21 Inspiring Examples of Texture Use in Web Design Using texture is a great way of adding personality and depth to a webdesign. It doesn’t matter if you choose to use texture only in the navigation menu, the header or if you go with a totally textured background, as long as you pick the right texture and don’t over use it, the result, most of time, will be elegant and beautiful, as the examples we’re showing you in this post. Alxandr Grain & Mortar Brown’s Court Bakery The After Bedtime Sessions Ultimate Hacking Keyboard The keyboard for professionals. ● Increase your productivity by never leaving the home row. ● Improve your posture by typing on two, separate keyboard halves.

untitled CheapID is a digital identity standard designed for use in conflicted environment like those many refugees or disaster victims may find themselves in. Watch a 35 minute technical introduction here. About the CheapID Card The CheapID card on the left is sterile. Without the appropriate barcode reading system, no identification information can be recovered from the card. Correlated Magnetics Research Brings MaxField Polymagnets To A Wall Near You We first told you about Correlated Magnetics Research’s programmable magnets last year. The company’s patented technology allows them to flexibly control the magnetic field shape of the magnets they create. In essence, the company can program the north/south polarity of the magnets as though they are “printing” it on them. It allows for many different configurations and has many industrial applications.

The Green Dream: Going Gray, Saving Blue Just because residential water is cheap and plentiful here in upstate New York is no reason to waste it, and the average household does plenty of wasting: A single flush consumes three to seven gallons of water. Inefficient toilets and long showers are two of the biggest water wasters, together accounting for more than 40 percent of the 350 gallons of water used daily in a typical American home. But my eco-home is anything but typical—its graywater recycling system can save at least 110 gallons a day. Graywater refers to the runoff from sinks, showers and washing machines (as opposed to blackwater, which contains solid waste).

21 Awesome Bright and Colorful Websites Finding the right color scheme for a website design can often be a real challenge. Bright colors are sometimes not favored by designers, but in the right situation they can be very effective. In this post we’ll showcase examples of 21 different bright and colorful websites. Hopfully, seeing these examples will give you some inspiration when you’re considering color schemes in your own work. By seeing what other designers are doing and how they are able to make colorful web designs work, you may get some ideas of your own. Looking for hosting? Reusability: The Key to Making Human Life Multi-Planetary “If one can figure out how to effectively reuse rockets just like airplanes, the cost of access to space will be reduced by as much as a factor of a hundred. A fully reusable vehicle has never been done before. That really is the fundamental breakthrough needed to revolutionize access to space.” --Elon Musk

Tools To Not Die With: An Interview with Vinay Gupta, creator of the Hexayurt Photo: Jay Springett Vinay Gupta is a man between worlds, and he’s got a lot of arms. Born to Scottish and Indian parents, he was programming from a young age. But looking back on the advent of web-culture in the late 90s, he found that he wasn’t satisfied with the thought of sitting around on .com cash and helping to empower the same old corrupt systems of power and influence just because they’d now found homes online. Smart CARA - WEIMAR Smart CARA (CS10) is a high-performance disposer that will reduce food waste to an odorless, dry, powder. ESACS (Electricity Saving Auto Control System) MONTHLY POWER CONSUMPTION ON AVERAGE : 34.5kw, MONTHLY ELECTRICITY BILL : APPX. 5,000 WON (1kg, one time per day) QUICK AND EASY PROCESS 3 ~ 4 HOURS REQUIRE FOR THE WHOLE PROCESS.POWERFUL GRINDING ABLE TO GRIND EVEN CHICKEN BONES & PEACH SEEDS.NO MORE ROTTING FOOD WASTE ODORS OUR PATENT PENDING FILTER ELIMINATES ODORS! ■ ESACS (Electricity Saving Auto Control System) IT HAS BEEN REPORTED BY THE KTL(KOREA TESTING LABORATORY) THAT THE AVERAGE POWER CONSUMPTION IS 1.15kwh & AND GENERALLY TAKES 3-4 HOURS TO PROCESS 1 KG OF FOOD WASTE USING Smart CARA - AVERAGE POWER CONSUMPTION (ONCE A DAY) : 34 kwh.

Geothermal Heat Pump Cost – The Pros, The Cons, The Tax Breaks Despite rising popularity, sticker shock is still a frequent reaction upon seeing the cost of geothermal installation. Geothermal heat pumps are usually somewhere between $11,000 and $30,000. Most of that stems from the installation cost. What do geothermal heating systems cost? Prices can range wildly. Contractors and homeowners in different areas with different needs have reported vastly different prices.

30 Sites with Great (and Not So Great) Mascots All professional websites include a logo, and sometimes that logo is also a character. Yet, this logo character is not necessarily what we would label a "mascot." With a graphic logo, you will find that graphic everywhere, including in designs for brochure and business card printing. However, a website mascot may only land online, especially if the character is too detailed or large-scale to fit onto smaller print materials. More and more we are seeing a trend in web design to include both a logo and a character or mascot.

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