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Still Life & Product Photography

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How to be a top dog photographer. Pet portraiture is on the rise with more and more of us keen to get snaps of our pets and even turn it into a professional venture.

How to be a top dog photographer

People always say never work with animals or children, but our tips from top dog photographer Scott Winchester of Maud Dog Photography will have you photographing the next top dog model before you can say fetch. Some of you may be thinking, why pet portraiture? Scott told us here at Photography Monthly why it was two paws up for the subject for him: “This was mainly due to customer demand. More and more people came to me for portraits of their dogs so I decided to set up a separate website and branding. The name Maud Dog Photography came about after a few single malts!

As expected, pet portraiture can have its challenges. A Cornucopia of Contemporary Still Life. Last fall, the British artist Mat Collishaw showed a series of lushly lit color photographs at Miami’s Bass Museum of Art.

A Cornucopia of Contemporary Still Life

One of them featured a cornucopia of contemporary indulgence: grilled cheese sandwiches cut into triangular wedges are piled high on a silver platter, waxy lumps of cheese seeping through their toasted crusts. A gravy boat full of ketchup is at left, two hardboiled eggs rest in a bowl at right, frosting-drenched cinnamon buns are in the shadows behind, and French fries spill out onto the table. The piece, from 2011, is titled Garry Miller. Christopher Schreck. Anyone who's been keeping up with art photography the past few years is well aware of the swell of still-life images currently flooding dashboards and gallery walls.

Christopher Schreck

It's been a remarkable thing, witnessing how quickly and decisively this most traditional of genres, which for decades had been confined to the realms of advertising and stock photography, has reasserted itself as a viable mode of artistic image making, resulting in some of the most fresh-feeling imagery in recent memory. Some readers, however, may share my sense that this moment of rediscovery has recently begun to show signs of exhaustion – that there are simply too many people repeating the same basic formulas with diminishing results.

Such is the fate of the fad, of course, and like light leaks and camping-themed photos before it, our current interest in still-lifes will undoubtedly fade in due time. Rachel De Joode Wyne Veen. The 10 best contemporary still lifes. Painting with a Camera: Sharon Core’s Early American. Vibrant fruit, luscious shapes, verdant leaves, a hint of ripeness and the beginning of rot.

Painting with a Camera: Sharon Core’s Early American

The images in Early American — Sharon Core’s latest collection — easily fit into the traditions of still life painting, which was always more than just about pictures of fruit and flowers. There is the clear allusion to mortality in the French word for the genre — nature morte — and its baroque obsession with the brevity of even the most sumptuous of lives.

And so the exquisitely lifelike qualities of the nature morte become the first level of play for Core’s painterly compositions — because they are photographs that masquerade as paintings. Still life. Black and white fruit photography. Victoria ivanova pear photography. Victoria Ivanova on Pinterest. Conceptual Photography by Victoria Ivanova. Fine Art Photography from Russian Photographer Victoria Ivanova.

Conceptual Photography by Victoria Ivanova

Lights, perspectives, lens and ordinary objects are used to create new style and ideas of photography. The end of time September is here To burn your memories Schizophrenia A stranger to everyone Barge haulers To fight with oneself. Group Workshops – Light Painting the Still Life. Dates: ~ May 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2014 **We’re sorry, but this workshop has been filled.

Group Workshops – Light Painting the Still Life

If you would like, we can place you on a wait list in case of any cancellations. ~ July 18th, 19th and 20th, 2014 **We’re sorry, but this workshop has been filled. If you would like, we can place you on a wait list in case of any cancellations. ~ August 15th, 16th and 17th, 2014 **We’re sorry, but this workshop has been filled. Conceptual Photography by Victoria Ivanova. Secrets for Unique Product Photography From 4 Professionals. The tricky part of any photograph taken for the purpose of capturing attention and making a sale is that it has to create a strong impression immediately.

Secrets for Unique Product Photography From 4 Professionals

Product photography can be difficult to get just right, especially if your subject is something as seemingly mundane as a white bottle of lotion. Yet, many professional photographers somehow make that lotion bottle look like it is worth the price tag. I've interviewed four professional photographers who were willing to share their secrets for taking unique product photographs. Each has original advice covering lighting, equipment and personal style. Nev / No Entry Design Not all photographers remain pure photographers. Q. I used to pick up a lot of work as a scenic artist on major film sets and photo shoots and that was how I got exposed to the world of commercial photography. I personally love shooting photos more than anything. Q. There is no one specific technique I can pinpoint aside from I like backlighting things. Q. Q. Q. Q. Q. 10 Tips to Get Started with Still Life Photography.

There aren’t many photographic practices that date back further than still life photography.

10 Tips to Get Started with Still Life Photography

When photography originated, it was necessary for exposures to be quite long, so photographing static objects was the ideal subject matter. However, as the technology developed, the fascination for capturing still life has remained and is still one of the most viable photographic professions today. At the top end, it is an extremely lucrative business, as magazines, catalogues and websites all require product shots. There are many advantages to working with still life that are often underestimated, so hopefully you’ll be able to see it’s scope for creativity and get started with taking some shots yourself!

Contrary to common perceptions, you don’t need a studio or a fancy location to make a start with still life photography.