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ExcelUnusual - outstanding methods for creating engineering, scientific, technical models and games in excel

ExcelUnusual - outstanding methods for creating engineering, scientific, technical models and games in excel

RSA Encryption Next: RSA Exercise Up: crypto Previous: Certification OK, in the previous section we described what is meant by a trap-door cipher, but how do you make one? One commonly used cipher of this form is called ``RSA Encryption'', where ``RSA'' are the initials of the three creators: ``Rivest, Shamir, and Adleman''. It is very simply to multiply numbers together, especially with computers. Suppose I give you the number 1459160519. Now it doesn't take a computer long to try out 38000 possibilities, but what if the number to be factored is not ten digits, but rather 400 digits? seconds - an 18 digit number. possibilities. possibilities. times the life of the universe to factor the large number. It is, however, not too hard to check to see if a number is prime--in other words to check to see that it cannot be factored. So RSA encryption works like this. and that have 100 or maybe 200 digits each. . is basically my public key. ; I just need to multiply my two numbers. . But exactly how is

Editar, redimensionar y convertir imágenes en línea - Cambiar el tamaño, convertir, dividir, recortar las imágenes 30 Amazing , Specialized and super smart Search Engines other than Google Google, since its creation has been the most used and most preferred search engine. For searching anything and everything , people around the globe have relied on it. But as its area of coverage is so vast, that sometimes we don't get what we want. So what, if you need to drill down your searches by more specific details, do you trust Google to give you what you need every single time? Here's a collection of 30 vertical search engines which you must keep in your mind while you need some specialist power. Flights / Travel 1. 2. 3. Blogs 4. Images 7. People 9. Forums 11. Music 12. Audio and Video 16. Resources 18. Domain names 20. 21. Icons 22. Private search 25. Similar websites 26. All-rounders 27. So when at times you find Google a bit annoying with its huge and diverse search results, you might want to use some of it, for your specialized searches.

RSS Feed Search Engine Instant RSS Search engine will help you discover RSS feeds on the web around your favorite topics. You may use the tool to search RSS feeds for blogs, news websites, podcasts and more. It is instant search and hence the search results display as you type. You can subscribe to the feeds in your favorite RSS Reader (like Feedly) or use the Preview link to see the 10 most recently published articles from that feed. Excel Templates, Calendars, Calculators and Spreadsheets by Vertex42 russell patterson | One1more2time3's Weblog my first post about RUSSELL PATTERSON’S work was in december 2009 – ‘the patterson girl’, you can see it here. below is now the complete collection I got from JOE GRANT. © russell patterson Like this: Like Loading...

John Cuneo Richard Thompson draws funny. Look at this little Christmas elf. I didn't draw it. I wish I had, I love it so. I love the briskly officious attitude of this guy and how I just know he's a humorless, but efficient, workshop employee who is simply doing his job, and how he really can't be bothered at the moment. I love how the artist, Richard Thompson, can draw a tiny single panel in a newspaper cartoon and provide an entire little character study by drawing a funny little character. Richard is a friend of mine but he's also one of my art heroes, and whenever I talk about him or his work I revert to the gushing fan boy who's enthusiasm will simply not be contained. The last time I saw Richard we were crowded into his studio, along with a couple other friends who were busy archiving and organizing his work. It took a crowd of famous Cartoonists, Scholars and Illustrators to put this volume together.

How to Win Your Audience’s Heart in 7 Minutes The average attention span of today’s audience member is short — 7 minutes to be exact. You either win their hearts in the first few minutes or are forgotten forever. Don’t believe me? – Attention spans have shrunk by 50% in the last decade – 9.5% of all children (your future audience) have been diagnosed with ADHD – The average office worker checks their email 40 times per hour – Only 9.42% of audiences will watch a video that is 5 minutes or longer – Only 4% of page views last longer than 10 minutes These are proof we live in a world built around immediacy and now. How do you do this? Perfect Your OpeningYou need to really think through how you plan to open your next talk. Don’t Be a Poser or FakerMany of us have been an audience member in addition to a speaker. Change Your LanguageYour presentation is not about you, it’s about them. Make sure to take advantage of those seven minutes. READ MORE: The Secret to Activating Your Audience’s Brain Author Bio