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Tinkercad Tutorial Video. Thingiverse - Digital Designs for Physical Objects. 10 Principles of Design. Legendary design hero Dieter Rams reflects on the Ten Commandments of Design.

10 Principles of Design

As good design cannot be measured in a finite way he set about expressing the ten most important principles for what he considered was good design (Sometimes they're referred to as the Ten Commandments of Design). Design Museum. The Design Process. Research- for information and ideas: Required research skils include: collectionanalysisinterpretation of informationannotating What is Research?

The Design Process

Involves the collection of visual information, data and articles to assist in the understanding and development of the brief. Research continues throughout the design process. What information is collected? Visual informationFactual materialInspirational visuals or materials Information about the audianceHistorical background to the taskProduct Benchmarking- What are the competitors current trends?

All the research collected must be analysed and annotated. Product Design Gallery. Consumer Product Design of the Year. Our client Rifat Jan, was a busy mum with an idea to help children eat home cooked food on the go.

Consumer Product Design of the Year

Rifat identified that children love the food pouches available in all supermarkets ( market worth £M100’s per annum ) The off the shelf variety had good engagement with children and parents enjoyed the convenience. Rifats brainwave was to develop a brand Fill ‘n’ Squeeze to enable parents to home cook foods in pulp form that could be frozen and defrosted inside a custom pouch. Children engage with the pouches in a different way than home cooked food in a tupperware for example. So the product would allow parents control of what their child was eating and retain the convenience and engagement of the pouch. We helped Rifat identify that in addition to pouches Rifat would need a filling station, a type of kitchen ware that gives the brand a centre of gravity and steered away from alternatives such as syringing the food into the pouch.

2016 Best Awards - New Zealand's Best Product Design / Entries. See It Spec It. 30 Influential Designers. 70 Designers that Shaped the World. This is a huge compilation of the most important product designers, graphic designers, architects and other great professionals that made part of our history contributing to the evolution that we see today in each field.

70 Designers that Shaped the World

It has a though call to decide which designer will make to cut. But we have to pick only 70 to this list. We will cover more more great ones on a separated list. The data information is provided by the designmuseum. Alvar Aalto Architect (1898-1976) The most important Finnish architect of the 20th century, ALVAR AALTO (1898-1976) was a central figure in international modernism. Ron Arad Product Designer + Architect (1951-) Combining playful forms and experiments with advanced technologies, RON ARAD (1951-) has emerged as one of the most influential designers of our time.

Jonathan Barnbrook Graphic designer (1966- ) JONATHAN BARNBROOK is one of the UK’s most active graphic designers. Saul Bass Graphic Designer (1920-1996) Manolo Blahnik Shoe Designer (1942-) Robert Brownjohn t. R. More Influential Designers. VIDEO - Understanding materials. Our students come from a range of schools within the Waikato.

VIDEO - Understanding materials

There’s about 20 schools that are contributing schools to our college. Some of them have got technology background from their previous schools, but quite a few of them just come in with very little knowledge. But I think it is really important to understand that you know the students, and I think it generally goes right across the country, that students entering secondary school are coming in with a very low technological literacy level, and we’ve got to be aware of that so that we know we can pick a really good starting point. And I don’t think we should be afraid to start at a low level. It gives us the awareness that the students have got that knowledge as we are moving on. I focus on technological products, because I believe that the materials component in the products fits really well into what we’re doing. EXCEPTIONAL DESIGN by NZ students. 6 Key Ways Design Thinkers Approach Problems.

Design thinking is a popular strategy for solving thorny problems, both inside and outside the business world.

6 Key Ways Design Thinkers Approach Problems

Countless articles detail how to do it. This is not one of those posts. This is a look at how veterans of the process think: what goes on in their minds when they approach a problem, be it a new app or a service. These observations are based on my years of experience as a design management consultant. Master these, and you're on your way to becoming an ace design thinker. 1. Design thinkers strive to solve problems. Say you are tasked with creating an app for online shopping, because your company wants to boost sales and thinks the answer is a new mobile app. Design thinking is, fundamentally, a strategic approach to problem solving. 2.