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Goji Smart Lock for the Home. Scrooser - move ahead. Xavage Technologies, LLC - Your door just got a whole lot smarter. Handibot™: A Smart Digital Power Tool by ShopBot Tools. A Handibot tool is a new kind of portable, digitally-controlled power tool for cutting, drilling, carving, and many other machining operations– a first Universal Digital Power Tool (UDPT) – or just, a Smart Tool.

Handibot™: A Smart Digital Power Tool by ShopBot Tools

If you're familiar with industrial CNC (computer numerically controlled) equipment, think of the Handibot tool as a portable version of CNC. Handibot® DJI Ready to Fly Systems - Phantom FC40, Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision. Phantom 2 Compact, highly integrated design and with support for FPV flying and aerial cinematography.

DJI Ready to Fly Systems - Phantom FC40, Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision

Phantom FC40 The same ease of use as the Phantom, with its own smart FC40 camera. Looxcie HD, Looxcie 3 Streaming Video Cameras. Inventist - Solowheel. The SOLOWHEEL is the smallest, greenest, most convenient "People Mover" ever invented.

inventist - Solowheel

This gyro-stabilized electric unicycle is compact and fun to ride and is intended to be used as you would use an electric bicycle. Monster Go-DJ Portable Studio Sound Mixer. Iwaku - not your ordinary wake-up light & SAD light box. The Djoclate II Is A Portable Music Mixer That Lets You DJ Tunes From Friends’ Devices. Here’s a neat hardware project seeking funding on Kickstarter.

The Djoclate II Is A Portable Music Mixer That Lets You DJ Tunes From Friends’ Devices

The Djoclate II — NB: Djoclate is pronounced ‘chocolate’ with a Dutch accent — is a portable, near pocket-sized music mixer. The idea is to enable the would-be DJ who brings it to a house party to pull tunes into the mix from any music storage device in the room, whether that’s a laptop, phone, MP3 player or tablet. Every partygoer’s music collection can potentially become part of the audio pool.

Mix your music, anywhere, any source! - Pepperdecks. Lernstift, the first pen that vibrates when u make a mistake by Lernstift (Falk & Daniel) Hello everyone!

Lernstift, the first pen that vibrates when u make a mistake by Lernstift (Falk & Daniel)

We are two fathers (and a wonderful team) with one common goal: bringing more "good vibrations" to business, families and schools around the world by creating a unique digital pen that's both useful and fun. Lernstift builds a bridge between classic handwriting and the possibilities of digital technology, creating various new ways of note-taking, digital drawing and e-learning. We invite you to build this bridge with us. Welcome to our journey ... Current digital pens use optical sensors to pick up the writing movements and digitalize the words or sketches for computer use. DexType’s Virtual Keyboard Software Lets Leap Motion Owners Type In Mid Air. The motion-sensing Leap Motion Controller, which lets users eschew the traditional keyboard plus mouse combo and interact with their computers via gestures, started shipping to pre-order consumers this week.

DexType’s Virtual Keyboard Software Lets Leap Motion Owners Type In Mid Air

Apps with Leap Motion support are, as you’d expect, relatively thin on the ground at this point. They include games like Cut The Rope, a Top News app from the New York Times and some creative tools and education apps, to name a few. Today another app joins the gesture party: DexType gives Leap Motion owners a keyboardless way to type — which could allow, for instance, a doctor to input medical information into a computer without having to wash hands before and after touching a physical keyboard, or a consumer to look up cake recipe details in the middle of baking.

The virtual keyboard works by aligning all the letters into a single string displayed along the bottom of the screen — much like Minuum does with its mobile keyboard software. Mac & PC Motion Controller for Games, Design, & More. Wallmob - A company in Visma - Enterprise Point of Sale.

Nix Color Sensor by Matthew Sheridan. Follow us on Twitter @nixsensor Check out our story on CHCH Nix is a patent pending device that allows anyone to become a color expert.

Nix Color Sensor by Matthew Sheridan

Just grab Nix from your pocket, purse, or bag, touch it to an object and magically watch the exact color appear on your iPhone, Android, PC, or Mac. Once scanned, you can keep palettes of your favorite colors, match the color to real life pigments, and even receive directions to the nearest store where you can purchase the color. Occipital Raises $1M (And Counting) On Kickstarter To Bring 3D Scanning To The Masses. Boulder & SF-based startup Occipital is probably still best known for its Red Laser and 360Panorama apps, but it confirmed today that it raised over $1 million on Kickstarter to bring its Structure 3D sensor to market.

Occipital Raises $1M (And Counting) On Kickstarter To Bring 3D Scanning To The Masses

The Structure isn’t just any 3D sensor though. It’s an incredibly small one — so small, in fact, that it can onto the back of your iPad (note: it’s compatible with any iOS device with a Lightning port) and connect without completely killing your battery life. Occipital makes the Structure Sensor and 360 Panorama. Bubl – 360º camera technology for everyone. Nothing Is Lost. Captive Media revolution in washroom gaming. August Smart Lock. MetroMile. Your Smart Home on Your Smart Phone. Home Page. E-Njoint. Bicycle Camera & Rear-light. Coin » Use One Coin for All of Your Cards. Buy NAO Robot, buy DARwIn Robot, buy robot, STEM Robot, educational robots. Our Story. Jaro is the brainchild of Vivant Ltd, a leading digital ideas company based in Sydney, Australia.

Our Story

The idea behind Jaro was born out of a desire to use digital engagement to help charities generate funding in a more efficient manner. We launched Jaro in the UK on April 16, 2013. Our story however started five years earlier. AutoFry® Electric, Ventless Fryers. The AutoFry MTI-10 Series offers compact design along with high-volume capacity.

AutoFry® Electric, Ventless Fryers

Up-to 4 lbs of product can be prepared per fry-cycle with the simple push of a button. Fully enclosed and automated, the Autofry keeps employees safe from the enclosed cooking chamber while preparing the food product to perfection each and every time. MTI's proprietary Simplifry™ technology offers multiple programmable pre-sets, standby mode and heat/time compensation intelligence. Warranty: 1 Yr. Parts/Labor. TrackR. Spire: Respiration and daily activity tracker for healthy body and mind. StormTag - A Bluetooth Weather Station. On Your Keyring. by Jon Atherton. What if you could be part of a team that changed the way our climate was analysed? We’re about to start a 2 year worldwide project to perfect crowd sourced weather data, and we need your commitment to help us. PebbleBee – Welcome. Avea. Avea connects directly to your iPhone or iPad using Bluetooth Smart technology, without requiring additional gateways or bridges. But it doesn't stop there: once you have chosen a light scene, the smart LED lightbulb will take care of the rest, not requiring a constant connection to your iPhone or iPad.

Intelligent Climate Control – for Heating & Air Conditioning. Korner - Home Security Anyone Can Use and Everyone Can Afford. At under $100 and setup under 2 minutes, this is truly built for everybody. Introducing the First 1-piece Door/Window Sensor - works better, looks great! A security product for your apartment or home, designed so anyone can use it and everyone can afford it. Includes iOS and Android App. Canary - Smart home security for everyone. SeneoPro®

Greenbox - Your garden, connected. Enjoy Your Yard. ROCKI - free your music. Save money and energy without compromising your lifestyle. Lockitron - Keyless entry using your phone. Home. Networking, iPhone, iPad, Samsung and Kindle Accessories.

Rare Earth Magnets by Amazing Magnets. Smart CARA - WEIMAR. Smart CARA (CS10) is a high-performance disposer that will reduce food waste to an odorless, dry, powder. ESACS (Electricity Saving Auto Control System) MONTHLY POWER CONSUMPTION ON AVERAGE : 34.5kw, MONTHLY ELECTRICITY BILL : APPX. 5,000 WON (1kg, one time per day) QUICK AND EASY PROCESS 3 ~ 4 HOURS REQUIRE FOR THE WHOLE PROCESS.POWERFUL GRINDING ABLE TO GRIND EVEN CHICKEN BONES & PEACH SEEDS.NO MORE ROTTING FOOD WASTE ODORS OUR PATENT PENDING FILTER ELIMINATES ODORS! Recycling Machine for Food Waste. Mogees® : Play the world! SeeSpace InAiR: The World's 1st Augmented Television by Nam Do, Dale Herigstad, A-M Roussel. We have now surpassed the $150K goal to add streaming to the list of features.

And if we reach the $200K level, we will also add an Extra HDMI input and Preset Apps to InAiR. Thanks for the continued support for this project. The Internet of Things starts here. The Eye Tribe. Fin : Wearable Ring Make your Palm as Numeric Keypad and Gesture Interface. Home Automation, Home Security, and Peace of Mind. Nomiku – Immersion Circulator and Sous Vide Machine. MIPOW PLAYBULB - Color LED candle with Mobile App. QLEEK - Your Digital Life in the Real World. The campaign is over, click here for exclusive future updates. Version Française plus bas et traduction des contreparties Grow your collection to a unique piece of art!

Qleek is a beautiful way to tell who you are and what you like. It allows you to feature your most beloved songs, photographs and videos in your living room, your office or your store. Neoji smart zen master for your home. HAVEN: The Stronger Smarter Home Lock. Tile. Point Grey. Home MakerBot. Cyberdyne power suit. Stack. Doorbot WiFi Video Doorbell for Smartphones - Doorbot. HAVEN: The Stronger Smarter Home Lock. Add to Interest List. Genie Smart Lock. Lockitron. Savioke. Life with Nest Protect. Nest Protect constantly monitors its batteries and sensors.

Mink. Edyn. Leading Edge of Cybernics. AlphaSphere - change the way you play. Eigenlabs. Lamassu — Bitcoin ATM Machine. Palate Home Smart Grill. Barobot. Brain-Linked Prosthetic Arm Wins FDA Approval As Our Bionic Future Looms. DARPA’s initiative to build a prosthetic arm that’s fully controllable via a wearer’s mind has won approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (via Verge), a key green light that will let it edge closer to wide-scale production and distribution. The next step is to find someone to build the device, and then it can start helping amputees cope with the loss of their limbs. SCiO - Consumer Physics. Famatic - The Social Photo Frame Connecting Generations. The Evolution of the Key is Here - As Seen on Shark Tank.

Welcome to SeeSpace Ltd. Correlated Magnetics Research Brings MaxField Polymagnets To A Wall Near You. We first told you about Correlated Magnetics Research’s programmable magnets last year. The company’s patented technology allows them to flexibly control the magnetic field shape of the magnets they create. In essence, the company can program the north/south polarity of the magnets as though they are “printing” it on them. It allows for many different configurations and has many industrial applications. Lava. Ion: A Music Detecting Mood Light with Bluetooth Low Energy by lava. FingerReader. Roy Shilkrot, Jochen Huber, Meng Ee Wong, Pattie Maes, and Suranga Chandima Nanayakkara. 1Lss Store - Featuring MagBak. Electric Objects - A Computer Made For Art. Brightup smart lighting. Holî > The digital LED lighting revolution.

Riide. Alima. AdhereTech. CubeSensors - Improving indoor living. Zuli.