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More money-saving ideas for connected kids. Hands-Free Baby Rockers : Bounceroo. By: Ady Floyd - Published: Oct 13, 2015 • References: innbp & innbp The Bounceroo is a unique device from 'Innovative Baby Products Ltd' that will rock baby cribs, swings and chairs.

Hands-Free Baby Rockers : Bounceroo

The product is designed like a large plush giraffe toy. LeapFrog TAG Reading System, Green: Toys & Games. VTech - 3 - In - 1 Smart Wheels: Toys & Games. PLAYSKOOL - ALPHIE. Ages: 3 & Up Item: 39350 Where To Buy View retailers who carry our products here.


Product Description: The Learning Toy that Listens. Order an Ubooly today! Fits iPhone (4 and newer), iPod touch (5 and newer), and most phone-sized Android devices.

Order an Ubooly today!

Daydreaming Realist: Turn your iPhone or iPod into a TOY with Ubooly! Looking for a Christmas gift idea?

Daydreaming Realist: Turn your iPhone or iPod into a TOY with Ubooly!

Recyclable Retail Shelving : Eco Friendly Retail. From rotating products displays to entire interior design concepts, retail environments are ever-changing, which makes eco-friendly retail solutions more important than ever.

Recyclable Retail Shelving : Eco Friendly Retail

Trumari is one company that realizes this, as it offers a unique display solution for the point of purchase in the form of 100% recyclable shelving systems. Eco Vending Machines : Think Blue. As part of an initiative called Think Blue, car company Volkswagen wanted to find ways to make it easier for people to recycle.

Eco Vending Machines : Think Blue

One of its inventive solutions came in the form of a vending machine, which accepted used batteries rather than coins. When not properly disposed, Volkswagen notes that a single battery has the potential to pollute 20 square meters. Dubbed the Think Machine, this unique vending station with specially machined parts was set up throughout the city of Moscow. Flavored Face Wipes : Face Wipes for Kids. Danielle Stangler and Julia Rossi developed Neat Cheeks, a naturally flavored face wipe for kids that reduces fussiness when messes need to be cleaned up.

Flavored Face Wipes : Face Wipes for Kids

As a mother, Stangler came across the idea when she asked her husband to dip a cloth before wiping the face of their 18-month-old child—it turns out, the napkin was actually dipped in lemonade and the child liked it. Inspired by this, the two momtrepreneurs wanted to cut out the chemical smell and formula that many face wipes contain. Instead, the flavors and sweeteners used in Neat Cheeks are 100% natural, including gentle ingredients like stevia, purified water, aloe and honeysuckle. 3D-Printed Selfies : "print yourself"

It's pretty awesome to think that 3D printing now helps kids create their own toys and with Shapify, it's even possible to print yourself.

3D-Printed Selfies : "print yourself"

The extremely realistic figurines are created at home with the aid of a Microsoft Kinect and software from Shapify, or by locating Artec Shapify Booth, where it only takes about 12 seconds to scan your body and clothing, and three to five minutes later, a life-like model is generated. These booths are scattered across the world, although the concentration is heaviest in Europe. In an hour, the ultra fast booths can handle about 10 customers. Cartoony Snack Boxes : "food boxes for kids" These fun food boxes for kids were created for Appy Food & Drinks by Clooci Creative to serve as the brand's new range of snack boxes.

Cartoony Snack Boxes : "food boxes for kids"

The origami-style boxes feature lovable characters like Spongebob and Peppa Pig, which are vibrantly printed on all sides of the boxes. On the top flap inside the box, there's a small menu for kids to see what food and drinks are available. The bottom of the box serves as a tray where kids can stash small treasures and complete coloring activities, mazes and word games. Like little lunchboxes, the snack boxes are equipped with handles to make transportation ultra easy. Although the boxes could easily be recycled, they would make pretty good keepsakes for kids too, especially if they're big fans of these cartoon characters. DIY 3D-Printed Toys : Hasbro My Little Pony. Fans of the Hasbro My Little Pony collection who for whatever reason was never able to connect with a single character will be pleased to learn that they can now create their own.

DIY 3D-Printed Toys : Hasbro My Little Pony

Part of a new initiative that puts the design process in the hands of 'Super Fans,' the toy company has teamed up with Shapeways to allow people to create their own pony. A unique concept that allows customers to be part of the Hasbro My Little Pony family in a much more intimate and hands on way, the SuperFanArt program will incorporate other collections in the near future. Quirky 3D-Printed Toys : ugly dolls. After taking the world by storm with its line of soft plush toys, Uglydolls is now making it so that you can print your own officially licensed 3D Uglydoll models through MakerBot. Elephantine Ice Cream Cones : "cute ice cream" Japan's Zou-No-Hana café serves up a unique and super cute ice cream treat that takes the shape of an elephant. Instead of swirling the specialty 'Zou No Hana' ice cream, the soft serve is made to droop like an elephant's trunk.

With some chocolate chips for eyes and some oversized waffle disks for ears, the elephant really starts to take shape—on a particularly hot day, you've probably got to be quick if you want a photo of this adorable animal ice cream before it melts. On occasion throughout the year, the Zou-No-Hana café also releases tusked two-tone elephants, which are limited to quantities of 20 each day. Jungle-Themed Planter Accessories : urban grow planters. Bring the outdoors into your home with these jungle-themed urban grow planters from Urban Outfitters. The eco accessories are inspired by the animal kingdom and are finished in a range of colorful hues. Whether opting for an elephant, lion or panther design, these jungle-themed plant essentials are sure to add a touch of color to minimalist spaces in need of a bold accent. Transform your home into an indoor garden with the eye-catching elements and collect them all to mix and match. Whether displayed alone or in a cluster, these pink, neon yellow and burnt orange designs are fun and quirky.

Animalia Electrical Accessories : Elephant in the Room. By: Amelia Roblin - Published: Feb 26, 2014 • References: 1designperday Besides colorful switch plates and stickers, there is a way to liven up electrical outlets with the delightful Elephant in the Room. This little plastic item can be easily pinned to a standard socket with the insertion of an appliance's cable. The reason that Gal Bulka and Idan Noyberg made an elephant form becomes obvious once the two are stuck together. The flat gray figure of the mammal features a small rounded body with four legs, a curling tail and an exaggerated head.