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The New Road to Serfdom Some days--these days, more often than not, I wake up, and the headlines make me want to insert my head into the nearest black hole. It's not just that they demonstrate that our so-called leaders haven't the tiniest shred of a clue what this crisis is really about (hint: institutions). It's darker, deeper, more troubling. Rather here's what I see: our institutions, far from evolving and improving, at the time we need to update them most, are actually moving backwards. We're taking tiny steps--and sometimes giant leaps--backwards in time, deconstructing the basic building blocks of civilization.

15 TED Talks that Inspire Design Thinking “The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call in intuition or what you will, and the solution just comes to you, and you don’t know from where and why.” – Albert Einstein The quote kind of says it all about design sense, it is more of an intuitive process and doesn’t have much to do with intellect. International Education News l The PIE News l Futurists say tech key to HE access, grad readiness Using video images of the 2011 tsunami in Japan, Yuri van Geest, founder of think tank SingularityU, called on educators to act before the rising tide of technological advancements. Citing examples that already exist today, including voice recognition technology used by human resource departments, Geest said technological development is shifting from the ice phase, to water and now steam. “People and ideas are interacting like never before” “People and ideas are interacting like never before,” he commented, predicting a new model of work where smaller teams of employees rely on communities to outsource specific tasks.

The Universe Is Dying We’re all screwed. Well, if you’re planning to stick around for a few more billion years. Researchers have found that galaxies are losing energy at a rather alarming rate, and confirm that all energy in the universe will eventually dissipate into nothingness. Grand tree of life study shows a clock-like trend in new species emergence and diversity Temple University researchers have assembled the largest and most accurate tree of life calibrated to time, and surprisingly, it reveals that life has been expanding at a constant rate. "The constant rate of diversification that we have found indicates that the ecological niches of life are not being filled up and saturated," said Temple professor S. Blair Hedges, a member of the research team's study, published in the early online edition of the journal Molecular Biology and Evolution.

Democratic peace theory Democratic peace theory (or simply the "democratic peace") is a theory which posits that democracies are hesitant to engage in armed conflict with other identified democracies.[1] In contrast to theories explaining war engagement, it is a "Theory of Peace" outlining motives that dissuade state-sponsored violence.[2] Some theorists prefer terms such as "mutual democratic pacifism"[3] or "inter-democracy nonaggression hypothesis" so as to clarify that a state of peace is not singular to democracies, but rather that it is easily sustained between democratic nations.[4] Among proponents of the Democratic Peace Theory, several factors are held as motivating peace between liberal states: Those who dispute this theory often do so on grounds that it conflates correlation with causation, and that the academic definitions of 'democracy' and 'war' can be manipulated so as to manufacture an artificial trend. History[edit] Immanuel Kant

Week 10 - Net Pedagogy: The Role of the Educator ~ CCK11 You are not logged in. [] [] [Week 9] [Outline] [Week 11] Dates: March 21 - March 28, 2011 Overview Singularity University: The Harvard of Silicon Valley Is Planning for a Robot Apocalypse The students and teachers at Singularity University welcome a future where robots run the world. During a recent Executive Program at Silicon Valley’s Singularity University, the institution’s co-founder Peter Diamandis made some confident predictions. Within the next decade, he said, self-driving cars will eliminate all driving fatalities. Artificial intelligence will soon surpass the skills of the best human doctors and remove all inefficiencies from health care systems. These AIs will invent new pharmaceuticals to cure previously fatal diseases and will 3D print customized medicines based on genetic analysis of individual patients. Perhaps best of all, he said, plummeting production costs and rising prosperity will make such fantastic medical care essentially free.

Will machines eventually take on every job? It’s a booming time to be a truck driver. According to data NPR compiled from the US Census Bureau, truck driving is currently the most popular job in 29 states. It’s not that truck driving is a particularly sought after career path, however.

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