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AngularJS directives for Twitter's bootstrap

AngularJS directives for Twitter's bootstrap
The $uibPosition service provides a set of DOM utilities used internally to absolute-position an element in relation to another element (tooltips, popovers, typeaheads etc...). getRawNode(element) Takes a jQuery/jqLite element and converts it to a raw DOM element. parameters element(Type: object) - The element to convert. returns (Type: element) - A raw DOM element. parseStyle(element) Parses a numeric style value to a number. value(Type: string) - The style value to parse. (Type: number) - The numeric value of the style property. offsetParent(element) Gets the closest positioned ancestor. element(Type: element) - The element to get the offset parent for. (Type: element) - The closest positioned ancestor. scrollbarWidth(isBody) Calculates the browser scrollbar width and caches the result for future calls. isBody(Type: boolean, Default: false, optional) - Is the requested scrollbar width for the body/html element. (Type: number) - The width of the browser scrollbar. position(element, includeMargins)

Build Apps with AngularJS This guide gets you started building Chrome Apps with the AngularJS MVC framework. To illustrate Angular in action, we'll be referencing an actual app built using the framework, the Google Drive Uploader. The source code is available on GitHub. AngularJS Best Practices - Jaco Pretorius Miško Hevery – the father of AngularJS – gave a very interesting presentation on AngularJS best practices in December of last year. This presentation is available on YouTube and the actual slides are on Google Docs. I’m going to cover a few of the points he covered in his presentation and give my take on them.

Android: Loaders versus AsyncTask One of the biggest pieces of Android that I have neglected to learn about would be Loaders. Seeing as it’s time for me to learn it, perhaps I can help you out a bit with it as well. My main interest with the Loader concept is how it melds with the tried and true AsyncTask, and if it’s really better or not. AsyncTask Before getting into the Loader concept, it’s important to have a good idea of what the AsyncTask is and what it’s used for within Android. If you have written any sort of application for Android, chances are you have played with the AsyncTask, or at the very least heard of it.

21 Useful Workflow Tools for AngularJS Developers These days, AngularJS is one of the most popular technologies around the web. It has simplified web application development to a great extent. Currently, it is a popular name buzzing in the community of developers and technology enthusiasts. Tutorials Advanced Uploading Techniques — Part Two Continuing from our last tutorial, we discuss how to automatically pause and resume your uploads using the online and offline events. Advanced Uploading Techniques — Part One Uploading large files or over slow connections makes your uploads vulnerable. Learn how to break your files into smaller pieces using the File API and how this enables users to pause and resume their uploads.

5 Awesome AngularJS Features AngularJS is a great JavaScript framework that has some very compelling features for not only developers, but designers as well! In this tutorial, we will cover what I consider to be the most essential features, and how they can help make your next web application awesome. AngularJS is a new, powerful, client-side technology that provides a way of accomplishing really powerful things in a way that embraces and extends HTML, CSS and JavaScript, while shoring up some of its glaring deficiencies. It is what HTML would have been, had it been built for dynamic content. In this article, we will cover a few of the most important AngularJS concepts to get the "big picture."

Asynchronous HTTP requests in Android using Volley - Arnab Chakraborty Volley is the new Swiss Army Knife of Android Developers, it provides some nice utilities which makes the networking for Android apps easier and faster. The good thing about Volley is that it abstracts away the low level details of what HTTP client library is being used under the hood and helps you focus on writing nice and clean RESTful HTTP requests. Additionally all requests in Volley are executed asynchronously on a different thread without blocking your “main thread”. What are the features that Volley provides? Important features of the Volley library:

WebGL Lesson 1 – A triangle and a square << Lesson 0Lesson 2 >> Welcome to my first WebGL tutorial! This first lesson is based on number 2 in the NeHe OpenGL tutorials, which are a popular way of learning 3D graphics for game development. It shows you how to draw a triangle and a square in a web page. AngularJS Views And Directives AngularJS Views and Directives Introduction In the first text of this tutorial you saw how AngularJS splits an application into views, controllers and models (MVC). This text will dive deeper into how to create AngularJS views. Before we start, let me first set up a simple AngularJS application which you can use to play around with the examples in this text: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, PHP, Generatrix, Wordpress App Development in Pune, India We started working with Angular.js recently and after spending a few days on it, I realised that there a big need for beginner tutorials on it. I’ve tried to document some of the things you might need on day 1. 1.

How to Develop Android Apps Online Course Lesson 1: Create Project Sunshine with a Simple UI (5-8 hrs) Start by installing Android Studio, you’ll create your first project with a simple list-based user interface. You'll then build and deploy it to virtual and actual devices.